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Studying Abroad on a Budget: Tips for Saving Money for Indian Students in Australia

21 Jun 2023

You've chosen to pursue your studies abroad in Australia, a place known for its boundless coastlines, fantastic wildlife, pleasant climate, and some of the world's friendliest people. Given everything it offers, this country has emerged as a top choice for students studying abroad. However, if you don't carefully plan your budget, the relatively high cost of living could make your study abroad experience rather pricey. Many students dream of studying abroad, but the cost can be daunting. For Indian students, the price of studying in Australia can be exceptionally high due to the differences in the currencies and the cost of living in Australia. However, studying in Australia on a budget with some planning and innovative budgeting is possible. In this blog, we will provide some tips for saving money for Indian students studying in Australia. Additionally, we will share with you how to send money to India from Australia, most reasonably.


Tips to Study in Australia on a Budget


Plan Ahead

Planning is the most vital thing you can do to save money when studying abroad. This means researching the cost of living in the country you will be looking into and the cost of tuition, accommodation, and other expenses. By understanding the prices, you can start saving money well before departure.

Apply for Scholarships

Another great way to save money when studying abroad is to apply for scholarships. Many universities in Australia offer scholarships for international students, and there are also many external scholarships available. Be sure to research the available scholarships and apply for as many as you are eligible for.

Choose Affordable Accommodation

Accommodation is one of the most significant expenses when studying abroad, so choosing an affordable option is essential. Many different types of accommodation are available in Australia, including dormitories, shared apartments, and homestays. Be sure to research the various options and choose the one that is most affordable for you.


Cook your Meals

Eating out can be expensive, so cooking meals is a good idea. By cooking your meals, you can save money and eat healthier. Many universities in Australia have student kitchens that you can use or share a kitchen with roommates.


Use Public Transportation

Another way to save money when studying abroad is to use public transportation. Many cities in Australia have excellent public transportation systems, and it's often cheaper to use public transit than to drive or take a taxi.


Buy Used Books

Textbooks can be expensive, so buying used books is a good idea. Many universities in Australia have bookstores that sell used books, and you also have the option to find used books online.


Benefit from Savings Account in an Australian Bank

When you deposit money into a savings account, many banks in Au will pay you interest. Due to interest, your money will steadily increase. To avoid spending more in fees than you earn in interest, compare shops and understand all expenses. An interest-free overdraft should be one of your top considerations when choosing a student checking account because having one provides a trustworthy safety net in case of unforeseen, urgent, or sudden expenses.

Making savings can help you deal with emergency situations or use these savings for future prospects. You can instantly send money online to India from Australia and support your family if you have savings.


Shop Different

The biggest local marketplace in Australia is Gumtree. Across hundreds of categories, you may buy, sell, and locate anything you're looking for (jobs, cars, homes, sports, clothes etc.). Its website is To shop differently, you can also buy your groceries from neighbourhood markets. Generally speaking, produce is less expensive here than it is in supermarkets. If you go when the market is about to end, local grocers will offer special pricing to prevent throwing away the goods.


Student Card

You should always carry your student ID from an Australian university.

University students frequently receive discounts. It is simpler to explore all the sights without paying a hefty price because most tourist attractions give a student discount. Additionally, it always helps to inquire about discounted textbooks, takeout, entertainment, and travel prices for students. Even if these price cuts only save a few bucks, it all adds up!


Watch your Phone Bill.

Maintaining relationships with your family and loved ones is crucial. Do your homework before using a SIM card or making overseas calls, though, as these expenses could add to your recurring phone bill. Conduct research to determine which service providers provide the most significant value for speaking time and data.

There is always Skype, FaceTime, and iMessage on your computer or iPhone if you want to avoid taking a chance with the high cost of using your mobile, or you may get an inexpensive prepaid phone for calls only within Australia.

Whatever method you select, keep your parents informed so they won't be concerned about you while you're away.


Look for Part-Time Jobs.

Many international students in Australia work part-time jobs to help pay for their expenses. This can be a great way to save money but check with your university to ensure you can work while studying. This enables a student to be able to repay their parents some of the money that they have spent. Even more so, if the part-time job pays handsomely, you can support your family back home with an economical and quick online money transfer to India from Australia. 

Avoid Unnecessary Expenses

Finally, it's essential to avoid unnecessary expenses. This means being mindful of the things you are spending money on and cutting back on things that are not essential. For example, only buy one if you need a car. If you don't need to go out to eat every night, cook your meals. By avoiding unnecessary expenses, you can save money and make your study experience in Australia more affordable.


Find an Affordable Money Transfer Service. 

There are many options available for Indian students for money transfer to India. Students can go to a physical store or use a remittance app to send money to India online. Although there are many options, sending money from Australia to India for a student studying in Australia can be done quickly and securely through ACE Money Transfer. ACE Money Transfer is a leading international money transfer service that allows you to send money to more than 100 countries worldwide, including India. ACE Money Transfer offers competitive exchange rates and low fees, making it a cost-effective option for students to send money to India. Additionally, the Service provider provides 24/7 customer support, ensuring you can access assistance whenever needed. With ACE Money Transfer, you can rest assured that your money will reach your recipient safely and securely in India.

The Way Forward

Studying abroad can be a fantastic experience, but it can also be expensive. By following these tips, Indian students in Australia can save money and make their study abroad experience more affordable. By planning, applying for scholarships, choosing reasonable accommodations, cooking your meals, using public transportation, buying used books, looking for part-time jobs, and avoiding unnecessary expenses, you can make your study abroad experience more affordable and enjoyable. Pro-tip; Indian students in Australia should download the ACE Money Transfer app if they intend to send remittance to India and give it a try, as the first transfer is absolutely fee-free. Via ACE, their money transfer to India will be super fast and without any hassle. 



How can Indian students save money while studying abroad in Australia?

There are several ways Indian students can save money while studying in Australia. They can consider living in shared accommodation, cooking their meals instead of eating out, and utilising student discounts for transportation and entertainment. Additionally, buying used textbooks or borrowing them from the library can help reduce expenses.


Are there any scholarships available for Indian students studying in Australia?

Yes, there are scholarships available specifically for Indian students studying in Australia. These scholarships can help cover tuition fees, living expenses, and other educational costs. It is advisable for Indian students to research and apply for relevant scholarships well in advance to increase their chances of receiving financial assistance.


How can Indian students find part-time jobs in Australia to support their expenses?

Indian students can explore part-time job opportunities to supplement their income while studying in Australia. They can visit the career services centre at their university, search online job portals, and network with other students and professionals. Australian laws allow international students to work up to 20 hours per week during the semester and full-time during holidays.

Are there affordable alternatives to popular tourist destinations in Australia that Indian students can explore?

Yes, there are affordable alternatives to popular tourist destinations in Australia. For example, instead of visiting expensive cities like Sydney or Melbourne, Indian students can explore budget-friendly destinations such as Adelaide, Brisbane, or Perth. They can also explore national parks, beaches, and cultural sites that offer free or low-cost activities.


How can Indian students manage their finances effectively while studying in Australia?

To manage finances effectively, Indian students can create a budget and track their expenses. They should prioritise essential expenses such as tuition fees, rent, and groceries. Using mobile apps or online banking tools can help them monitor their spending and avoid unnecessary expenses. It is also important to be aware of currency exchange rates and make wise financial decisions accordingly.


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