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Top 5 Universities in Germany Allowing International Students to Work Part-Time

22 Apr 2024

There are two main reasons for traveling to a developed country like Germany, with a GDP of $4.08 trillion in 2022. One is to study in a top-notch educational institution, graduating from where it is likely to offer you a reasonable job. The second is to earn a living to support your family back home by sending money using different means.

But there is a catch!  

What if you go to Germany as a student to study and end up in an institution that allows you to work part-time? Or to study part-time if the core purpose of your visit to Gemrnay is to find a job?     

Well, certain German universities will give you chances to work part-time after being done with your study hours.  

Let’s find some of the best German universities allowing you to work part-time along with studies!  

Which German Universities Allow International Students to Work Part-Time?

Getting a top-notch education from a German university is nothing short of a luxury. Now, couple this luxury with the liberty to hunt jobs after your study hours or classes, allowing you to earn a living.  

What you can do with your earnings as an international student in Germany, well… goes without saying. One of the biggest advantages of this is supporting your education without burdening your family's financials. Don’t you think?    

Let’s walk around Germany together and explore which 5 German universities allow you to work part-time, enabling you to send money abroad for any purpose. This includes shopping or financial support back home if and when the need arises.     

Technical University of Munich (TUM)

Founded in 1868, the Technical University of Munich (TUM) is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Europe. It has been consistently ranked as one of the best German universities, with a claim to fame in engineering, natural sciences, and technology.

It has three campuses: the Munich campus, the Garching campus, and the Weihenstephan campus.         

This university is one of the founding members of the EuroTech Universities Alliance, a cluster of prominent European technical universities that are leading research and innovation projects. It has a diverse student base with upwards of 40,000 students, out of which around 40% make up for the international students.       

TUM has an active student community. It has over 100 student-run clubs and on-campus organizations. TUM collaborates strongly with big companies like BMW, Siemens, Audi, etc. This collaboration provides all the students with access and ample opportunities for research, job placements, and internships.     

Studying at TUM allows you to get a top-notch education and find part-time jobs to earn a living after your classes and study hours. 

The courses the university offers are:

·       Engineering

·       Natural Sciences

·       Life Sciences

·       Medicine

·       Social and Political Sciences

·       Management

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat Munchen

It is a research university located in Munich, Germany. It was founded in 1472 and continues to be considered one of the prestigious and oldest universities in Europe. It has three campuses in toto – the City campus, the Grosshadern campus specializing in medicine, and the Martinsried campus specializing in natural sciences.  

This university also has a huge student base, with over 50,000 students hailing from 130 different countries worldwide. About 15% of its students are international students.

The university offers a wide range of courses in addition to offering career counseling, job fairs, and multiple networking opportunities. These opportunities help you connect with different companies and also offer you chances to expand your network.  

Several graduates of this university have been successfully employed both in Germany and abroad or in their native countries on their return.     

One of the biggest advantages of studying at this institution is that it allows you to find part-time jobs to earn a living and earn money, which you can use for several purposes, including money transfers for different needs.

The courses the university offers are:

·       American History, Culture and Society

·       Astrophysics

·       Biochemistry

·       Data Science

·       Economics

·       Human Biology

·       English Studies  

·       Insurance, Executive Master

·       International Health

·       Journalism, Globalisation, and Media

Universitat Heidelberg

Founded in 1386, Universitat Heidelberg is the oldest university in Germany. Owing to its excellent educational standards, the university is consistently ranked as one of the top universities across Europe.

It holds the 65th position in the world QS ranking and 3rd in Germany. Over 20% of its students hail from foreign countries and offers degrees in the following courses:

·       Humanities  

·       Social Sciences

·       Natural Sciences

·       Medicine

Freie Universitat Berlin

Located in the Dahlem neighborhood of Germany and founded in 1948, Freie Universitat Berlin is also known as FU Berlin and is a Public research university. Its coming into existence resulted from academic restrictions imposed in Soviet-occupied East Germany. Its four campuses are the Duppel campus, Dahlem campus, Benjamin Franklin campus, and Lankwitz campus.

The university has over 30,000 students, around 5,000 international students, and around 4,000 academic staff members. Studying here is an excellent experience offering you immense benefits of studying abroad and you get a top-notch education here in several disciplines.

It is considered one of the top research universities in Europe and Germany and a member of the German Excellence Universities.  

The courses you can study at this university are:

·       Computer Science

·       Physics

·       Psychology

·       Mathematics

·       Business Administration

·       Technology and Digital Media

·       Economics

RWTH Aachen University

RWTH Aachen University was founded in 1870 and is considered one of Europe's oldest and most prestigious technical universities. It is located in Aachen, Germany. This university lays special emphasis on natural sciences, medicine and engineering.

Studying at this educational institution offers several benefits to you as an international student. As a foreign student, you can work for 4 months in the private sector during the semester or the semester break.    

To help them financially, the university also allows international and native students to get a full-time job for 120 days or part-time work for 4 hours every day for 240 days during the course duration.  

Apart from these benefits, every year, about 30 scholarships of 1,850 Euros each are issued, which local and foreign students can easily avail of when meeting the conditions.

The courses the university offers are:  

·       Engineering Sciences

·       Natural Sciences

·       Geosciences

·       Humanities

·       Medicine

·       Business and Economics

You can have the freedom to work part-time while studying at these German universities, alongside getting a top-notch education in all of them.

German Universities for Education and ACE Money Transfer for Financial Benefits  

It is not that you will only study in Germany as an international student. Your circumstances may push you to earn a living to send money online for different purposes, right?  

So, choosing ACE Money Transfer is the safest bet you can have, particularly as a student, for cost-effective and seamless money transfers. You will get live and market-competitive currency exchange rates and speedy delivery of funds to your native countries. Apart from this, you will also get optimal safety of your funds and the transactions for a low fee, which is only applicable if the amount you transfer reaches a certain level. If the amount remains below that limit, you are likely to enjoy as many fee-free transfers as you want from just one window.  


Why do people study abroad?

Most international students in Germany or elsewhere in the developed world belong to developing countries with poor education quality. In addition, an education with relatively higher standards is simply unaffordable. So, people study abroad to brighten their job prospects in the future.  

What are the prime benefits of studying abroad?

Studying abroad comes with several benefits. Some of these benefits include better prospects for international employment, expanded network, international exposure, experiencing disparate cultures, adding to your CV, earning a better income, and so on.  

What are the top German universities?  

Although it is fairly difficult to list German universities in terms of their qualities, the top 5 German universities, however, are the Technical University Munich (MUT), Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat Munchen, Universitat Heidelberg, Freie Universitat Berlin, and RWTH Aachen University.  

Can I do a part-time job in Germany as an international student?

Yes. You can easily work part-time in Germany as an international student in most of the German universities. Most German universities allow you to work and do jobs after your classes and outside your study hours to earn a living to either bear your expenses or transfer funds online.

What is the most cost-effective way for a student in Germany to transfer funds?   

As a student in Germany, you will find paying fees for your online money transfers regularly increasingly difficult because the process incurs costs. Therefore, choose a service provider like ACE Money Transfer that will offer you fee-free online money transfers or charge you an extremely low fee each time you transfer funds. 


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