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How to Get the Best Exchange Rates for Your International Money Transfers to Nepal

How to Get the Best Exchange Rates for Your International Money Transfers to Nepal

02 Jun 2023

You may be familiar with exchange rates if you've ever sent money abroad. Exchange rates greatly influence currency conversion. The amount of money your recipient receives, whether through a physical location or an app, is significantly influenced by the exchange rate utilised by your money transfer provider. Finding reasonable exchange rates can take time and effort. Where do you even start your search for the best cost with so many services to select from?

The exchange rate changes daily due to market dynamics, including supply and demand. You should monitor the currency exchange rate if you intend to send money to Nepal since it affects how much you receive when exchanging one currency for another. You get more foreign money for your dollars at the best exchange rates. This article will show you how to acquire the greatest exchange rates when transferring money overseas. Before getting to the exchange rate details, let's find out what exchange rates genuinely are. 

What Is the Exchange Rate?

The foreign exchange rate is the value of one currency with respect to another. The value of one currency concerning another is determined by the exchange rate. Imagine that you want to send money from the US to Nepal. Your beneficiary will receive the Nepalese Rupee (NPR) funds, and you will pay in US dollars. At the time of the transfer, the USD must be converted into NPR using the current exchange rate. Without considering transfer fees and other expenses, your recipient should receive around Rs 26136.06 if you send $200 to Nepal at the current NPR/$ conversion rate of 130.68.

Essential Considerations for Obtaining the Best Exchange Rates

There is no immediate solution for getting the best exchange rates. As you have to look at these things: 

  • The country from which you are sending.
  • The country to which you are sending.
  • The sum of money you are transferring.


Consider these key points before choosing any firm:


Determine the Mid-Market Price

You need to know the mid-market or interbank rate to tell if you're obtaining the best exchange rate. When banks transfer money among themselves, they employ this rate, which denotes the average of a currency's bid and asks rates. Because currencies are frequently exchanged, their prices change based on imports, exports, and other economic factors. Thus, it is crucial to know the mid-market rate. 


It will be easy and cheap to do the money transfer to Nepal after you know the mid-market prices. The mid-market rate gives you access to what you can think of as the "real" exchange rate, or the genuine worth of a currency, by locating the midpoint between the purchasing and selling prices of two currencies. It is frequently the rate that is shown on important financial websites. 

When you know the mid-market rate, it is easier to calculate the exchange rate markup, which is the price money transfer providers charge for currency exchange services. You can detect if you're obtaining a fair or excessive exchange rate by looking at the markup. However, you can compare the rates banks and transfer providers offer to the mid-market rate. 

Compare Different Services

The exchange rates used for currency conversion vary significantly. It is better to compare different services and the exchange rates they offer. Gather rates from multiple services to determine which will pay your receiver the most. Always read the small print of each service when you compare suppliers. Some transfer businesses make false claims that there are no transfer costs on purpose. These services typically carry a significant markup based on the exchange rate to compensate for their lack of expenses.

Be Ready for Changes 

Exchange rates fluctuate frequently. You must consider these adjustments if you're wondering how to acquire the greatest exchange rate. This fluctuation is influenced by various variables, including the availability and demand for a nation's currency and that nation's economic performance. It's crucial to understand that there isn't a single best time of day or week to exchange currencies. 

Be Aware of All the Possibilities 

Years ago, transferring money abroad was only done by bank transfers, but now, people have many choices. If you want to send money to Nepal online from abroad, you will have plenty of options. You can transfer the money through bank transfers or money transfer services etc. However, suppliers' costs, regulations, and currency rates differ. 


Knowing your options and their fundamental distinctions will help you choose the best transfer service to meet your needs. You can wire money to the most significant banks in foreign nations. In the past, there weren't many independent money transfer businesses or many possibilities for moving money abroad. But these independent services are plentiful today and usually charge nearly less than banks. 


Most of these alternative companies, which allow quick and simple money transfers with only a few clicks, are the best. The transfer fees, delivery times, and even how you start your transfer will differ depending on the supplier. Some are great at in-person transfers, while others specialise in quick and simple app transfers. While you are looking for the best rates, it is important to know where the market is moving. Thus read, Where is the Global Exchange Market moving? Things to expect in 2023.

Obtain a "Guaranteed Exchange Rate" 

A guaranteed exchange rate is a rate that is fixed for a specific amount of time. In other words, it won't move from its current rate regardless of any external events that may otherwise cause a favourable or unfavourable swing in the exchange rate. Due to the volatility of currency rates, the amount you decide to send abroad may fluctuate significantly between now and yesterday. The guaranteed, or "locked in," exchange rates offer a solution for this specific matter. 

Allow Yourself Time

If you don't need to send money immediately, you can locate a supplier with a favourable exchange rate. Your awareness of the prices charged by various services will improve the sooner you start researching providers. Additionally, you may track changes in the mid-market rate and decide when to start a transfer. Give yourself some time by starting your research far in advance. In the long term, it can entail sending your beneficiary more money.

Final Verdict 

The exchange rate determines the value of one currency with another. You should check the best options to acquire decent exchange rates to transfer funds back home. The first step should be to figure out what the mid-market price is. If you understand the mid-market, you can only determine if you're getting the best exchange rate. It is preferable to compare different services and currency rates. Always be ready for changes and the opportunities that come with them. Get the guaranteed exchange rate if you want a fixed exchange rate. Allow ample time for research because it is the most crucial step. Making an instant and secure online money transfer to Nepal via ACE Money Transfer is recommended since it offers competitive exchange rates yet at the lowest transfer fees. 


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