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Difference between Evacuation and Repatriation Insurance

Difference between Evacuation and Repatriation Insurance

08 Aug 2022

Are you an expat working away from home with an underlying medical condition? Do you want to know how to save yourself in time of a medical emergency?

Millions of people from developing countries such as Pakistan decide to work abroad to earn more and provide monetary relief for their families back at home. Through their skill and labour, they can send money to Pakistan online for their families. However, they often neglect healthcare due to extremely expensive medical treatments in the developed world. Opting for evacuation and repatriation insurance can help them save costs and tackle the situation well.

What are evacuation and repatriation?

Evacuation is the term used to describe the services required to transfer a patient in an emergency. In contrast, repatriation is the term used to describe the transportation of a patient back home for recovery or rehabilitation. There are two different types of Evacuation and Repatriation that include medical and emergency services. This facility was specially developed for the Expatriates working far away from home and family. During times of crisis, the host country is responsible for providing them with the best suitable facility in terms of Emergency and Medical evacuation and repatriation. 

Why is evacuation and repatriation insurance necessary?

Nothing is scarier than having a health problem or chronic disease and not knowing if you will be able to afford treatment. Unfortunately, many migrants and expats face this situation due to the high costs related to medical treatments and transportation. This situation is very prevalent in the developed world, where migrants and expats face injuries at work or some other medical conditions.

Plenty of people works away from their home countries for better livelihood opportunities. Most of these expats are unable to see their families for years. They only send them money or talk to them on calls. Sending money from abroad has become very easy through online money transfer facilities. Millions of expats, migrants, and travellers use ACE Money Transfer  for sending money to Pakistan online or in other countries.

Countless individuals working abroad delay their medical treatments because they cannot afford them. A havoc situation is created in times of emergency when there are no saved funds to cope. Every expat must consider getting evacuation and repatriation insurance because it can prove to be life-saving. 

Medical Evacuation and Repatriation Insurance

In the case of a medical emergency, while travelling, Medical Evacuation insurance can provide coverage for transportation to the next adequate medical facility. Repatriation is the process of returning a traveller to their home or expat remains in their native country. If the treating physician thinks that the expat needs to return home for additional and better medical care, this insurance would also cover transportation costs. Those seeking travel insurance should understand the distinction between medical repatriation and medical evacuation. Most of the time, the term "evacuation" refers to the services required to transport a patient in an emergency situation only.  

Medical repatriation typically covers international travel. Both are unique from regular travel insurance that covers lost luggage, cancelled flights, and medical expenditures. The cost of transportation will be covered by medical evacuation coverage. It should be noted that medical bills are not covered in medical evacuation coverage. That must be reimbursed by your insurance company or paid for out of your own money. For example, suppose you are in Australia and unfortunately got into an accident that requires emergency medical care. In that case, you may have the necessary insurance to fund the emergency transportation to a hospital. Medical repatriation differs significantly from medical evacuation. In the worst scenarios, such as death, medical repatriation covers transportation of your body from the hospital to your home and can include anything from funeral to disposal.

Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation insurance

Emergency evacuation and repatriation services entail evacuating a wounded or unwell person to a medical facility or their primary location on a medically equipped flight. Emergency evacuation services are provided in a medical emergency when treatment at the nearest facility is unavailable. Medical repatriation services provide patients with feasible transport and the freedom to be treated in their native country. Most insurance companies have severe standards for the circumstances that must be met to qualify for medical repatriation services cost reimbursement.

What do Evacuation and Repatriation insurance covers

Emergency evacuation and repatriation insurance can cover expenses spent on transportation for an emergency medical evacuation to the nearest hospital or medical facility. Expenses for burial, local cremation, a minimum-required coffin for shipment, air transportation of remains, and other costs required to comply with local legislation are also sometimes included in the repatriation insurance. 

Role of international health provider in times of crisis

Medical evacuations and repatriations are on the rise in the international private medical insurance sector. For expats and their families living or working in distant places where medical services may be difficult to come by, medical evacuation and repatriation coverage can be an essential aspect of their health insurance. Medical insurance is a legal obligation in many countries, although domestic coverage may not be as extensive as international private medical insurance (iPMI). Healthcare is a vital issue for expatriates and their families, and knowing that they are insured, regardless of location, by health insurance who physically speak their language is quite reassuring.

Emergency air transportation in evacuation Insurance

Emergency air transportation is a type of evacuation. You will need to be moved to a secondary site to receive necessary treatment from a place with inadequate levels of medical care. Not all emergency evacuations will take place by air; an Emergency Ground Evacuation refers to situations in which you are evacuated by a land vehicle, such as an ambulance.

Challenges faced during international evacuating and repatriation

Insurance companies must overcome a range of potential barriers, including failing, outdated, or non-existent communication infrastructure, restricted air space, and even political or rebel unrest. Global suppliers are well equipped for such difficulties, and the combination of experience and dedication is formidable. To evacuate a member, they require a copy of their passport as well as, if necessary, a visa or permit for the nation to which they will be relocated.

Save the situation through swift money transfer.

Although evacuation and repatriation insurance cover medical transportation costs, they do not pay your medical bills most of the time. In such times of urgency, one must stick to a reliable, swift, and efficient mode of money transfer. Millions trust ACE Money Transfer for effective and reliable money transfer within seconds. ACE is the perfect option in times of medical urgency with no hidden charges and lower transfer fees. You can send money to Pakistan or a hundred other countries safely and quickly.

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