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Everything to Know About The Unique Culture and Customs of Australia as a Ghanaian Expat

20 Jun 2023

Moving to Australia as an expat from Ghana might be challenging. You can have a difficult time adjusting to the new way of life due to the overwhelming cultural shock. But in order to better integrate and enjoy your experience, it's important to learn about the traditions and culture of your new home. Let's go over everything you need to know about Australia's distinct culture and traditions, as well as how you can find simpler and more straightforward methods to send money to Ghana.

Australia is a place renowned for its varied animals, stunning scenery, and easygoing way of life. It's crucial for expats to be aware that Australia has its own culture and practices that may not be the same as those you're accustomed to in Ghana. Australia is a kind and accommodating country, but to really enjoy your visit, it's important to recognise and appreciate the cultural differences.


Keep reading to learn about the cultural values and traditions in Australia that will help you ensure a smooth expat life.


Australian Culture and Customs You Must Know


Social Etiquette and Greetings

One of the first things you'll notice about Australia is that, even in official contexts, individuals greet each other with a friendly "hello" or "hi." The majority of Australians are delighted to engage in conversation with a complete stranger, and the country is known for its friendliness and welcoming nature. Be careful not to approach someone too closely during a talk, though, as personal space is respected in Australia.

Food and Dining Manners

Due to the country's large immigrant population, a variety of ethnic dishes are available and have a strong effect on Australian cuisine. The traditional "Aussie" barbeque, in which meat is grilled and served with salad and bread, is one of the most well-liked dishes. If the service was good while dining out, it's traditional to leave a 10% to 15% tip. However, it is not required, and the majority of service employees are given reasonable pay.

If you make monthly savings, you can enjoy a variety of delicious food items in Australia as a Ghanaian expat. Where many other strategies can help you save money, making an economical money transfer to Ghana at high exchange rates is one of the effective tips for expatriates. To ensure this strategy, using ACE Money Transfer is recommended. 


Days off and Festivals

There are many different national and local holidays and festivals in Australia. The most well-liked ones are the Melbourne Cup horse event in November, ANZAC Day on April 25, and Australia Day on January 26. These occasions are often enjoyed with family and friends, and picnics and barbeques are frequent activities.


Sports and Leisure

Australian culture is heavily influenced by sports, and the majority of individuals have a particular team or sport they follow. Cricket, rugby league, and Australian Rules football are a few of the most popular sports. Australians are renowned for their love of the great outdoors, and in their spare time, you'll often find them hiking, surfing, or camping.

Business Etiquette

Understanding business etiquette is crucial if you intend to operate in Australia. Australians prioritise timeliness and demand that meetings begin promptly. Additionally, they value honesty and openness in commercial relationships and want direct communication. 


If you haven’t yet moved but wish to go to Australia, you might like to read the guidelines on How to Move Abroad from Ghana. Additionally, if you want to send money to your loved ones and family in Ghana, an online money transfer is the best option.

How to Send Money to Ghana with ACE Money Transfer

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Simply register for an account on their website or mobile app, select Ghana as the receiving country, enter the recipient's information, and select a payment method to send money to Ghana with ACE Money Transfer. The funds will be deposited to the recipient's bank account or mobile wallet in Ghana as soon as the payment is approved.


The Way Forward

It is important to comprehend and value Australia's distinctive culture and customs as a Ghanaian expat living there. Due to its lengthy history and diversified population, Australia has developed a unique culture and set of customs. Australia provides a wonderful fusion of ancient and modern cultures that are well worth investigating, from indigenous art and music to cosmopolitan food and festivals. It's crucial for expats to respect and value the customs of the nation they are residing in while simultaneously promoting their own cultural history. Once you are settled there and start earning well, make a secure, quick, and economical online money transfer to Ghana via ACE’s remittance solutions whenever your family needs financial support urgently.




What are some unique cultural customs in Australia?

Australia has several unique cultural customs, such as "mateship," which emphasizes loyalty, friendship, and equality. Another custom is the "barbecue culture," where gatherings often revolve around outdoor grilling. Australians also have a love for sports, especially cricket and Australian Rules Football, which play a significant role in their culture.


How does the Australian greeting differ from Ghanaian greetings?

In Australia, the common greeting is a casual "G'day" or "Hello." Handshakes are widely used in formal settings, but hugs or kisses on the cheek are less common. In Ghana, greetings are more elaborate and often involve handshakes, warm embraces, and sometimes placing the right hand on the left arm to show respect.


What are some important cultural etiquette tips for Ghanaian expats in Australia?

Ghanaian expats in Australia should be aware of the importance of punctuality, as Australians value timeliness. It is also essential to maintain eye contact during conversations, as it demonstrates interest and respect. Australians appreciate direct communication and expect individuals to express their opinions openly, so being assertive yet respectful is crucial.

How does Australian cuisine differ from Ghanaian cuisine?

Australian cuisine is diverse and influenced by various cultures. While Ghanaian cuisine is characterized by staples like fufu, banku, and jollof rice, Australian cuisine often features meat, seafood, and a variety of fresh produce. Iconic Australian dishes include Vegemite on toast, meat pies, and barbecued prawns.

What are some Australian festivals and celebrations worth experiencing?

Australians celebrate a range of festivals and events. The Melbourne Cup, a renowned horse race, is an exciting event that stops the nation. Australia Day, on January 26th, commemorates the country's history and culture. Vivid Sydney, a festival of light, music, and ideas, transforms the city with stunning displays. Other notable celebrations include Anzac Day, Easter, and the multicultural celebration of Harmony Day.


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