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ACE Money Transfer and Bank AL Habib Partner Again to Promote Legal Channels of Remittances

12 Mar 2024

In an era where global connectivity is ever-increasing, remittances serve as a vital lifeline for millions across the globe - 9+ million Pakistani expats and their families back home are no exception in this regard. The partnership between ACE Money Transfer and Bank AL Habib is a beacon of hope in promoting legal, secure, and efficient channels of remittance. This collaboration is not just a business agreement; it's a commitment to ensuring that hard-earned money safely reaches the hands of those who need it most. Every year, both ACE Money Transfer and Bank AL Habib reward those who send money to Pakistan through these legal remittance channels. Let’s get into the details of this year’s campaign, the rewards on offer, and the impacts of this initiative.

Unforgettable Rewards Await this Ramadan with ACE Money Transfer and Bank AL Habib

The holy month of Ramadan is a time for reflection, generosity, and strengthening bonds with loved ones. This year, ACE Money Transfer and BAHL are going above and beyond to help you celebrate in a truly special way.  But wait, there's more! To celebrate the spirit of giving this Ramadan, they've joined forces to offer not one but two grand prizes of PKR 10 million each!

Imagine the possibilities – a life-changing sum that could fulfill your dreams or help those closest to you.  On top of that, 25 lucky winners will get the chance to embark on a transformative journey with an exclusive Umrah package.  Imagine the spiritual rejuvenation and immense blessings of performing Umrah during this holy month.

Ali Zafar Joins the Celebration

Leading the way for this exciting campaign is none other than the beloved Pakistani celebrity Ali Zafar. The two partners have welcomed Ali Zafar as a campaign ambassador to educate overseas Pakistani communities about the dangers of illegal methods of money transfers.  Whether supporting your family back home or sharing the blessings of Ramadan with a thoughtful gift, ACE Money Transfer makes it simple and secure.

Be a Part of Something Special

To enter this incredible lucky draw series and be in with a chance of winning a life-changing PKR 10 million or an unforgettable Umrah experience, overseas Pakistanis simply need to use the promo code "UMRAH" every time they create a remittance transaction to Pakistan via ACE Money Transfer and BAHL during Ramadan. These remittances can be directly credited to recipients’ bank accounts at Bank AL Habib or transferred for cash pick up at an extensive network of 1100+ Bank AL Habib branches across Pakistan. Remember, the more transactions you make, the higher your chances of winning are!

Join Ali Zafar and celebrate the spirit of Ramadan with ACE Money Transfer and BAHL.  This Ramadan, send love, support, and a chance to win big to your loved ones back home.

To learn more about the ins and outs of the campaign, the lucky draw schedule, and its important policies, please read its Terms and Conditions.

The Partnership's Genesis

The collaboration between ACE Money Transfer and Bank AL Habib is built on a foundation of mutual respect and shared goals. Initially conceived to bridge the gap in the remittance market, this partnership has evolved into a strong alliance promoting legal remittance channels. Their combined efforts have significantly impacted the lives of countless families, providing them with secure and reliable means to receive support from abroad.

Reinforcing Legal Channels for Remittances

The remittance sector is fraught with challenges, including unauthorized channels that jeopardize the security of funds. The partnership addresses these challenges head-on, advocating for legal and regulated channels. This ensures the safety of remitted funds and contributes to the financial integrity of the countries involved.

How the Partnership Benefits Users

Users stand to gain immensely from this partnership through enhanced security measures and improved accessibility to remittance services. The integration of advanced technology ensures that users can easily send and receive money, knowing that their transactions are protected against fraud and other security threats.

Besides, massive rewards further add value to the hard-earned money of Pakistani expats. This year’s campaign, which will run throughout the sanctified month of Ramadan, brings 2 grand cash rewards of PKR 10 million each and 25 Umrah packages to let Pakistanis fulfill their longstanding dreams of performing the pilgrimage.

Technological Innovations and Their Impact

At the heart of this partnership is a commitment to leveraging technology to redefine the remittance landscape. By integrating digital platforms, ACE Money Transfer and Bank AL Habib are making remittances more accessible, efficient, and user-friendly. This digital revolution is not only changing how remittances are sent but also shaping the future of banking.

Every overseas Pakistani living across the UK, Europe, Canada, or Australia can send money online to Pakistan instantly, securely, and with more economical benefits via ACE Money Transfer mobile app or website.

Economic Implications for Pakistan

The influx of remittances through legal channels plays a crucial role in bolstering Pakistan's foreign reserves. This partnership significantly contributes to the country's economy by ensuring a steady flow of funds, which in turn supports local businesses and contributes to overall economic stability.

Customer Experiences and Testimonials

The true measure of this partnership's success lies in the stories of those it has impacted. From families reunited with their loved ones to students being able to pursue better education in Pakistan, the benefits of this collaboration are far-reaching. Customer testimonials highlight the transformative power of accessible, secure remittance services.

Navigating the Legal Framework

Ensuring compliance with regulatory standards is paramount in promoting legal remittances. ACE Money Transfer and Bank AL Habib adhere to stringent anti-money laundering measures and regulatory frameworks, demonstrating their commitment to operating within the bounds of the law. This not only protects their operations but also secures the interests of their users.

The Future of Remittances in Pakistan

The partnership between ACE Money Transfer and Bank AL Habib is poised to play a pivotal role in the future of remittances in Pakistan. With ongoing technological advancements and a commitment to service excellence, this alliance is set to redefine the remittance experience for Pakistanis, both at home and abroad.

Challenges and Opportunities Ahead

Despite their successes, the journey ahead is filled with challenges and opportunities. Competition in the remittance market is fierce, but this partnership is well-equipped to navigate these waters, thanks to their innovative approaches and unwavering dedication to their users.

The Role that Overseas Pakistanis Can Play

Every year, around $4+ billion is lost due to money sent home through unregulated and illegal money operators such as hawala and hundi. Overseas Pakistanis can make a substantial impact and play a crucial role in strengthening Pakistan’s foreign reserves if they stop using illegal methods and make every money transfer to Pakistan through regulated channels only, like ACE Money Transfer and Bank AL Habib. Doing this will enable Pakistani expats to play their part in supporting Pakistan’s economic progress through much-needed foreign funds.

How to Use ACE Money Transfer and Bank AL Habib Services   

The process is straightforward for those new to ACE Money Transfer and Bank AL Habib's services. Users can sign up through the ACE Money Transfer website or app, link their Bank AL Habib account, and send or receive money with just a few clicks.

ACE Money Transfer: A Brief Overview   

ACE Money Transfer has carved a niche as a trusted remittance service provider. Founded with the vision of facilitating seamless cross-border transactions, ACE has grown exponentially over the years with a large network of 375,000+ payout locations worldwide and services across 100+ countries. Offering a wide range of services, from quick cash pickups to direct bank deposits, ACE has simplified the way migrants support their families back home.

Bank AL Habib: Understanding Its Legacy 

Bank AL Habib, a cornerstone of Pakistan's banking sector, boasts a history of excellence and innovation. Since its inception, the bank has been committed to providing comprehensive banking solutions, fostering economic growth, and enhancing financial inclusion across Pakistan. Its partnership with ACE Money Transfer is a testament to its forward-looking vision and dedication to community service.

Overseas Pakistanis’ Way Forward to a More Spiritual and Rewarding Ramadan 

The partnership between ACE Money Transfer and Bank AL Habib represents a significant milestone in promoting legal, secure, and efficient remittance channels. Their combined efforts are enhancing the remittance experience and contributing to Pakistan's economic well-being. As they continue to innovate and expand their services, the future looks bright for both partners and users.

Through this exciting campaign between ACE Money Transfer and Bank AL Habib, every online money transfer to Pakistan can ensure the chance for you to fulfill your financial dreams with a massive cash reward of PKR 10 million. Besides, you can make your loved ones happy by enabling them to perform Umrah by winning 1 of 25 packages from the two partners (ACE Money Transfer and Bank AL Habib).

So, don’t miss out! Make this Ramadan more spiritual and rewarding for you while playing a critical role in Pakistan’s financial struggle.


What makes ACE Money Transfer and Bank AL Habib's partnership unique?

The two grand prizes, i.e. two bumper cash rewards of PKR 10 million each, 25 Umrah packages, the most secure and fast services, low transfer cost, and competitive exchange rates yet with a 24/7 money transfer facility, make the campaign unique.

How do I ensure my entry is made for the lucky draw?

When sending money to Pakistan via ACE Money Transfer mobile app or website, use the promo code “UMRAH.” Doing this will register your entry to the lucky draw.

Can I use ACE Money Transfer services from any country?

ACE Money Transfer presently operates in the UK, Europe, Canada, and Australia, facilitating quick and secure remittances to over 100 countries worldwide. You can check the list of countries on its mobile app or website. The company also enables you to request to add a specific country if you don’t see it in the list.

What are the fees associated with using these services?

The first transaction for every new customer is always free of cost, while ACE Money Transfer often offers Fee-Free promotions to its customers. Besides, the company offers competitive exchange rates, which add an extra layer to financial value. Checking the transfer cost and live exchange rates while creating a transfer on ACE’s mobile app or website is recommended. 

How does this partnership impact Pakistan's economy?

This partnership aims to educate overseas Pakistanis about the dangers of illegal money transfers while ensuring that more Pakistani expats use legal methods to send money home. It will ultimately add substantial value to Pakistan’s foreign reserves.


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