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Top Job Opportunities for Indian Expats in Europe - A Brief Guide

Top Job Opportunities for Indian Expats in Europe - A Brief Guide

20 Dec 2022

Is your professional life turning into the mirror reflection of Horrible Bosses or the Office? Well, you might need a change of professional environment and a change of place. There is a whole world to explore, and what better way than to start from Europe as an Indian? Europe is one place where you can experience the greatest workplace environment along with better pay that may help you save and send money to India for your family.

Keep reading our list of the top job opportunities for Indians in Europe.

Jobs for Indian Expats – This is Your Chance to Avail

Europe offers tremendous amounts of jobs for Indians though the European employment market is highly competitive. It will be challenging to find work if you do not have any prospects or marketable skills. You can do it if you are an intelligent, competent, educated, and dynamic individual. This Old-World continent may offer precisely what you're searching for to spice up your job and propel you to your next big promotion. You can also fulfil your dream of a bright professional career, high earnings, and sending money to your family in India for better financial support.

So, here are a few significant fields in which you can get good jobs in Europe.

Indians and Their Forte as an English Speaker

Were you aware of the fact that the European Union has 24 "official languages"? That may appear to be a lot, but it doesn't stop there. Hundreds of additional languages are commonly spoken throughout Europe's western and eastern regions. Despite this variety, English is the dominant language. It is the language you must know if you wish to work in an English-speaking nation. And this requirement allows native English speakers to profit from what they already know.

English language instructors are in high demand, but you must be capable of more than just speaking the language. Because it is a competitive sector, it is preferable if you are multilingual in Spanish, French, Russian, German, or any widely spoken language in Europe. Being multilingual would only boost your chances of landing a job as an English teacher. 

If you want to become an English teacher in Europe, now is the time to get started. Earning your Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) credential will lead you to success. This is just a step you need to take to accomplish your dream of earning in a European country and fending for your family by making money transfers to India.

Healthcare Jobs – Indian Expats This is Your Chance

Many European nations have great healthcare systems, making it possible to find work for physicians and nurses. Doctors in Europe have greater possibilities to offer their patients the treatment they require than doctors in the United States. They do not have to deal with the bureaucracy of hospital systems and health insurance providers in many nations.

Depending on how long you want to stay in Europe, you may wish to use a placement agency to discover the ideal job for you. You can acquire even better benefits by working via an agency, such as a car and temporary lodging to assist you through your first few weeks.

Some records show that more than 69,000 Indian doctors and healthcare specialists work overseas. Most overseas Indian doctors transfer funds back home to support their families. ACE Money Transfer stands by every Indian diaspora in Europe to send money to India online at the lowest transfer costs and the highest exchange rates.

Europe – A Place for Digital Nomads

With a degree in computer science, you have a decent chance of finding a job anywhere on the globe. Careers in software development and information technology are in high demand worldwide. Germany is the European powerhouse of engineering and innovation for expats wishing to enhance their IT professions. This is an excellent alternative if you have years of expertise and sophisticated technological degrees. 

Computer science careers are also great for those who desire to work from home. Many IT positions allow you to work from home as an expat in a new nation. The world has swiftly digitised, and computers, the internet, and information technology remain the need of the day for every field worldwide. So, IT remains one of the top fields with several ever-growing employment opportunities.

Engineering Jobs in Europe

Engineers, like computer scientists and healthcare professionals, are in high demand. Engineering degrees and expertise may provide considerable employment stability in Europe, particularly in big cities. Europe has some of the world's most significant research institutions. Several options are available in fields ranging from structural engineering to chemical engineering.

Frankfurt, Germany, has the highest concentration of engineers in the European Union. If you like France, consider visiting Lyon. For expats who enjoy Spanish culture and lifestyle, the city of Bilbao is home to over 125 engineering firms.

Digital Marketing – The Only Field That is Not Part of STEM

Many jobs on this list need certain qualifications, particularly STEM skills, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Digital marketing isn't one of them. While experience is essential, your work ethic will determine your success as a digital marketer. You can enter the industry with a broader range of abilities than is necessary for entry into IT, healthcare, or engineering. To be genuinely successful in the industry, you must be at the top of your game.

One of the nicest aspects of working as a digital marketer in Europe is that you may often continue to work in America or your native country. Digital marketing is ideal employment for anyone who wants to live as a digital nomad. As with web programming, you can work from practically anywhere as long as you have a reliable internet connection.

Essential Things to Know Before Making a Decision

Check with your current company to see whether they are receptive to your notion of working abroad before making any hasty decisions. If not, use European employment boards to help you concentrate your search and determine which locations have the most excellent chances for you. 

More importantly, before moving to any European country, you must search for how to send money to India through a reliable remittance source. Well, do not worry about that because we've got you covered!

ACE Money Transfer is at the top of its game, with 28 receiving and 100+ sending nations, offering bonuses and grand prizes as well as the best exchange rates, lowest transaction fees, and quickest services. What more might a remittance firm offer?

So, become a part of the ACE family right now!


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