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Top benefits of Studying Abroad - All You Need to Know.

Top benefits of Studying Abroad - All You Need to Know.

25 Aug 2022

The people of third-world countries, including Pakistan, have always faced a dilemma. They spend hefty amounts on their children’s education but to no avail. This leads to poverty and unemployment on an individual level and eventually on a national scale. Therefore, the people of countries like Pakistan go to developed countries like the UK for quality education. They also find chances to earn better and send money to Pakistan to support the financial needs of their families back home.  


Let’s now take a brief look at why people choose to study in the UK. 

Why choose the UK as the first choice for study?

Two main reasons prompt the people of Pakistan to study in the UK. 


The UK is home to the world’s best educational institutions

One of the biggest reasons is that the UK is home to the world’s top educational institutions. The universities of the UK offer the best quality education and also offer innumerable disciplines to study. This helps the students find a suitable career as soon as they graduate. 

These students are highly likely to get a job in the country they have graduated from. 

The UK allows students to work alongside education.

In the UK, the biggest advantage students have while studying is that they can find work and a job after their study hours. This is a facility many students who study in other countries cannot have. But, in the UK, students can find work after finishing their classes. 

They can use what they earn to support their education or family by sending money home from the UK. 

Let’s now take a quick look at the students in the UK statistically. 


Brief statistics about UK’s international students

A report released by the UK’s Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) reveals that the number of international students spiked during the academic year 2019-2020.

Hailing mostly from Asian countries, the number of foreign students in the UK crossed the 500,000 mark to have reached 556,625 for the first time. It is a year-over-year increase of 12.15%.

Let’s now take a quick look at how remittance transfers are made easy for students. 

How is online money transfer to Pakistan made easy by ACE Money Transfer for international students?

One of the world’s most credible companies, ACE Money Transfer, makes it easy for Pakistani students and expatriates to send money online to Pakistan from the UK through its user-friendly smartphone app. 

Through this app, the students can quickly transfer money to their intended recipient within a few minutes and in a matter of a few clicks. 

Let’s walk you through the attractive benefits of studying abroad. Keep reading!

Exciting benefits of studying abroad

Following are the top benefits of studying abroad.

CV grabs your employer’s attention quickly.

Studying abroad indicates your adaptable personality as you have had a chance to work and study with people of different cultures. If you can adapt quickly to a new environment regardless of the nature, your employer is justified to believe you will adapt quickly to their company’s environment.  

Enhancement of communication skills

You must have learnt some new languages in school. Right? But do you remember those now? You will have a chance to refresh your communication skills by studying abroad. While studying in a foreign country, you interact with people from various nations, which helps increase your communication skills and practical knowledge.

An entirely new and refreshing experience

Studying abroad will add to your knowledge about the country you live in. It will be about its cuisine, tourism spots, and how to derive maximum knowledge about it from the new city. Studying abroad adds valuable international exposure that further helps you acquire a bright career in your desired field of work.

Befriending diverse people

You will have a chance to meet and befriend diverse people from different cultures. You will learn a lot about the people and other cultures. This will help you establish a wide range of social networks and enhance your PR skills. 

Long term friendships

Not all the friends you will make are your lifelong buddies. But, you will have one or a couple of long-term friends. Though it may or may not be worthy to notice for many students, studying abroad offers you an opportunity to make friends with people from various cultures across the globe. 

Diversified cuisine

Another exciting benefit of studying abroad is the exploration of cuisine you have had virtual access to in your life so far. You can taste a variety of international foods when you study abroad.

Newer ways of learning and teaching

This will be initially difficult to adjust to, but ultimately you will learn new and unique ways of learning and how ideas are uniquely planted in students’ heads. 

Get independent

You will have the benefit of gaining independence. Life away from the comfort of your home is always tough. And the ones living it gain independence and confidence.

Learn to be Self-reliant

Studying abroad will help you become self-reliant if you are not yet. You learn to manage everything on your own. Further, you can take on a part-time job to earn and manage your expenses as well as help your family. For instance, several Pakistani students do part-time jobs and support their families back home with a money transfer to Pakistan from the UK.

Study your culture from another perspective

While studying abroad, everyone you rub shoulders with has a different view of your country and culture. This is a fascinating study that will help you understand your own culture better from a third-party perspective.

Learn your strengths and weaknesses

Studying abroad will help you know your potential and strengths, and weaknesses. This you cannot realise so long as you are living in the middle of your comfort zone. 

Become a global citizen

Studying abroad will help you develop a global mindset. It helps you gain a wider and globalised perspective of the world. 

International student discount perks

As an international student studying abroad, you will enjoy the perks offered to international students. 

Funding for international students is on the rise.

Many governments worldwide spend huge amounts on dedicated scholarship programs for international students. 

Low tuition fee

The UK universities are best in this regard as they charge low fees given that most of the students belong to third-world countries. Therefore, these institutions charge a low fee and, on the other hand, ensure that the students get a chance to work and earn to send money to Pakistan from the UK. 

Greater international job prospects

While you study abroad, you have greater chances of being employed by international companies and employers. 


Variety and diversity – a sizzling spice!

Diversity and variety are the spices you will love. These make your life worth living. So, brace up to become an international student and reap all the interesting benefits stated above. 

Studying in the UK has a double advantage for students belonging to Pakistan. One is that they get the best quality education, and the other is to be able to find work, earn remittances and then send money to Pakistan online through the UK’s most reliable remittances transfer company ACE Money Transfer. 

ACE Money Transfer has a particular benefit for international students who want to send money to Pakistan. Most of the time, it enables remitters to send money absolutely free of cost alongside offering the best currency exchange rates, the most secure transactions, and 24*7 service availability in upwards of 100 countries worldwide. 










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