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Top Job Opportunities for Ghanaian Expats in Europe

Top Job Opportunities for Ghanaian Expats in Europe

12 Apr 2023

Are you a Ghanaian expat looking for job opportunities in Europe? Living in Europe seems glamorous, but it's not a fairy tale. You must work hard and earn if you are willing to settle there. Finding an ideal job opportunity will take time if you have just moved in. Of course, you move abroad to earn better and send money to Ghana to extend financial support to your family. So, how can you manage to find reasonable job opportunities abroad when you decide to migrate from Ghana?


When you are looking for a job opportunity as an expat, the experience is different. It’s going to be difficult for you to get a job in Europe if you are not a skilled person. We advise you to learn some basic skills and start hunting for a job as a competent and educated individual. 


According to Harvard Business School Press, 10% to 20% of expats working in the US quit their jobs early due to work-related stress or culture shock, and around one-third of those who stay full-time perform below standards set by their managers.


Knowing about reasonable jobs in different industries in foreign countries like Europe is important when looking for better employment abroad. Find a comprehensive guide about the top job opportunities in Europe that Ghanaians should consider. 

Jobs you can Consider as a Ghanaian Expat in Europe

Below we have shortlisted the best job opportunities you can consider as a Ghanaian expat in Europe.


Language Teacher

Language is crucial, especially when relocating to a country with 24 official languages. Thousands of additional languages may also be heard on the streets of both western and eastern European nations. Europe's most widely spoken languages are English, French, Spanish, and German.


Don’t worry if you are not an expert in all these languages. English is said to be the language of the system. If you are proficient in English, you may be able to land a career that will be very gratifying. It is exceptionally desirable if you have experience teaching or a degree in the relevant discipline.


All you need to do is leave your resumes at different educational institutes. Soon, you'll start receiving calls for interviews. You will need to put in some extra effort to teach in a school, like staying late, going to meetings, and monitoring the development of the students.


Though, the field demands a lot of efforts and hard work with a responsible attitude, you gain wealth of knowledge and expertise with an international exposure. Besides, you can earn handsome amount and help your family back home by making a swift and secure money transfer to Ghana whenever needed.



This is a suitable job for a person who is a skilled coder. You don’t need to have a certain degree or a certificate to get employed as a coder. The basic requirements of a coding position require the best coding skills. Because the position is of specialised competence, it is one of the best-paid positions in Europe.


Coding is generally a contract-based sector, although many start-ups and large organisations have in-house coders who continuously work on their websites, applications, and projects. You can also offer your coding services on a freelance platform until you find a permanent and suitable position. 


Call Centre Agents

It is, again, a job which requires you to have fluency in the language of the concerned position. Although the salary is typical for these positions, they are a great addition to your resume and professional experience.


Your responsibility is to engage with many individuals and insist on a purchase and global money transfer. Most companies prefer candidates with French, Spanish, and Italian backgrounds to offer customer support services to people from different regions. 


Before submitting your application, remember that these professions demand you to handle numerous phone calls, sales, and complaints. If you're not into all of this, don't apply.


Healthcare Careers

European countries are rich with job opportunities in healthcare departments. Compared to other countries, European countries provide more chances for doctors and nurses to care for their patients. The hospital systems and health insurance companies are no hurdle for doctors in these countries. 


You don’t have to search more for seeking a job opportunity in the medical profession. A doctor is allowed to serve in more than one hospital and is also free to open a private medical camp. Only commit to tasks that you can do. Your hectic schedule will make you a lot of money, but it will be bad for your health.



You are already well aware of the term “Freelancing”. You will find many difficulties while hunting for job opportunities as an expat in Europe. If you are a skilled person, go for freelancing. In freelancing, you simply have to look for a job and wait for money transfers from the client. You ought not to rely on it entirely, but it can support you financially until you find a suitable job position for yourself.


If you are a student or an employed person in Europe, you can still do several part-time freelancing jobs to earn additional money. This way you can further help your family better by instantly sharing funds via a swift and secure online money transfer to Ghana using ACE Money Transfer, which is trusted by millions.


Freelancing allows you to work from anywhere at any time. You can be a freelancer by learning the following skills: 


  • Programming
  • Marketing
  • Content writing
  • Graphic Designing
  • Software development
  • Copywriting
  • SEO
  • Video editing
  • Whiteboard animation and many more 

Being a freelancer is one of the most exemplary careers for expats since it allows you the flexibility to travel more often. But freelancing isn’t wholly reliable as it cannot assure you long-term work. 


Let’s just consider that you’ve found the best job opportunity as a Ghanaian expat in Europe and earning a handsome amount. Now how will you send money to Ghana? You can’t trust anyone with your hard-earned money. That’s why ACE Money Transfer is here to help you. You can blindly trust ACE Money Transfer if you need quick, safe, and secure online transactions.


Final Verdict!

These “Top job opportunities for Ghanaian expats in Europe” will surely help you secure the best position according to your qualifications and skill set. The rest of your financial difficulties as an expat are solved by ACE Money Transfer. It provides smooth money transfer services at the highest exchange rates yet at minimum transaction fees. So, join ACE and send money to Ghana online from overseas with complete peace of mind. 


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