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The Filipino Cultural Celebrations in Germany - Everything to Know

23 Apr 2024

There are almost 57,362 OFWs residing and working in Germany. These OFWs live away from home to earn a high income and support loved ones back home through money transfers from Germany to Philippines. One way that these OFWs connect and feel at home is by celebrating cultural Filipino events. Keep reading this blog to learn how and where these events are celebrated in Germany. 

Diving into Filipino Cultural Festivals in Germany: An Expat's Navigator

The vibrant Filipino community in Germany is always excited and enthusiastic about celebrating multiple events throughout the year. They bring their cultural celebrations to their new home along with them. Attending these festivities can be your chance to connect with your roots in a foreign land and make long-lasting friendships.    

The Most Anticipated Barrio Fiesta 

One of Germany's most anticipated Filipino events is the Barrio Fiesta because this celebration mimics the town festivals in the Philippines. It's filled with music, dance, and traditional Filipino street food. Barrio Fiestas in Germany are often held in open spaces or parks. Cities like Berlin, Hamburg, and Munich host these events. They usually are celebrated during summer. The highlight is the variety of Filipino food available. You can find everything from adobo to lechon. There are also performances like the traditional dances, including Tinikling, and modern acts by local Filipino talents.

Independence Day Picnic

June 12 marks Philippine Independence Day. Filipinos in Germany celebrate this with a picnic. This event is less formal but significant. These picnics usually take place in local parks. Berlin's Tiergarten and Munich's Englischer Garten are popular spots. The day is filled with games, eating, and performances. It's a day for Filipinos to wear their national colors with pride. It's a relaxed event where everyone can enjoy and celebrate freedom. Don’t forget to send money to Philippines from Germany on Independence Day so your loved ones can celebrate enthusiastically.

The Great Sinulog Festival

The Sinulog Festival is another celebration brought by Filipinos to Germany. It is a religious and cultural festival that honors the Santo Niño, or the Child Jesus. In Germany, the Sinulog is primarily celebrated in cities with significant Filipino communities. Churches or community centers are the popular venues. Frankfurt and Cologne are examples of cities where Sinulog celebrations are celebrated enthusiastically. The procession is the heart of the Sinulog Festival. Here, people dance in colorful costumes and carry images of the Santo Niño. This German version may be smaller, but the dedication is just as deep.

Pasko sa Germany

Christmas, or Pasko, is an important celebration for Filipinos. Even in Germany, Filipinos celebrate it with warmth and festivity. Filipino communities in Germany celebrate Pasko in various venues. Churches, community halls, and even private homes open their doors. There's the "Simbang Gabi" or night masses that lead up to Christmas day. After these masses, people often gather for a feast. In Germany, Filipinos blend local traditions with their own. They visit German Christmas markets. They also incorporate traditional German Christmas foods with Filipino dishes.

Significance of Santacruzan

Santacruzan is a religious-historical pageant held in May. It celebrates the finding of the True Cross by Helena of Constantinople and Constantine the Great. It's a pageant that represents Filipino history and spirituality. In Germany, Santacruzan takes place in Filipino community centers or churches. Cities with larger Filipino populations, like Frankfurt and Berlin, have more fun celebrations. Participants wear traditional Filipino costumes. They reenact historical and religious scenes. It's a colorful event that brings Filipino tradition to German streets. Amidst the celebrations of Santacruzan, many OFWs choose this time to send money online to Philippines from Germany to make sure that their families can also actively take part in this festival.

The Colors of Flores de Mayo

Flores de Mayo, or Flowers of May, is a festival that honors the Virgin Mary. During this celebration, flowers are offered, which Filipinos in Germany observe with reverence. Filipinos organize Flores de Mayo in various churches across Germany. These are often community-led events, with Filipino expats coming together to decorate the altar with flowers and images of the Virgin Mary. Participants, especially children, are dressed in their best white clothes. They carry baskets of flowers in a procession. This event also allows Filipino-German families to teach their children about Filipino traditions and Marian devotion.

The Spirit of Kalayaan Festival

The Kalayaan Festival celebrates Philippine Independence Day, focusing on cultural exhibitions and showcasing Filipino arts, crafts, and traditions. This festival is typically held in community centers and Philippine consulates across Germany. It's a more formal event than the Independence Day Picnic and includes cultural programs, art exhibitions, and even academic discussions about Philippine history and independence. One of the main highlights is the display of Filipino craftsmanship. From traditional weaving techniques to contemporary Filipino art, the Kalayaan Festival is a showcase of the Philippines' rich cultural heritage. The program includes traditional dances, music performances, and even modern interpretations of Filipino culture by young expats. This festival offers a comprehensive cultural immersion, promoting a sense of nostalgia and a deep appreciation of Filipino creativity and resilience.

Staying Connected Through Celebrations with ACE Money Transfer 

Festivals are the time when one misses their families the most. As an expat, you can conquer this divide by sending money home as a token of your love during the festive season. As you celebrate the festivities in Germany, your family will also be able to enjoy the festivities through your financial assistance. ACE Money Transfer highly encourages this spirit of giving and sharing through its convenient remittance services. ACE can be your go-to option in times of need and festivities to ensure that your support reaches home securely and swiftly, even during the bustling celebrations.

ACE is Always Available

One thing that sets ACE Money Transfer apart from traditional banking remittance services is that it operates 24/7. No matter what time it is or the intensity of the festivities, you can send funds home anytime. Even if you are dancing at the Barrio Fiesta, you have the assurance that your funds will reach your loved ones smoothly. With ACE, financial gifts can always be completed on time.  

Quick and Secure

ACE Money Transfer understands that festivals are a time of joy that should not be interrupted by worries about the scams associated with online remittances. This is why ACE offers a fast and secure way to send funds home. ACE has advanced security protocols and adheres to financial regulations and standards. ACE protects your money against fraud and scams through its top-notch end-to-end encryption and two-factor authentication. You can share your culture with the Germans joyfully and with zero worries.

Culturally Conscious Service

ACE Money Transfer highly appreciates and acknowledges the significance of cultural festivals. This is why it offers many special promotions and reduced fees during the festive seasons. Who knows, if you are lucky enough, you might win some bumper prizes.

Exploring and participating in cultural events can be a great way to stay connected with Filipino culture abroad. Each celebration is an opportunity to remember the traditions, history, and values that shape the Filipino identity. For expats in Germany, these events bring a sense of home closer and also allow the local and international communities to experience and appreciate the richness of Philippine culture. ACE Money Transfer can be your conduit of love, support, and connection that provides a way to honor your loved ones during the festivities. Sign up on ACE today to enjoy your first free online money transfer from Germany to Philippines.  


Can non-Filipinos participate in these cultural celebrations in Germany?

Yes, non-Filipinos are welcome to join and experience the richness of Filipino culture through these celebrations.

Are there any fees for attending these Filipino festivities in Germany?

Most events are free, but some might request donations or charge a small fee for food and activities.

How can I find out about Filipino cultural events near me in Germany? 

Follow Filipino community groups on social media or check the Philippine Embassy website in Germany for updates.

Can I wear traditional Filipino attire to these events even if I'm not Filipino? 

Yes, wearing Filipino attire is appreciated and seen as a respectful way to immerse yourself in the culture.

Are these cultural celebrations held annually?

Yes, most of these celebrations are annual events and follow the traditional Filipino calendar of festivities.

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