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The Impact of the Digital Money Transfers on Remittances to Bangladesh - Everything to Know

21 Jun 2023

Did you know that your one money transfer to Bangladesh from overseas can contribute greatly to the betterment of local communities?

Bangladesh is one of the world's top remittance-receiving countries, receiving more than $21 billion in remittances in 2022 alone. Remittances are critical to Bangladesh's economic progress as they contribute to 5% of the country's GDP. Remittances are Bangladesh's greatest source of foreign cash, providing a lifeline to millions of households who rely on them to fund daily expenditures such as food, shelter, and education.

Unfortunately, many people in rural areas had limited access to formal financial services, which made receiving remittances difficult. As a result, many people turned to unlawful and unregulated informal channels such as hundi or hawala. These methods were typically faster and cheaper than formal channels, but they also posed a substantial risk to the financial system's security and stability.

Digital technology has changed the way people transfer money across borders. Modern online money transfer systems come with several benefits, which many people still don’t know, or they might remain uncertain about the fascinating advantages. This guide can help you learn what benefits you can get when sending money online to Bangladesh from abroad and how digital money transfers can impact the remittance inflows to Bangladesh.


The Rise of Electronic Money Transfers

In recent years, the rise of digital money transfers has changed Bangladesh's remittance scene. Digital money transfer is a more efficient, cost-effective, and convenient way to send money to Bangladesh. People now have more access to digital money transfer services thanks to the increased adoption of smartphones and mobile internet.

Mobile money platforms or online payment systems are commonly used to conduct digital money transactions. These services enable users to rapidly send and receive money, generally at a significantly cheaper cost than traditional means. Digital money transfer platforms also provide more transparency and security because transactions are digitally recorded and easily traceable.

The Advantages of Electronic Money Transfers

Remittances to Bangladesh have benefited from the growth of digital money transfers in numerous ways. Making an online money transfer to Bangladesh comes with several advantages, including the following.


Lower Transaction Costs

Compared to traditional methods, digital money transfer services frequently charge lower transaction fees. This makes receiving remittances easier and more affordable for low-income families.


Faster Delivery

When compared to traditional channels, digital money transfers are frequently delivered instantly or within a few hours.


Transactions are recorded digitally and can be easily traced; hence, digital money transfer systems give greater transparency. This facilitates the detection and prevention of fraud and other illicit actions.


Reduction in Poverty

Access to digital money transfer platforms has increased for persons living in distant places who may not have access to traditional financial services. This can aid in the promotion of financial inclusion and the reduction of poverty.

Greater Convenience

Users can send and receive money from the comfort of their own homes because digital money transfer platforms provide greater convenience. This can save time and eliminate the inconvenience associated with traditional remittance systems.


Challenges and Prospects

While digital money transfers provide several advantages if you wish to send money to Bangladesh, they also come with some challenges.


One of the most significant difficulties is a lack of understanding and education about digital money transfer services. Many people in Bangladesh are still unfamiliar with these services and may be hesitant to trust or use them. This can lower the utilisation of digital money transfer systems and prevent users from reaping their benefits.


Another concern is the lack of interoperability across various digital money transfer platforms. In Bangladesh, multiple platforms are now in use, although they are not necessarily compatible with one another.

This can make it difficult for consumers to transfer money between platforms and restrict the potential influence of digital money transfers on remittances to Bangladesh.

Despite these obstacles, the future of digital money transfers in Bangladesh is bright. The government of Bangladesh has recognised the relevance of digital financial services and has made initiatives to encourage their acceptance and development. The government has created the Digital Bangladesh project to promote the use of digital technologies in all parts of life, including financial services.

ACE Money Transfer also keeps its support up for Bangladeshi expatriates through exceptional remittance solutions offering the lowest transfer costs, competitive exchange rates, and several enticing reward opportunities. If you send money to Bangladesh online via ACE’s solutions, you can benefit from these offers. 

Digital Money Transfers Supports Legal Inflows of Remittances in the Country

The manner of sending remittances can have a substantial impact on the country's economy and society. Remittances sent through legal channels, such as banks and money transfer operators (MTOs), can have a number of beneficial effects on the country.


Financial Inclusion and Financial Stability

One of the most significant benefits of sending remittances through legal means is that it promotes financial inclusion and stability. Remitters can verify that their money is distributed to genuine recipients and not used for unlawful operations by using authorised methods. This aids in the prevention of money laundering and other illicit acts that have the potential to destabilise the financial system.

Support for the Country’s Foreign Reserves

Sending remittances through authorised means also helps the government generate revenue. This revenue can be used to fund government services like healthcare and education, as well as economic development efforts. Furthermore, legal channels provide employment opportunities in the financial sector, which can aid in job creation and economic growth.

Reduced Transaction Costs

Furthermore, sending remittances through legal channels helps to lower remittance costs. Formal channels, such as hundi or hawala, often charge lower transaction costs than informal ones. This makes it easier and less expensive for remitters to send money to Bangladesh to their loved ones, and it may help to boost the quantity of money sent through legal channels.


Increase in Living Standards

Another benefit of sending remittances through legal means is that it can raise the living standards of millions of Bangladeshis. Remittances sent via legal methods are usually more trustworthy and safe than those done via irregular means. This ensures that the funds reach their intended beneficiary and can be utilised to cover necessities such as food, housing, and education.


The Leading Remittance Provider for Bangladeshi Diasporas

ACE Money Transfer is a renowned remittance company in Bangladesh, offering millions of people throughout the world fast, safe, and economical money transfer services. ACE Money Transfer provides convenient and reliable services suited to the needs of its users through a large network of partners and agents in Bangladesh and other countries. The organisation is dedicated to offering high-quality services that satisfy the greatest security and dependability standards, as well as assisting its customers in saving time and money when making remittances.

ACE Money Transfer has been a preferred alternative for many people in Bangladesh who rely on remittances for their everyday requirements as a trustworthy and established supplier. Sign up on ACE Money Transfer for free to send money to Bangladesh at unbelievable rates.




What are digital money transfers, and how do they impact remittances to Bangladesh?

Digital money transfers refer to the electronic transfer of funds from one location to another using online platforms or mobile applications. These transfers have greatly impacted remittances to Bangladesh by providing faster, more convenient, and cost-effective ways for individuals abroad to send money back to their families in Bangladesh.


What are the advantages of using digital money transfers for remittances to Bangladesh?

Digital money transfers offer several advantages for remittances to Bangladesh. They enable quicker transactions, often taking just a few minutes to reach the recipient. Additionally, digital platforms offer competitive exchange rates and lower transaction fees compared to traditional methods, resulting in increased savings for both senders and receivers.

Are digital money transfers secure for remittances to Bangladesh?

Yes, digital money transfers prioritise security measures to protect the sender's and recipient's financial information. Reputable digital transfer platforms utilise encryption techniques and adhere to strict compliance regulations to ensure the safety and privacy of transactions. It is essential, however, for users to choose trusted and reliable platforms and exercise caution when sharing personal information.


How has the adoption of digital money transfers impacted the economy of Bangladesh?

The adoption of digital money transfers has positively impacted the economy of Bangladesh. By providing a streamlined and efficient remittance process, digital transfers contribute to increased financial inclusion and stimulate economic growth. The funds received through digital transfers help support local businesses, improve living standards, and promote overall development in the country.

Are there any challenges or considerations to keep in mind when using digital money transfers for remittances to Bangladesh?

While digital money transfers offer significant benefits, it is important to be aware of potential challenges. Factors such as internet connectivity, accessibility to digital platforms, and the reliability of service providers can vary in different regions of Bangladesh. Additionally, users should stay vigilant against fraudulent activities and ensure they are using authorised and trustworthy digital transfer services.


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