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Things to Do When Moving to France from Benin - All You Need to Know

Things to Do When Moving to France from Benin - All You Need to Know

17 Nov 2022

Moving to a completely new country is thrilling and utterly overwhelming, whether you're doing it across the street or the globe! Your relocation to-do list won't be simple to complete; it includes things like planning and packing and knowing the land's lay, and much more. Like several other developing countries, Benin is no exception whose people migrate to foreign countries for better earning opportunities. France is undoubtedly one of the top choices for Beninese people when moving overseas since a vast majority of the country speaks French. So, they feel it pretty convenient to move to France, settle and earn better than their home country, and send money to Benin to support their families financially.

Limited earning opportunities, lack of basic necessities such as safe drinking water, good healthcare, and disturbed economic situations often make it difficult to manage a household reasonably. Moving out must therefore seem like a wise decision! 

This guide covers the essential information to know when migrating to France, regardless of whether your preferred location is the bustling City of Lights or a quiet village tucked away along the French Riviera. We do discuss the steps you must take to turn your idea into a reality.

Keep reading to find a list of things you ought to do when you decide to move to France from Benin seeking better education or job opportunities.

Everything To Know About Things To Plan When Moving To France From Benin

Moving to France includes more than just choosing a home close to your preferred pâtisserie, even though this is a major perk of doing so. Moving here can be challenging, particularly if you don't understand French and wish to live in the country. However, a simple immigration process and a robust transportation network ensure that, with the right planning, the practical aspects of migrating here either alone or with family may be accomplished.

So, here’s a comprehensive list of essentials you’ll primarily need when moving to France from Benin.

Validate Your Long-Stay Visa

The first stage on the journey to French residency, unless you're EU citizen, is obtaining a long-stay visa. The most popular is a 1-year Long-Stay Visa similar to a residence permit. This kind of visa will act as a resident permit for the first year of your stay if you enter France with it.

You must confirm the visa in France within three months of your arrival. This step is necessary to confirm that you are legally a resident of France and it enables you to enter and exit the country as often as needed.

Open A French Bank Account

Put this at the front of your to-do list because you will need a French account for everything from bill payments to getting a mortgage. To open a French bank account, you'll need several other documents, including verification of a permanent address.

Opening a bank account will be one of your most critical needs in a foreign land since you’ll require to regularly transfer funds back home. A bank account will solve your troubles and let you send money home whenever needed. Like many other people, you might also like to make a secure online money transfer to Benin from France through a trusted remittance service provider such as ACE Money Transfer. Whether you choose the digital or bank to bank transfer, list the account opening on top of your priorities when moving to France.

Get Connected: Buy a French SIM Card

A new French number should be at the top of your list of priorities if you want to use a mobile phone, which has now become a critical need. Numerous French micro- and nano-SIM cards are compatible with your international phone. You can register for a mobile contract online or in person at any of France's telecom companies, sizable electronics retailers, or hypermarchés. Orange, SFR, and Free are some of France's most well-known mobile phone networks. You might also want to consider a package that incorporates a TV, phone, and internet. 

Exchange Your Driving License

You must ensure that your driving license is current if you intend to drive in France. Based on where you got your license, you could need an international driver’s license in France, or your license might just be temporarily valid there.

The good news is that for the first year of their long-stay visa, people with non-European licenses granted by foreign authorities can still lawfully drive in France. However, before the conclusion of this first year, you must exchange your license for a French one if you intend to live in France permanently.

File Your First Tax Return

When you move there, you instantly become a tax resident in France, which necessitates filing a tax return. Whether you are required to pay taxes or not, it is your legal obligation as a resident of France to file a tax return. Annually, tax returns are due in May or June.

Don't forget to inform the tax department in your home country that you have also relocated. You could or might not be required to file a tax return in both countries, depending on your circumstances and nationality, so make sure you are aware of the regulatory obligations.

How To Send Money to Benin Safely?

The diasporas of Benin no longer need to panic. ACE Money Transfer, one of the top remittance service providers, is always available. The firm provides the most dependable, quick, secure, and swift way to send money to Benin online from France whenever needed. Benin expatriates in France and other nations can use ACE's services to transfer money home at the best exchange rates yet at the lowest transfer fees. Another good thing is that you can use ACE’s services 24x7 and even on bank holidays from the middle of your comfort zone or on the go simply using your smartphone.


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