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The Cost of Sending Money to India from France - Everything to Know

21 Jun 2023

One of the most important reasons why Indian people migrate to developed countries like France is to find better employment opportunities to earn a better living and send money to India to support their families financially.

This reason is common among most global migrants totalling about 281 million and accounting for 3.60% of the total global population, as of 2020, according to a UN Migration report.

Can you believe that you can transfer money to India from overseas without any FEE at all? Albeit it’s hard to believe, you can get the answer shortly.


If you look closely, you will know that a majority of the global migrants hail from developing countries, being compelled by a few reasons almost all largely share. In addition to that, they go to developed countries because of having answers to questions developing countries pose.


But, going to a developed country for jobs is not enough. What you normally tend to focus on is saving money as much as you can while transferring funds back home. And the more humble background you belong to, the more careful you are about this particular issue.

This blog will shed light on the factors that will affect your cost of transferring funds and a few tips to reduce it.


Why Do Indian Migrants Find France As A Preferred Expatriate Destination?

In the preceding paragraphs, we said that developed countries have answers to the questions developing countries pose. Right?

Do you know what those questions are and what are the answers to those?

Well, read on to find out.


The Economy Of France And Its Unemployment Rate

The fact that France is a member of G7 and G8 powers shows the country has a robust economy, strong enough to accommodate job-seekers.

With an unemployment rate at just around 9%, you can find multiple jobs in the country provided you have the necessities, such as education, skills, experience, etc., to get one. Most Indians get employed here to earn better and support their families with a money transfer to India every time their loved ones need help.


Moderate Climate Of France

Albeit a short ferry trip away from the UK, France’s weather is moderately cold. You can enjoy sunny days for a good 170 days of the year. Besides, if you belong to a hotter region, like India, in this case, rest assured that you will enjoy arctic phases of weather quite often.


Robust Industry And Engineering

France is the world’s biggest nuclear energy producer. It generates about 40% of its electricity from nuclear power. In addition to that, its defence, machinery, and telecommunication industries contribute about 20% of its GDP annually. Therefore, if you have a degree in engineering or any of these fields, you can easily get jobs in France.


Work-Life Balance

France has an excellent work-life balance as the country’s culture attaches due importance to the family. The administration ensures that the markets remain fully closed on Sundays to allow people to relax completely and spend time with family.


The Economy Of France

A report by the World Bank said that the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of France was $2.96 trillion in 2021, up from $2.64 trillion in the preceding year. The GDP per capita income in France was $43,659 in 2021, up from $39,055.3 in 2020.

These figures are, indeed, enough to attract Indian migrants, among others from several countries, to come to France, find work and send money to India online to support their families financially for different purposes.


Let’s now see the factors that will have a bearing on the cost you will incur while transferring funds from France to India. Meanwhile, you can also learn about making Fee-Free Money Transfers to India from Abroad.


What Factors Shape Up The Cost Of Your Money Transfers?

Following few factors hold primary importance in determining the cost of your money transfers. Remember, these factors are universal and do not depend on the sending or receiving countries.


Currency Exchange Rates

The exchange rates are tricky and play a huge role in the overall cost of your remittance transfer. A live and competitive exchange rate can cover up the vacuum that is created by the fees you pay for the transaction.

It is, therefore, important to find a service provider with live rates linked with the international market, where these rates keep fluctuating.


Speed Of Money Transfer to India

Several companies have set a standard time of a few days to transfer funds from France to India. It is like the time banks take. But there’s a catch!

If you want the funds delivered swiftly, you will get this option but at the cost of an extra amount. This amount can fluctuate depending on the destination, the volume of funds, and how much time you want the delivery.

But against this scenario, a few companies offer exceptionally fast speed in the basic service package. This saves you money as you do not have to pay extra for extra speed.


Fee Structure

Knowing the fee structure of a service provider is more important than the fee itself. You wonder how? Here’s it.

Always remember that several companies do not offer a fee structure that is open to customers’ discussion and scrutiny. This they do to keep a margin for a hidden fee, which, if you have no idea about it, can lead to paying more to the service provider and getting fleeced.

Promotions And Campaigns

Some of the service providers keep launching campaigns and promotions to a) acknowledge their valued customers’ unwavering loyalty and b) benefit them in terms of reduced transfer costs or fee-free transactions.

Watching out for such campaigns to join them for money transfers has a huge positive impact on your transfers as most transactions are free, coupled with some exciting prizes.


ACE Money Transfer – Delivering All You Need

All the factors that are explained above with a positive impact on your online money transfer to India are available in the basic service package of ACE Money Transfer with several other features. You only need to initiate the process to get those.




What are the common methods of sending money from France to India?

There are several methods to send money from France to India. These include bank transfers and money transfer services like ACE Money Transfer.


What factors influence the cost of sending money from France to India?

Various factors can influence the cost, including the transfer method chosen, the exchange rate, transfer fees (both flat and percentage-based), and sometimes, the receiving bank's fees in India. Speed of transfer might also impact the cost - faster transfers often cost more.


How do exchange rates affect the cost of sending money to India from France?

The exchange rate between the Euro (EUR) and Indian Rupee (INR) directly affects the amount of money that will be received in India. If the exchange rate is favourable, more rupees will be received for each euro sent, and vice versa. It's important to check and compare exchange rates among different services before initiating a transfer.


Are there any hidden costs when sending money from France to India?

Hidden costs could include fees for receiving money, intermediary bank fees, or fees for using a credit card to fund the transfer. It's crucial to read the terms and conditions of the money transfer service carefully to understand any potential hidden costs.

What is the most cost-effective way to send money to India from France?

The most cost-effective method can vary based on the amount being sent, the urgency of the transfer, and the exchange rate offered by different services. Online remittance services often provide competitive rates and lower fees compared to traditional bank transfers or cash transfer services, but it's always a good idea to compare different options. If you wish to enjoy ZERO-Fee money transfers to India, choose ACE Money Transfer.



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