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Tips for Expatriates - All You Need to Know About Sending Money Online to Pakistan from France

Tips for Expatriates - All You Need to Know About Sending Money Online to Pakistan from France

30 Sep 2022

It is not easy to relocate to a different country, especially regarding the differences in culture, difficulty finding a reasonable job, understanding financial systems abroad, etc. If you are a Pakistani expatriate living in France, the first thing you might want to know is, “how to send money to Pakistan?” As a Pakistani living abroad, this is a crucial way to connect to your loved ones even if you are seven seas apart.

More than 120,000 Pakistanis study and work in France, one of the top fascinations for people of low-to-middle income countries. Several reasons push you to move abroad, including your responsibility to buy a house, pay utility or education fees, or support a family’s household in your native land. Whether these are your reasons or others, you’ll primarily need to earn better in your destination country and send money back regularly to support your family’s needs. So, understanding a safe and reliable money transfer mechanism is essential. 

Finding the most trustworthy tips and guidelines for your remittance to reach your loved ones in Pakistan safely might be challenging as an expatriate. This blog will answer all your queries about sending money to Pakistan from France.

Methods to send money to Pakistan

There might be many ways to transfer your hard-earned money internationally. Most individuals prefer two ways to send money from anywhere around the world, i.e. bank transfers and online money transfers. A majority of Pakistani migrants prefer online money transfers to Pakistan in this modern era, yet the number of users of bank transfers is equally high.

Bank Transfer

Bank transfers include direct bank-to-bank transactions that allow you to transfer funds from one account to another. Throughout this procedure, your transfer may be routed via a series of correspondent banks on its way to the destination bank account.


Online Transfer

Online transfers are the point at which the traditional notion of wire money meets the new technology of electronic funds transmission (EFT). People can transmit money online by simply sending it (or the data representing it) to another person. It may be accomplished from any computer with an internet connection (also known as Internet Money Transfer). You must choose a trustworthy money transfer operator to make online transfers.

How to Instantly Send Money to Pakistan from France?

Sending money via an internet transfer is quickly becoming the most common method of moving money internationally. Online money transfers are quick, low-cost, safe, and simple, allowing you to avoid the often exorbitant costs levied by traditional financial institutions. One of the most popular companies that have gained the trust of Pakistani expatriates is ACE Money Transfer. It helps you send money to Pakistan online from France from the middle of your comfort zone or on the go using an advanced mobile application or ACE’s website.

With its technological advancements in the remittance industry, it would not be a lie to list ACE as one of the best remittance service providers worldwide.

Sending money abroad - Online transfers in the trend

One of the finest aspects of online money transfer services is their convenience. Instead of going to your bank, you may just open the website on your laptop, smartphone, or tablet and transfer the money in a few clicks. It is less straining than physically sending money to your home country, where you might not even be sure at times of its successful transaction.

Is it time-consuming? 

The frequently asked question for an online money transfer is about the time it takes to reach your hard-earned money to the receiver. It would not be wrong to say that it is less time-consuming and even considered the fastest way of transferring money overseas. 

The transfer provider you choose determines the time it takes to transfer money overseas. Bank-to-bank transfers typically take 1 to 2 working days; however, they might take longer if you send money outside the EU. Online transfers are usually processed within a few hours (and occasionally in a few seconds), but larger amounts of money might take up to a couple of days. 

Take note of the phrase "working days." Most financial institutions have a split period in the afternoon and evening, after which transfers are not made until the next day (or the next week, if you try to transfer money over the weekend). If you need your money immediately, transfer it early in the morning on a weekday.

The cost of online money transfers

Usually, it depends upon the remittance company you have chosen for your transfers. However, regardless of which sort of money transfer service you choose, the ultimate price you pay is always decided by a combination of four criteria.

  1. The fee charged by the bank or transfer business for the transfer.
  2. The amount of money being sent 
  3. The transfer's pace 
  4. The currencies involved, as well as the exchange rate at the time of transfer

Ensure you check the total cost when selecting a service from your remittance service provider, which looks at all these factors beforehand. Some organisations may appear to have very modest fees, but this typically indicates that their exchange rate is excessive, and you end up spending more.

Best transfer company that provides the best services

Let’s just say that the cherry on top of this blog post is to give you the name of the best remittance company that can provide you with excellent exchange rates, does not charge any extra fee and always prioritises their customers before doing anything. Yes! ACE Money Transfer is the company that provides the best services to its beloved customers.

It is undoubtedly worth the cost if you need a quick and straightforward international transfer from anywhere in the world. Regarding privacy, the Financial Conduct Authority regulates and licenses internet service providers in France and Europe as Electronic Money Institutions. ACE Money Transfer fulfils all requirements for an effective, safe, and secure online money transfer to Pakistan from France or any other country.


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