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Top 10 Universities in the UK for Bangladeshi Students to Get Scholarships

22 Feb 2024

Travelling to the UK does not automatically imply that you are travelling there to work and only have to send money to Bangladesh from UK to your loved ones. For Bangladeshi students, a foreign trip might be about pursuing academic goals and obtaining scholarships. Are you thinking about studying in the UK and want to know about scholarship opportunities? Look no further! We've compiled a list of the top ten colleges in the UK, each with appealing scholarships designed specifically for Bangladeshi students. It aims to make your educational goals more realistic.      

Why Should You Study in the UK as an Expat?

The United Kingdom has a great academic legacy, with its universities frequently placed among the world's top. Beyond academic brilliance, the United Kingdom offers a varied and diversified atmosphere that promotes personal and professional development. Students may immerse themselves in a global society and get exposure to innovative ideas and cultures. The UK's education system promotes critical thinking, creativity, and innovation, equipping students for success in a rapidly changing global world.       

Furthermore, receiving a degree from a UK college improves international employability because UK diplomas are recognised and respected globally. The UK offers numerous scholarship options, research facilities, and a supportive learning environment. Studying in the United Kingdom provides Bangladeshi students with a transformational and fulfilling educational experience.  

Introducing the Best UK Universities for Bangladeshi Scholars

Finding the correct university is critical, especially when seeking financial aid. The following universities not only provide outstanding education but also offer scholarships geared specifically for Bangladeshi students:  

University of Oxford

The University of Oxford, known for the coveted Rhodes Scholarship, symbolises academic brilliance and offers various additional scholarships to Bangladeshi students. It covers full tuition, a living stipend, and travel expenses, giving students a solid financial basis to pursue their academics and extracurricular interests. Furthermore, Rhodes Scholars become members of a broad and prominent community, with access to networking opportunities, mentorship programmes, and special events. These opportunities help shape their academic and professional careers. The Rhodes Scholarship encourages scholarly endeavours and enables academics to contribute to society via their unique abilities and views.      

University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge, which is well-known worldwide, offers scholarships such as the Gates Cambridge Scholarship, attracting talented students from Bangladesh. The Gates Cambridge Scholarship provides tuition, living expenses, and additional money for academic and personal development activities. Financial aid is usually adequate to fund the whole course of a graduate programme. You can either use this financial aid to buy stuff for yourself. Or you can save it to use it to make a money transfer from UK to Bangladesh to your loved ones.    

Imperial College London  

Imperial College London, known for its emphasis on innovation and technology, offers scholarships to excellent Bangladeshi students. A notable scholarship is the President's Undergraduate Scholarship, which is a major prize that includes full tuition and a generous stipend to help with living expenses. This extensive financial support is intended to recruit and maintain highly outstanding students from Bangladesh and worldwide.  

The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

LSE is noted for its emphasis on social sciences and provides scholarships to Bangladeshi students pursuing degrees in economics, politics, and international relations. LSE provides a variety of scholarships for students studying social sciences such as economics, politics, and international relations. The particular award amounts may vary, but they usually cover a large percentage of tuition and give additional assistance with living expenses. 

University College London (UCL) 

UCL is a multidisciplinary university that offers scholarships to Bangladeshi students in several areas, promoting diversity and academic performance. UCL offers a variety of scholarships across fields to promote diversity and academic performance. These scholarships frequently cover tuition fees and may include a stipend for living expenses, allowing Bangladeshi students to focus on their studies without financial constraints.

University of Manchester

With a focus on research and innovation, the University of Manchester provides scholarships to support Bangladeshi students' academic aspirations. The University of Manchester, which is dedicated to research and innovation, provides scholarships to empower Bangladeshi students. These scholarships frequently cover some tuition costs and may give additional funding for research-related expenses, resulting in a rich academic experience. It helps in the seamless management of finances, including the ability to send money online to Bangladesh from UK, through a smooth financial and academic experience. 

University of Warwick

Warwick's global reputation is enhanced by scholarship options for Bangladeshi students, encouraging them to flourish in their respective professions. Warwick's scholarships are intended to recognise and assist excellent students. The award amounts vary, but they normally cover tuition. Under certain circumstances, a stipend to help with living expenses ensures a favourable study environment for Bangladeshi students. 

University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh, a premier institution with a rich history, offers scholarships to Bangladeshi scholars to help them continue their studies in various areas. The University of Edinburgh, a premier institution with a rich history, provides scholarships for Bangladeshi scholars. The particular award amounts vary, but they frequently cover a large percentage of tuition and may include additional cash for research projects or other academic endeavours.

University of Bristol

The University of Bristol, known for its dynamic community and academic prowess, offers scholarships to Bangladeshi students seeking to further their studies. The University of Bristol, which is recognised for its dynamic community and academic quality, offers scholarships to enable Bangladeshi students to pursue their educational ambitions. The amounts of prizes vary, but they often cover tuition and living expenses.  

University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow, which focuses on research and innovation, offers scholarships to Bangladeshi students to help them improve academically and personally. The University of Glasgow, which emphasises research and innovation, offers scholarships to Bangladeshi students. These scholarships normally cover tuition and may include additional research funds, promoting students' intellectual and personal growth.    

Leveraging Scholarships for a Brighter Future

Navigating the world of scholarships can be difficult, but these options can greatly reduce financial constraints for Bangladeshi students pursuing a quality education in the United Kingdom. Here are some essential ways to increase your chances of landing best scholarship opportunity to study in the UK:        

Strategically Apply for Multiple Scholarships  

To increase your chances of receiving financial aid, apply for many scholarships from the same university or various universities. Diversifying your applications boosts your chances of receiving funds, which relieves the financial burden on Bangladeshi students seeking higher education in the UK.  

Seek Internship and Employment Opportunities  

Many colleges provide internships and part-time career possibilities to overseas students. Utilise these tools to obtain practical experience in your subject of study while supplementing your scholarship funding. This not only helps you advance professionally, but it also gives you an extra source of money, helping you to manage your expenses better.

More Chance to Earn

Investigate each university's scholarship programmes and qualifying requirements thoroughly. This way, you can apply for a part-time job and still get the scholarship money for savings or to send money online to Bangladesh from the UK for your loved ones' needs.

Efficient Money Transfer using ACE Money Transfer

As a Bangladeshi student in the UK, handling your scholarship funds wisely entails making effective money transfers back home. Using services such as ACE Money Transfer helps you save on transfer costs while receiving competitive exchange rates, maximising the value of the cash you send to Bangladesh. ACE Money Transfer assures that your hard-earned scholarship money reaches your family promptly, supporting their financial needs while you focus on your academic journey abroad.   

Transforming Your Dreams Into Reality with ACE Money Transfer 

If you think you are ready to embark on your journey as a UK student, don’t miss out on applying for these scholarships, as they may help you a lot. Explore scholarship opportunities and secure your financial future with ACE Money Transfer's reliable online money transfer services.    

With ACE Money Transfer, Bangladeshi students are empowered to seize educational opportunities abroad, turning dreams into reality whilst making regular online money transfer from UK to Bangladesh.      


Can I apply for multiple scholarships at the same university?

Yes, many universities allow students to apply for multiple scholarships simultaneously. Ensure you meet the criteria for each scholarship. 

Are there scholarships specifically for Bangladeshi students?

Several scholarships are exclusively designed for Bangladeshi students, considering their academic achievements and financial needs.   

How can I improve my scholarship application?

Focus on academic excellence, extracurricular activities, and community involvement. Tailor your application to showcase your unique qualities.  

Is it challenging for Bangladeshi students to secure scholarships in the UK?

While competition is fierce, diligent research, strong academic performance, and well-crafted applications can significantly improve your chances.    

What role do online money transfers play in funding education abroad? 

Online money transfer services like ACE Money Transfer facilitate seamless financial transactions, ensuring that funds reach students promptly for tuition and living expenses.

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