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The Top 10 Destinations To Study Abroad In 2023 For Filipino Students

31 May 2023

Are you a Filipino student dreaming of studying abroad? With countless opportunities awaiting you, choosing the right destination can be both exciting and overwhelming. To help you make an informed decision, we have curated a list of the top 10 destinations to study abroad in 2023 for Filipino students. Whether you're seeking quality education, cultural immersion, or career prospects, these countries offer a perfect blend of academic excellence and enriching experiences. Studying in these countries will help you quickly pursue your career goals, get settled, and send money to Philippines to support your family.

Top 10 Countries to Study Abroad for Filipinos in 2023


Canada is a desirable country to study in because of its academic excellence, accessibility, and adventure. The number of international students studying in Canada has increased significantly in recent years, reaching over 250,000. Both living expenses and college tuition are very affordable in Canada. It will only cost you about PHP 800,000 per year to live as a student in Canada, which is significantly less than studying in the majority of other wealthy countries.

Canada is renowned for its outstanding natural beauty, clean cities, and transportation and healthcare infrastructure. Even though Canada is renowned for its varied seasons, temperatures, and even snowfall, some parts of the country have exceptionally mild winters. Canada is ideal for students looking for a stress-free learning environment because it is generally safe, politically stable, and organised.

New Zealand

New Zealand is a good option for students looking for a secure learning environment and an active outdoor lifestyle. Its diverse and vibrant cosmopolitan community is adored by international students. High-quality educational institutions can be found in New Zealand. 

Because of its top-notch faculty, cutting-edge facilities, and abundant resources, New Zealand is quickly becoming a leader in higher education. According to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, five universities from New Zealand were among the top 400 universities worldwide. 

New Zealand's quality assurance system is very good and centrally managed, which is great for international students. By requiring institutions to be registered in order to enrol international students, the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) maintains compliance with qualifications requirements. You can also do a part-time job there to support your family financially and can send money to Philippines online via ACE Money Transfer’s mobile app or website.


Australia has a population of about 25 million and is a culturally diverse nation. Filipinos rank as the sixth-largest group of residents born abroad, accounting for 1.1 per cent of all Australians born abroad. Australia is a well-liked study destination for international students due to its diverse population and strong economy, and the availability of student-friendly post-study options.

Those looking to forward in their careers or pursue a degree from a top university will find a wide range of options in Australia. Australia is hard to beat in terms of academic excellence and living standards, whether you're studying science, engineering, medicine, or the humanities.


Japan is another well-liked vacation spot for Filipino students because it enables them to taste the vibrant Japanese culture without travelling too far. A Japan Study Support website was created specifically to cater to the needs and questions of international students. The information they require to support their stay in the country can be obtained by Filipino students using this platform.

Filipino students studying in Japan will feel secure there. Japan's position as a global leader in technology may inspire Filipinos to pursue new avenues of learning. Additionally, it has one of the world's best transportation networks.


There are many benefits to studying in Ireland because it has one of the best educational systems in the world. Ireland's educational institutions have an international perspective, and their graduates can find employment in various industries across numerous nations.

Ireland is home to seven prestigious universities that place a high priority on research and international collaboration. It consistently ranks among the top 20 nations in the world for social, political, and quality of life indicators. It is a safe and tolerant nation. It is also a young nation, with a third of the population under 25. You'll be one of 35,000 students from 161 nations who are studying abroad in Ireland.

Deciding the best field to study abroad might also be a challenging task for you. You can seek guidance and learn about several career-oriented study-abroad programs in ACE Money Transfer’s Guide on Study Programs for Filipino Students.

The United States of America

The United States of America is a multicultural nation with many choices. The majority of international students can locate a suitable educational experience. More than 4,500 institutions and colleges in the US provide a broad range of courses. With over 750,000 enrolled, the United States has the most international students of any country in the world.

The tertiary education system in America is extremely advanced and of the highest standard. Seven of the top ten universities and 76 of the top 200 colleges in the world are found in the United States, according to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. If, while studying there, you are also earning and want to send money back home, you should know the cheap ways how to send money to Philippines via ACE. 

United Kingdom

More than 400,000 international students enrol in higher education each year in the United Kingdom. UK universities, which are among the best in the world, are known for producing highly qualified graduates who are in high demand. Instead of simply listening to lectures, you'll actively interact with your professors through engaging seminars, discussions, and projects. 

Critical thinking, creativity, and self-assurance will all benefit from this. You will have access to modern facilities and the academic history of some of the most prestigious universities in the world because of the UK's reputation for producing world-class research. 


After the visa waiver program for holders of Philippine passports went into effect in 2017, a wave of Filipinos descended upon Taiwan. In the birthplace of the renowned bubble tea, there are many attractions for tourists, including those who enjoy visiting temples, shopping, dining, and, of course, international students.

Taiwan is the only place in the world where traditional Chinese lettering is used extensively, making it a great place to learn Mandarin Chinese. Access to top-notch higher education and the Asian labour market are both available in Taiwan, which presents exciting opportunities. You can also take advantage of employment opportunities while you are a student so that you can make a money transfer to Philippines to provide for your family.


Germany is an excellent choice for international students, as it is home to many prestigious universities, including the Technical University of Munich, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Freie Universitat Berlin, and others. Germany offers free tuition to all students, including those from abroad, and has affordable living costs compared to most other European countries, so studying there won't break the bank.

Germany also has a very affordable cost of living. Both Germany's education system and its landscapes are beautiful. Germany's 400+ universities offer numerous degree options. Germany, an industrialised country, has a sizable population of engineering students who can enrol in art programs at the best universities for their bachelor's, master's, or doctoral degrees.


As a nation well known for its fashionable attire, illustrious past and present, breathtaking French Riviera, and enthralling Notre Dame Cathedral, among many other attractions, France's educational system is highly regarded internationally, with more than 3,500 higher education institutions to choose from. 

You can enjoy everything from the cosy warmth of a snow cabin in the Alps to the glitz and glamour of Cannes in this country, which is ranked number 3 for culture and 11 for adventure. It is a popular study destination for students who travel abroad to pursue their degrees. Many inexpensive schools in France can help you save money for this, so you can study abroad while taking advantage of its amazing culture, attractions, etc.

There are many big opportunities to study abroad, and once things settle into the new normal in 2023 after a turbulent few years, it will be a great time to immerse yourself in a foreign nation and culture fully. You'll have the chance to learn important information, take part in amazing adventures, and meet new people worldwide whether you decide to study virtually or pick a new location.

Bottom Line 

Most people in the world are probably interested in studying abroad for a reason. For Filipino students seeking to study abroad, there are numerous exciting opportunities. Learning about available opportunities in foreign countries before moving is recommended, and the above guide can help you know about the top 10 advanced countries where most overseas students love to study. It is best to use ACE's services if you need money sent to you from friends or family or if you want to make an online money transfer to Philippines.


How can I finance my studies abroad?

Financing your studies abroad can be achieved through various means. Scholarships, grants, and financial aid options are available for Filipino students. Additionally, you can explore part-time work opportunities, student loans, and savings. Research and reach out to universities and organisations offering financial assistance for international students.

Are there language requirements for studying abroad?

Language requirements vary depending on the destination and program you choose. Some countries offer English-taught programs, while others may require proficiency in the local language. It's essential to check the language requirements of your chosen university or program and take necessary language proficiency tests, such as IELTS or TOEFL if required.

Will studying abroad affect my career prospects in the Philippines?

Studying abroad can significantly enhance your career prospects in the Philippines. Employers often value international experience, cross-cultural competence, and global perspectives. Studying abroad provides opportunities to build networks, gain specialised knowledge, and develop valuable skills that can give you a competitive edge in the job market upon your return.

How do I choose the right study-abroad destination?

Choosing the right study abroad destination requires careful consideration of your academic goals, personal preferences, budget, and career aspirations. Research universities and programs that align with your field of study, cultural interests, and long-term plans. Consider factors like cost of living, quality of education, safety, and visa regulations to make an informed decision.

What support services are available for Filipino students studying abroad?

Many universities and study abroad programs offer comprehensive support services for international students. These services may include pre-departure orientations, assistance with visa applications, accommodation guidance, academic counselling, cultural integration programs, and access to student organisations. Additionally, Filipino communities and alumni networks abroad can provide valuable support and guidance throughout your study abroad journey.


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