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Top 10 Festivals Around The World - Everything To Know

Top 10 Festivals Around The World - Everything To Know

04 Aug 2022

Festivals bring a new depth to your travels, whether they celebrate life or death, animals, religious figures, rowing, or even ice carving. The air is filled with rhythmic beats, colourful parades, and ancient ceremonies that aren't done at other times of the year. You being immersed in the essence of these festivals is a picturesque imagination. Knowing about and partaking in different celebrations add another dimension to your life. Many global money transfer service providers share valuable information about famous festivals worldwide. So, you need not worry if you don’t know which festivals you can find worldwide. 

Top 10 Festivals Around The World - You Should Know About

Let’s share our picks of mesmerising festivals around the world. Just for you!


'Day of the Dead,' a Mexican event held between October 31st and November 2nd, is when families gather to pray for and mourn lost relatives. You might have seen the movie “Coco”; Dia De Los Muertos is everything about the ‘Day of the Dead. Ofrendas (altars) are built-in in public and private locations and frequently lavishly decorated with pumpkins and squashes, marigolds, candles, and sugar skulls. You can instantly send money to Mexico via the most trusted services of ACE Money Transfer and let your family and friends enjoy the “Dia De Los Muertos” festival.


Mystery, magic, and masquerade, if these three things intrigue your adventurous personality, then Venice Festival is for you. Every February, Venetians set aside two weeks to celebrate the festival. When this event initially became popular in the 12th century, lent was a no-party zone. People exchange gifts and money as a form of love. It’s undoubtedly one of the famous festivals you must not miss if you love to attend worldwide cultural events and festivals.


In Thailand, Songkran marks the start of the Buddhist new year. It is also observed across Southeast Asia, however, under other names and on somewhat different dates. In Thailand, it usually takes place on a long weekend in mid-April. Traditionally, Buddhist pictures in temples are washed with water, but over the period, the tradition became a festivity with huge water fights everywhere in Thailand. You can help your loved ones prepare for the festival by making an online money transfer to Thailand using ACE’s services from your destination country abroad.


Antigua is the most stunning spot in Guatemala to celebrate Holy Week, beginning on Ash Wednesday and concluding on Good Friday. Locals fill up the streets with artistically woven alfombras (carpets) fashioned by hand using flowers, vividly painted sawdust, and palm fronds and prepare months in advance. Suppose your family and friends need money to prepare for the Semana Santa festival. In that case, ACE Money Transfer will help you instantly send money online to Guatemala and stay connected with your loved ones.


Brazil, the city of festivals, holds one of its most prominent festivals in Rio de Janeiro. It even gets celebrities flocking in and the backpacker trying hard to participate in the festival. It takes place between February and March, depending on the start of lent. Your family back home will expect you to transfer funds in time so they may not miss the event. You can follow different strategies to save money and send it back home to fulfil your family’s needs. One of the most effective strategies is to save on a money transfer to Brazil so that you may avoid spending a lot and have something in hand that can be sent to your family in time of need.


This festival of lights takes place between mid-October and mid-November and is observed by various religions throughout India and beyond. Parades and live music events are held during the five-day celebration, fireworks are put off, and presents and sweets are shared. The festival of Diwali is celebrated in almost 90 countries every year. So, you need not worry about missing the event if you are an expat living in a foreign land. However, your family back in India will wait for you to share funds and let them buy new dresses, gifts, and other things to prepare for Diwali. Let your family feel your presence with them by sending money to India swiftly via ACE Money Transfer before the Diwali festival begins.


On April 27th, the Dutch commemorate the birthday of their monarch in force by wearing their best outfits in orange and doing a lot of exciting stuff. Boats float along the river, revellers line the banks, and throngs dangle out of windows, watching the music, DJs, and dancers below before heading out to parties on the outskirts of town. The king visits several cities with his family and shares moments of happiness with his people. This festival particularly demands enough money in hand to buy outfits and other things for preparations. Don’t worry, you can instantly transfer money to Netherlands online via ACE Money Transfer and help your family prepare the best way possible for the King’s Day Festival.


Every May 15th, people around the Philippines celebrate this agricultural legend with a festival of all the greatest local food available, whether from sellers, booths, or restaurants. The Pahiyas is known as the Philippines’ most colourful harvest festival, with people celebrating thanksgiving on this event across the country. The crafts for the Pahiyas Festival are fabulous and definitely worth photographing. Your family must require enough funds to enjoy the festival in the best possible way. You can solve their concerns if you manage to send money to Philippines before the event begins. ACE Money Transfer is there to help you manage swift and secure funds transfer across borders anytime.


In this interesting celebration, you chase a large, circular Double Gloucester cheese down Cooper's Hill in Gloucestershire. This cheese festival is a world-famous, hugely popular event attended by over 5000 people. Local cheese maker Mrs Smart prepares the circular-shaped Cheese Roll using 3-4 kilogram hard cheese Double Gloucester. A wooden casing is used around the cheese roll to protect it during the race, decorated with colourful ribbons at the start.


Paddy's Day is one of the most prominent international celebrations, and while it originated in Ireland, it is now celebrated worldwide. Whatever you wind up doing on March 17th, you can bet there will be good music, a lot of partying, and a lot of green clothes to commemorate the day their favourite saint died. The event is full of vibrant celebrations, including the traditional parade of the day, live trad and folk music show from The Lee, food and crafts, spectacular night-time fire performances, and much more.

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