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The Benefits of Using Local Transportation While Working Abroad as a Nepalese Expat Worker

18 Sep 2023

Expat life may seem all fun and joy from a distance, but in reality, it is mostly filled with difficulties. Apart from money transfers to Nepal, one of the most common issues that Nepalese expatriates experience is transportation. When you move to a new place, a few things you sort out first are house and transport. It is not easy to afford a private car when you have just moved to a foreign country. It takes you a while to manage your expenses

In that case, you can always depend on public transportation. Not only will it provide you with a feasible and easy mode of travelling, but it will also save your expenses. Let’s briefly glance at the benefits of using local transportation in a foreign land as a Nepalese expatriate.

Learning about Various Modes of Public Transportation in a Foreign Country 

When it comes to public transportation, you have a variety of options to choose from. You can choose a wheeler depending on your location and need. A few of the public transportation modes are discussed below.


Bus transportation is one of the oldest modes of transportation for people within a city and sometimes to other cities. It provides a facility to a wide range of people. Many colleges, schools, universities, and offices have private buses which provide transport to their people. It is very affordable and convenient mode. It works best when the road is smooth and has no traffic. 

Bus services are always very clean and maintained. It has also become feasible for people with disabilities or handicapped in recent years.


Train transportation is the most rapidly growing public transport. This can be seen in overcrowded public stations. Governments of many foreign countries are working to upgrade their railway network to give an advantage to their public. It is the best source as the trains are always off the road and have their own track. So there is no issue like being stuck in traffic.  


A tram has many names, such as a tramcar, trolley car, or streetcar, depending on your city or country. It is a rail vehicle that runs on a track. Tramcars manage the tracks known as tramways.

Do you know why you should primarily rely on public transportation while living abroad? It saves you enough funds that you can use for various purposes; the most critical one is to send money to Nepal and help your family manage household and other expenses.

Trams are operated by electricity, which means that it is also a pollution-free source of transportation. They are often found in large cities where demand for public transportation is high due to more schools and offices. They are best suited for large cities because they have a larger capacity and can transport many passengers. In contrast, a bus can transport fewer passengers. Travelling through a tram is like your money transfers through ACE Money Transfer. You can see how to get the best exchange rates for international money transfers to Nepal

Metro Systems

These systems have the highest performance, speed, capacity, and reliability compared to other modes of transportation. They are common in large cities worldwide, such as New York, London, etc. Metro systems operate underground, so they don’t interact with normal road traffic. Just like railways, they have the advantage of providing you the benefit of smooth transportation. This is because the track is not interrupted by normal traffic. 

the urban regions and provinces are responsible for people's safety and the underground metro systems. The metro lines are also supervised by technicians so that the transportation runs without any glitches.

Regional Taxi

This is the ideal form of public transportation on demand and offers door-to-door transportation. The best thing about regional taxis is that they travel to destinations where traditional public transportation modes don’t. The pricing of regional taxis is higher than that of regular taxis. The modified form of regional taxis also works through apps; you can book the car online. You can send money to Nepal online to the driver after the completion of the ride. You have the liberty to choose the car and driver through the app.

Benefits of Using Public Transportation While Working Abroad as a Nepalese Expat


Enhances Skills and Productivity

If you take a mode of public transport for your travels, you will gain many skills and experience. Public transportation prepares you for uncertain situations and mishaps. You have the skill to control the chaos. It also increases your patience level. So if you take public transport, it will help you handle the similar chaos at work. It gives you the ability to better manage day-to-day tasks as an expat.  

Using a Mode of Public Transport is Efficient in Saving Time

It is normal for a person to run for time. Expat workers and students are always in a hurry. People prefer to reach their destination on time rather than getting late. Even after getting ready on time, sometimes sick traffic comes your way to the office and causes a delay in reaching. Getting late is not only mentally and physically exhausting but puts the worst impression on your professional life.

You can eliminate this problem by using a means of public transport. They often have their own tracks and do not face any traffic. They run smoothly through separated tracks. For example, trains have railway tracks, and many metros in many countries have routes separated from the city roads. Thus, if you travel by public transport, your chance of getting late is minimal. 

It is a Great Way to Save Your Hard-Earned Money and Utilise it in Some Useful Form

When you use public transport, it saves you a large sum of money. Not only is it an effective way to eliminate diesel costs from your everyday expenses, but there are also many hidden benefits. You don't have to pay for the monthly maintenance of your car. It also eliminates tool taxes and many other taxes. It will help you gain the most from your hard-earned money, and you can send money to Nepal online to your family. The money saved can be used in many useful and productive forms. 

Enhances Your Communication Skills and Your Dealing with People

When you travel on a public wheel, it enhances your confidence. You can communicate with the general public, which helps you manage communication during work meetings.  It gives you confidence. Sometimes, it also happens that people make friends in the public carts. Making friends and communicating avoids culture shock. It assists you in knowing more about the culture and traditions of the country. 

It helps in Getting Hands on the Advertisements to Find New Jobs and Opportunities 

The advertisements for new jobs and opportunities are often circulated through pamphlets. They revolve around public transport, too. Bus or train travel makes you more likely to know about new jobs. If you make local connections, it also helps in getting updated about jobs and interview deadlines. It gives a chance to make social connections. According to the top sociologists, for every 10 minutes that are travelled by car, the chance of making social connections is decreased by 10%.

It Makes a Good and Healthy Environment for you

If people travel more on public transport, it will significantly reduce the number of cars on the road and help in fighting increasing pollution. The fumes will ultimately affect your health. So if you travel by public transport, you are eventually helping yourself. 

Travelling by Public Transport is Safer in Comparison to a Personal Car

You reduce the chance of getting in an accident to a significant extent when you travel by public transport. In most cases, people have incomplete information about the areas they are moving in, which helps assure security. It is not only security of life but of property as well. You can end up in a trap of multiple pickpockets when you are alone. Being with a crowd of people gives you a safer boundary.  

Bottom Line

There are countless advantages of taking local transport while working abroad as a Nepalese expat. public transportation may not be as enjoyable as riding in your car, but it greatly reduces traffic congestion and minimises emissions. Additionally, public transportation lets you relax, read a newspaper or book, and you can take a nap during the commute rather than experiencing the stress that comes with driving on busy roads. If you are facing any difficulty regarding online money transfers to Nepal, you can always rely on the digital platform of ACE Money Transfer. It has the best exchange rates and provides you with a fluent transfer at a minimum cost. 


What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Transportation?

Transportation has both advantages and disadvantages. It allows people to travel quickly and conveniently, providing access to places that would otherwise be difficult to reach. Further, it plays a vital role in facilitating trade and commerce, contributing to a nation's economy.

Why is transportation important in our lives?

Transportation moves people and goods to different neighbourhoods, cities, states, and countries, allowing people in those various places to trade and do business together. It provides liquidity and mobility to the world

How can local transport be improved?

Streamlined ticketing systems can improve local transportation and are key to transportation efficiency. Slow-moving and crowded ticket lines are off-putting for passengers, while contactless ticketing options are becoming an expectation.

How can we encourage people to use public transportation?

We can encourage people to use public transportation by highlighting the benefits of public transport. Doing advertisements about how it can help them save the environment of the future. 

What is the public transport system?

Public transportation systems include various transit options such as buses, trains, light rail, regional taxis, and subways. These systems are available to the general public, may require a fare, and run at scheduled times.

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