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The Benefits of Online Banking for Bangladeshi Expats: Convenience and Security

31 May 2023

People are turning to online banking to handle their finances, particularly expats who live overseas. With the development of technology, online banking has improved in terms of usability, accessibility, and security. Like expatriates and overseas workers belonging to several developing countries, online banking has become more common for Bangladeshi expatriates as a result of its benefits and security characteristics. Out of more than 2.4 million overseas Bangladeshis, several prefer to send money to Bangladesh online from abroad, considering the benefits they get. 

While convenience and security are the primary concerns for every overseas worker, several other benefits of digital methods are also worth considering. Let’s briefly look at the key benefits of an online money transfer and why Bangladeshi diasporas should use digital solutions instead of traditional ones.

Top Benefits of Online Money Transfers to Bangladesh from Abroad


Convenience is one of the main advantages of online banking for Bangladeshi expats. With online banking, expats can handle their funds whenever they choose, from any location in the globe. They no longer need to visit a nearby bank branch or stand in enormous lines for simple transactions. They may do tasks like money transfers, bill payments, and account balance checks from the convenience of their homes because of online banking.

Another benefit of online banking is the capacity to swiftly and easily access account information. With a few mouse clicks, expats may access their account balances, transaction histories, and other account information.

Mobile Banking

Bangladeshi expats can benefit from mobile banking in addition to the ease of handling their funds online. Now that smartphones and other mobile devices are widely available, the majority of banks in Bangladesh have mobile banking apps. Without a PC or laptop, these applications let expats make transactions while on the road. It is much easier for them to handle their finances because they can transfer money, pay bills, and check account balances from their mobile devices. ACE Money Transfer’s user-friendly mobile app makes it smarter, more convenient, and swift to send money to Bangladesh from the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland.


Security is another advantage of online money transfers through banking for expatriate Bangladeshis. In terms of security features and processes, online banking has advanced significantly. Banks employ cutting-edge encryption techniques to safeguard sensitive data, including login credentials, account numbers, and transactional information. This guarantees that the information about their clients is protected from unauthorised access.

Additionally, Bangladeshi banks now provide two-factor authentication (2FA) for online financial transactions. This strengthens the login process' security and makes it more difficult for online thieves to access their clients' accounts. Before they can complete transactions, 2FA users are required to input a second authentication factor, such as a One-Time Password (OTP), which is delivered to their registered cellphone number.

Additionally, fraud detection systems are in place at banks in Bangladesh to keep an eye out for any questionable behaviour on client accounts. These systems use advanced algorithms and machine learning to spot patterns of fraud and notify users of any unexpected activity on their accounts.

The risk of theft and fraud connected with conventional banking techniques is also decreased by online banking. Online money banking eliminates the need for users to carry cash or checks, which lowers the danger of theft. In order to lower the danger of fraud, they may also monitor their accounts in real time and quickly alert their bank to any questionable behaviour.


International Money Transfers 

The simplicity with which Bangladeshi expats may make international money transfers is a significant advantage of online banking. Online banking makes it simple and quick for expats to send money to friends and family in Bangladesh. They are not required to employ pricey money transfer services or go to an actual bank location. This is especially helpful for expats who frequently send money home to assist their families. Most Bangladeshi diasporas and overseas workers trust ACE’s remittance solutions to make every money transfer to Bangladesh from abroad, considering the speed, security, convenience, highest exchange rates, and lowest transfer costs.

Wide-Range Banking Services 

Bangladeshi expatriates can access a variety of financial services online as well. They can use the internet to pay bills, monitor transaction history, check account balances, and even apply for loans. This implies that to receive these services, expats do not need to visit bank offices or stand in long lines. As long as they have an internet connection, they can carry out these transactions from anywhere in the world.

Greater Financial Control

Additionally, online banking allows Bangladeshi expats more financial independence. They get real-time access to their account balances, transaction history, and spending tracking. As a result, expats may decide on their finances wisely and refrain from overspending or accruing debt.

Bottom Line

Bangladeshi expats may get various advantages from online banking, including ease and security. They may manage their money through online banking at any time and from any location in the world. Additionally, they have quick and straightforward access to account information, making it simpler to monitor their spending and make wise financial decisions.

Banks safeguard sensitive information when conducting online banking by utilising cutting-edge encryption techniques and two-factor authentication. Systems for detecting fraud are also in place to keep an eye on consumer accounts for any unusual behaviour.

Overall, online banking is an excellent way for Bangladeshi expats to simply and securely handle their funds. Online banking is only going to become more accessible, user-friendly, and safe in the future because of ongoing technological improvements. And making an online money transfer to Bangladesh via ACE Money Transfer comes with a bundle of benefits, including but not limited to secure, speedy, and economical money transfers with competitive exchange rates, the lowest transfer fees, and several chances to win enticing rewards.


What is online banking, and how does it benefit Bangladeshi expats?

Online banking is a digital platform that allows users to conduct a range of financial transactions via the Internet. It benefits Bangladeshi expats by providing 24/7 access to their accounts, allowing them to transfer money, pay bills, check account balances, and manage their finances from anywhere in the world, thereby offering great convenience.

How does online banking enhance convenience for Bangladeshi expats?

Online banking eliminates the need for physical visits to the bank, which can be particularly beneficial for Bangladeshi expats living abroad. With online banking, expats can easily manage their accounts, send remittances to Bangladesh, set up automatic bill payments, and perform other transactions anytime, anywhere, saving them time and effort.

What security measures are in place for online banking used by Bangladeshi expats?

Banks and digital remittance providers like ACE Money Transfer take several measures to ensure the security of online banking. These include encryption technology to protect data, two-factor authentication for access, automatic logout features, and regular security updates. Some banks also offer additional protections, such as alerts for unusual activity.

Can Bangladeshi expats set up online banking from abroad?

Yes, many banks allow customers to set up online banking from anywhere in the world. Expats may need to provide certain documents or verify their identity. It's best to check with the specific bank for its procedures and requirements.


Are there any downsides to online banking for Bangladeshi expats?

While online banking offers many benefits, there can be potential challenges, such as internet connectivity issues or the need for digital literacy to use online platforms effectively. Moreover, security is a concern, although banks invest heavily in security measures. It's important that users also follow best practices, like not sharing banking credentials and regularly updating their passwords.


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