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Top 5 Countries to Move Abroad from Pakistan in 2024

13 Mar 2024

Karachi's bustling streets, the serenity of the Northern Areas', and the warmth of Pakistani hospitality are forever etched in our hearts. Yet, for many with an adventurous spirit, the call of new horizons whispers in the wind.

In 2024, Pakistani expats seeking a fresh start have a smorgasbord of opportunities across the globe. Leaving familiar shores for uncharted territory can be nerve-wracking, but the potential for cultural immersion, personal growth, and brighter prospects can be life-changing.

When choosing a new home abroad, several factors come into play. Affordability and cultural familiarity draw some to neighboring countries, while others yearn for the stability and prosperity developed nations offer.

This guide explores the top 5 developed countries Pakistani expats should consider in 2024, each offering unique advantages and a welcoming path toward a fulfilling future. A pro tip will also be given at the end of the blog for the best way to send money to Pakistan from these countries.    


Canada: A Mosaic of Opportunity and Welcoming Communities

Embrace multiculturalism and stability. Canada's reputation as a haven for immigrants and a champion of multiculturalism precedes it.

Pakistani expats will find thriving communities within major cities like Toronto and Vancouver, offering a familiar embrace and invaluable support.

Canada boasts a robust economy with diverse job opportunities across various sectors. The quality of life is high, with excellent healthcare, education, and infrastructure. Additionally, its skilled labor shortage welcomes qualified professionals and offers numerous immigration pathways for skilled workers.

Australia: A Land of Opportunity Down Under

Embrace sunshine and vibrancy in Australia. The sun-kissed land of kangaroos and breathtaking coastlines beckons with its open arms and boundless opportunities. Its diverse economy offers promising healthcare, education, construction, and IT avenues.

Australia's multicultural society embraces diversity, making it a comfortable haven for Pakistani expats. English as the primary language eliminates communication barriers and eases integration.

Pakistani professionals with relevant qualifications and experience can find welcoming pathways to career advancement and personal growth. Additionally, their ease of money transfer to Pakistan helps expats offer continuous financial support back in Pakistan. Their multi-ethnic society helps provide a comfortable haven for Pakistani expats living in Australia.

Germany: An Engineer's Paradise with Cultural Richness

Embrace precision and cultural immersion in Germany, the powerhouse of Europe, beckons with its robust economy, high standard of living, and unwavering dedication to quality.

Pakistani engineers, IT professionals, and skilled workers in manufacturing sectors will find a treasure trove of career opportunities awaiting them.

Beyond professional prospects, Germany's rich cultural tapestry, steeped in history and artistic wonders, promises endless exploration. English is widely spoken in business circles, easing communication and integration.

However, learning German will enrich your experience and open doors to deeper cultural connections.


United Kingdom: A Familiar Bridge to Opportunity

Embrace familiarity and career pathways. For Pakistanis seeking a cultural and linguistic bridge to a developed nation, the United Kingdom holds a captivating draw.

The thriving Pakistani community in England offers a sense of familiarity and support, while English as the primary language eases communication and integration. 

The UK's robust economy presents diverse finance, healthcare, IT, and education opportunities. Pakistanis with relevant qualifications and experience can find promising professional growth and advancement avenues. It offers a captivating and unique experience for Pakistani expats to ensure that they are enjoying the highest standard of life while the ability to send money online to Pakistan remains straightforward. 

Familiarity with British culture and history can smoothen the transition, making the UK a comfortable haven for those seeking a fresh start.   


Sweden: A Champion of Equality and Social Welfare

Embrace inclusivity and a high standard of living in Sweden, the Scandinavian nation renowned for its progressive social policies and commitment to equality. It offers a unique and captivating experience for Pakistani expats. 

English is widely spoken, facilitating communication and integration. Sweden's strong economy presents promising technological, healthcare, and education opportunities. 

Beyond professional prospects, Sweden's dedication to social welfare ensures a high standard of living, with excellent healthcare, education, and social security systems. 


Pro Tip for Pakistanis Moving to One of the Afore-mentioned Countries    

No matter your chosen country, staying connected with your loved ones in Pakistan is essential. 

While financial transactions across borders can be daunting, reliable and secure services like ACE Money Transfer make money transfer to Pakistan easy, swift, and convenient. 

The competitive exchange rates, transparent fees, and diverse payout options offer peace of mind. It lets you focus on building your new life abroad while staying connected to your roots.

Remember, choosing your new country is just the beginning – a life-changing journey filled with exciting possibilities awaits you across the globe.

Take a deep breath, pack your bags, and embrace the adventure. The world awaits, and with ACE by your side, sending financial support through an online money transfer to Pakistan is seamless and worry-free.


What are some of the biggest challenges Pakistani expats face when moving abroad? 

Adjusting to a new culture, navigating immigration processes, finding job opportunities, and dealing with potential language barriers can be some of the biggest challenges. Building networks and support systems within your new community can help ease the transition.


What are the top career sectors for Pakistani professionals in these countries? 

It varies depending on the country, but there's generally a demand for skilled professionals in sectors like healthcare, IT, engineering, education, and construction. Researching the specific needs of each country before making a decision is crucial. 


How can I stay financially connected with my family back in Pakistan?

Reliable money transfer services like ACE Money Transfer offer secure and convenient ways to send money back home. Look for competitive exchange rates, transparent fees, and diverse payout options like cash pickup and bank deposits.    


What are some things I can do to integrate into my new community abroad? 

Participating in cultural events, learning the local language, joining community groups, and connecting with fellow Pakistani expats can help you feel welcome and build a support network.


How can I ensure my financial stability while building a new life abroad?     

Develop a budget that balances your living expenses, savings goals, and remittances. Researching the cost of living, job prospects, and financial resources your chosen country offers will help you plan accordingly.

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