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How to Find a Job Abroad – The Easy Way of Overseas Employment for Indians

How to Find a Job Abroad – The Easy Way of Overseas Employment for Indians

29 Sep 2022

Despite being the 6th largest economy in the world in terms of nominal Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and the 3rd largest in terms of Purchasing Power Parity (PPP), the people of India can still have the exciting feeling of finding a job abroad. Since most people in India suffer from poverty, they find putting food on the tables hard.

Therefore, they travel to developed countries such as the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, etc., to find better employment opportunities. They find jobs, earn better than what they could do in their homeland, and then send money to India to extend financial support to their families.

Your chances of getting a job abroad brighten when you follow the steps explained below rather than trying to find one randomly. But, before that, let’s take a look at the Indian economy to understand why Indians need to find jobs abroad in the first place.

Indian Economy – An Outlook

  • India is the 6th largest economy with a $3.29 trillion nominal GDP
  • It is the 3rd largest, with an $11.75 trillion PPP
  • Its economic growth rate is estimated to be 8.2%
  • Its GDP Per Capita income is $2,342, and its PPP Per Capita income is $8,358
  • Inflation in India is 6.07%
  • The unemployment rate in India is 7.60%

Although the figures above show that India has a robust economy, its people still have to go abroad to earn and send money to India to their families because a considerable population of upwards of 1.4 billion people makes it difficult for the Indian government to adjust its people economically.

Getting A Job Abroad – The Straightforward Approach

Gaining a multicultural experience is one of the most significant advantages of working overseas. It helps you in your personal as well as professional growth. This, however, comes after you get a job abroad, for which the easy steps to follow are discussed below.

Determine The Job Type

As a first step, you will have to determine what type of job you want in a foreign country. This must include the specific industry you find appealing to you and the skillsets you wish to acquire. Narrowing down these needs will help you select the job you want. Keep in mind that developed countries have multiple positions, so make your choice smartly.

Choose The Country With Care.

You must ensure that you choose a country that corresponds to your selected job. Because, at times, you can end up having a job that you find challenging to do in a particular environment. Therefore, select the country with care and be on the safe side. Having a short trip to that country is admissible to study the culture, get acclimatised, make connections, and meet your prospective and potential employers.

Find The Job You Are Looking For

Once you have been through the first two steps explained above, now you are set to find the job you are interested in. As stated above, developed countries can offer you multiple jobs in industries you may not have heard about if you hail from a developing country like India. Therefore, begin your international job search at this stage.

Apply For A Visa Or Work Permit

Of course, your search for the country you want to work in will reveal sufficiently the requirements for visa and work permits. Many companies that you may find a job in will also be willing to sponsor your visa. Either way, it is highly recommended that you start your visa processing at the earliest to be ready to fly as soon as the employer contacts you for joining. It is essential to initiate the process quickly as it alone takes several months to complete.

It’s also recommended that you may search for and compare various methods to transfer funds across borders since it’ll be your immediate need to support your family by earning in a foreign land. Many Indian diasporas send money to India online considering the benefits and features they get from the digital remittance service providers. However, you’ll need to ensure that the method you choose must align with your recipients in India and your convenience overseas.

Refresh Your Resume/CV

It is one of the most crucial steps to finding a job abroad. You need to refresh your resume to appear familiar with the job you are applying for in terms of your experience. You must also ensure that you fully know the CV requirements in a particular country or the company you have applied in. In a professional culture, many countries and organisations prefer a more detailed two-page document instead of a more concise one. In contrast, many others go with a single-page resume supported by a detailed portfolio. Beware of these requirements and refresh and update your resume accordingly.

Have Everything Ready? Apply Now!

After compiling all the information and gathering all the necessary documents, ask someone from the family to proofread every paper lest you have overlooked some misinformation or made mistakes. It is always appropriate to seek a second opinion in every matter, let alone a matter as sensitive as your quest to find a job abroad. After doing, it, get your application submitted and wait patiently to hear from your employer. Ensure you do not bother the company by asking via email about your application status. It creates an unprofessional and rather lousy impression. You will be contacted automatically if your application is considered appropriate; else, keep trying!

Now that you’ve got a reasonable job and moved overseas, your first priority will be settling by arranging a good residence, food, and commuting facilities. After you have made all necessary arrangements, you must look for different ways to transfer funds back to India from the country of your residence. If you are reading this article, your time and energy are saved since the best solution is explained below.

Best Way To Send Money To India

Many credible online money transfer companies have facilitated sending of money to India safely and swiftly. However, banks have also been operating in this business and carrying out international money transfers. Still, inevitable hiccups such as the long time, huge fees and uncompetitive currency exchange rates in their operations have allowed the online money transfer companies to take precedence over banks.

On the other hand, these companies allow their customers to send money across borders efficiently, quickly, and securely with the help of their international money transfer app(s) right from the middle of their customers’ comfort zones or on the go.

Finding a job overseas is no longer difficult, provided you follow the simple and easy steps explained above. Since the world is increasingly globalising more and more, the distances are shrinking fast. The newer and newer technologies facilitate the connections among and between the people living on the other side of the globe. Once you’ve settled in a developed country and started earning, consider making a fast and secure online money transfer to India via ACE Money Transfer whenever needed. It’s by far one of the most trusted remittance service providers offering its services across 100+ countries.


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