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Personal Apartment VS Shared Residence - What to Consider When Moving to the UK from Bangladesh?

Personal Apartment VS Shared Residence - What to Consider When Moving to the UK from Bangladesh?

17 Nov 2022

Over 13 million Bangladeshis live in foreign countries to seek better education and employment opportunities. These diasporas mostly live across Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, etc., where the UK is one of the greatest choices for the people of Bangladesh. If you're considering moving to the UK, it might be the beginning of your life’s biggest and the best journey—but just if you carefully prepare your transition. Undoubtedly, your primary goal in moving to the UK is to send money to Bangladesh and support your family’s needs. When you move to a foreign country, the residence is one of the most critical needs that you will need to arrange. Do you want to know how many residence options you have in the UK as an expatriate?

Buying, renting, or getting a shared residence can be a few quick possible options for you as an expat. You can rent places to have a private space or live close to where you work or study. How much you can enjoy your time there will depend on the type of space you select. Your ability to adapt your lifestyle to meet your unique wants and objectives will depend on the place you choose.

Alongside these few factors, you must consider some other essentials when deciding on a shared or personal residence in the UK. Keep reading to learn more.

Complete Guide on Shared & Personal Apartments for Expatriates in the UK

First And Foremost Question: Why Move to the UK? 

Whether you arrive alone or with family, the UK might be the ideal destination to begin a new life, advance in your career, and discover a unique culture. There are many chances to explore new things, top-notch hospitals and schools, and a thriving social scene. 

Temporary Housing In the UK

There are several alternatives for temporary housing in the UK if you are still searching for a permanent property when you arrive and you only need a place to stay for a few weeks or less. Think of businesses that are a part of the collaborative economy for short-term accommodation at various price points. Several choices range from affordable to opulent, business-related, and much more.


Things To Consider for Residence While Moving to the UK From Bangladesh

How Much Privacy Do I Require? Ask yourself to decide on what type of apartment you may acquire in the UK.

Which would you prefer—a private room, a shared room, or the entire place? Your ability to have personal privacy will be the main difference.

Shared Room:

You'll need to share a space with one or a few other people. This could entail living in a dormitory-style arrangement with multiple bunk beds in a single room or sharing a bedroom in a house with one other person. Facilities for the kitchen and bathrooms are shared.

Private Room:

You have a bedroom to yourself in a private setting. You will undoubtedly have a bed and a private space to store your possessions in this room. If these are not included in the room, you might have to share either a bathroom or a kitchen area.

Entire Place:

You are the only person in the entire area. It may be a complete house or even a whole apartment. The kitchen and bathroom are exclusively yours.

Sharing a room saves money, but it also means you have to put up with your roommates' habits—even if some of them are your pet peeves. Contrarily, living alone allows you to be as dirty as you choose without annoying other people, but the cost will undoubtedly be higher. Before making a choice, consider the compromises you are willing to make. While making your choices, you must also remember that you can’t afford to run out of money by getting an expensive residence. After all, sending money to Bangladesh from overseas is your primary goal of moving outside the home country.

Are There Special Accommodations for Expats in the UK?

Some landowners are looking for particular tenants; for example, some places only allow male or female tenants out for safety reasons. Because of the residential building's location, some units are promoted for those who study or work in a specific neighbourhood.

You might need to ensure the rental space is pet-friendly if you have dogs. Similarly, certain areas are available for rent by individuals or couples, while others are better suited for families with young children.

Making sure you're "The One" and the type of tenant your landlord is seeking is crucial in focusing your search for the ideal rental property.


What Facilities Are Your Necessity?

Does the location you want to rent have working WiFi? Is a 7/11 Convenience Store or Ministop nearby? Is it challenging to get to and from work, school, and other locations during rush hour? Small, seemingly trivial factors can greatly impact your day-to-day existence.

Consider even the smallest, most insignificant conveniences, such as whether the room has a functional electric kettle and furniture like seats and tables. This will decide whether you need to purchase new materials or bring your own. 

This implies that, depending on the situation, your budget may need to be adjusted. Don't take a listing's removal of what you require for comfort lightly; make sure you clearly know what you require.

Benefits of Home Sharing for Expatriates

Many current and prospective expats and global nomads are thinking about living in a shared house as a method to cut the high housing prices in many expatriate destinations or to live abroad more affordably. The advantages of home sharing can benefit both parties and are gaining popularity among expats.

Shared Costs

The financial advantages of house sharing are one of the key reasons why so many people do it. Being able to split the costs of a home with someone is wonderful when expats look forward to saving amounts. And that doesn't only include your rent; but also all of your utilities, including gas and electricity.

You Find More People Like You

There is always somebody to hang out with when you share housing. They'll typically be there to keep you company, whether it's having someone to talk to when you need to discuss your troubles or a binge-watching partner for your preferred TV show. Additionally, it's a wonderful chance to make new acquaintances outside of your typical network.

Is there anything else you must also consider when deciding on a residence in the UK?

You’ve moved to the UK from Bangladesh to seek better earnings and support your family’s financial needs. You can timely and effectively fulfil these primary needs only if you don’t have to pay high fees for your fund transfers or you don’t travel long distances to send money home. 

If you use a bank transfer to send money to Bangladesh, you’ll need to find a residence near a bank that isn’t even far away from your workplace. But what if you get an economical and reasonable apartment near your work area but don’t have any banks close to it?

Convenient Money Transfer to Bangladesh from the UK

Finding a company that offers the best international money transfer services is one of the greatest concerns that most expats have after finding work in the UK. 

If you don’t want to travel long distances and avoid exorbitant fees, slow money transfers, and uncompetitive currency exchange rates, use a service provider like ACE Money Transfer, which offers instant and secure online money transfer to Bangladesh from the middle of your comfort zone or on the go. For digital fund transfers, you’ll only need a smartphone with a working internet connection and you can swiftly transfer funds across borders 24x7 using ACE’s mobile app.


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