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ACE Money Transfer Now Offers Completely FEE-FREE Transactions On Special Days And Events

10 Aug 2022

International money transfers can be costly for transferring funds to friends, family, or loved ones. Do you want fee-free transactions while everything is so expensive and comes at a certain price? ACE Money Transfer has devised a workable solution to provide completely fee-free global money transfer services to its worldwide customers. 

ACE launches massive incentive programs for its customers, and as part of its professional tradition, it welcomes new customers with fee-free first transfers. However, the company has now prepared a plan to offer this benefit to all of its new and existing customers. Keep reading to know more about the offer and ACE’s unique service features.

1. Best Currency Exchange Rates With Zero-Fee

When sending money internationally, the typical procedure is to prioritise the best exchange rates and the lowest transaction fees. What if you could combine the benefits of both worlds in one convenient location? ACE provides exactly zero costs on all money transfers when you have a special day or event to celebrate. The company takes pride to standby its customers in different life situations and supporting them through celebrating their national and international events.

If you have an independence day celebration, it’s your day to send money online to your family and friends back home from abroad without paying the transaction fees.

2. Sign up for Fee-Free Transactions Around the World

You can take advantage of ACE Money Transfer's most enticing regular offer. For all new customers, ACE provides fee-free first transactions worldwide. This offer is for anyone who transfers money back home from the UK, Europe, Australia, Canada, and Switzerland to 100+ countries worldwide. You can qualify for this offer by simply following these steps:

  • Create a free account with ACE Money Transfer.
  • Complete the essential information.
  • Make your first free transaction.

3. Fee-Free Christmas Week

ACE Money Transfer offers no fees on all transactions during the Christmas season. Send money to your loved ones to make this once-in-a-year event more exciting. ACE is constantly coming up with the best international money transfer services and offers to make its customers happy.

The modern era of technology necessitates rapid development in the application industry. ACE provides a smart mobile money transfer app for its customers to manage operations on the go. The app allows instant money transfers from the middle of your comfort zone to let you stay connected with your loved ones during Christmas week.

4. Fee-Free Transactions on Independence Day

Freedom always comes at a higher cost, but the value is passed down through generations. In addition to other special events, ACE has decided to offer completely fee-free transactions to its customers on their independence days. You can send money internationally from across the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, and several other countries with the best exchange rates and no transfer fees during national celebrations.

Special Offer For Pakistan Independence Day

ACE Money Transfer always remembers its customers in their happy moments. ACE has ascended the success ladder through years of hard work and dedication. Pakistani expats can be found all over the world. Nonetheless, the patriotism they feel in their hearts is unbeatable. When it comes to being a nation, they stand firm under the Pakistan Flag and send money home. 

Many people use ACE to send money to Pakistan to their loved ones. From 2002 to 2021, remittances in Pakistan averaged 3427.72 USD Million, with an all-time high of 8035 USD Million in the third quarter of 2021.

ACE Money Transfer offers a special package for remittances to Pakistan as a bonus every year. Send money abroad to loved ones for free and benefit from a high exchange rate of 0.14% on August 14th. The transactions are valid from anywhere in the active corridors, including Australia, Europe, and the United Kingdom, to Pakistan.

Send Money To India For Free On Independence Day

ACE Money Transfer loves to provide incentives and unmatchable services to its customers. You can send money to India from anywhere globally and pay no fees on any transaction on India’s independence day. You can check the easy method of fee-free transfers on ACE’s social media platforms or contact their customer support that remains ready to respond to your queries. 

So, what are you holding out for? Sign up for ACE Money Transfer and bring the party back to life. The offer is valid for all transactions that take place on August 15th.

5. Fee-Free Good Friday & Easter Sunday

On the famous annual events of Good Friday and Easter Sunday, ACE allows Fee-Free transfers worldwide. Have you ever wished for a surprise before the weekend? Things can get exciting on special occasions when you use ACE Money Transfer.

Why Is ACE Money Transfer The Best Way To Transfer Money Internationally?

You might think, why not use a check or another money transfer service to transfer your remittances? Using online money transfer services is best when you use a reputable company. Every service provider does not guarantee a stable platform, but ACE matches up to this mark. ACE Money Transfer is well-known for being the most highly recommended service by millions of global worldwide diasporas.

You have the opportunity to take the privilege of ACE's most incredible deals. One of the best ACE offers is the FEE-FREE transaction. There are numerous ways to make zero-fee transactions with ACE, including transfers on Independence Day, Christmas week, the first transaction, and many others. Hang tight to ACE's website or its mobile app for more information on the services provided by ACE Money Transfer.

Final Thoughts 

ACE Money Transfer’s services are available in more than 29 sending and 100+ receiving countries worldwide. One of the main reasons to select ACE is that it provides its consumers with various incentives and fee-free transactions. So, choose ACE and experience the growing money transfer service with secure, smooth, and swift transactions. 

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