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The Beautiful and Diverse Landscapes of Australia that Gambians Must Know

16 Aug 2023

According to a report by IOM UN Migration, about 118,000 Gambina migrants live in foreign countries. They play a significant role in strengthening the Gambina economy as the financial contribution they make through inward remittances accounts for over 20% of the country’s GDP, the same report continues to say.

A report by the World Bank said that the Gambian diaspora had sent in $547 million in inward remittances in 2021.

Of these Gambian migrants, a fairly reasonable number reside in Australia, as its strong economy pulls job-seekers from developing countries. The Gambian migrants find work in Australia to earn a living to send money to Gambia from Australia to support their families financially.

Given that the robust Australian economy is pretty accommodating for job-seekers from around the world, do you think all that Australia is good for is the work opportunities and jobs that you seek there?

Well, you may want to think again if you believe that!

There’s a lot more in Australia than jobs, opportunities, and top-quality education for visitors, with one of the most intriguing ones being the country’s beauteous landscape.

Where Australia proudly wears on its sleeves its robust and thriving economy, its other claim to fame is the large swathes of breath-taking landscapes, knowing which becomes essential for you, particularly when you know that your stay in the country will end sooner or later.

This blog will walk you through some of the famous and beauteous Australian landscapes. 

But first, let’s take a look at the Australian economy to understand the pull factor.

The Robust Australian Economy – The Pull Factor

  • The World Bank reported that in 2021, the GDP of Australia stood at $1.55 trillion.
  • In another report, the World Bank said that the GDP per capita income in Australia in 2021 was $60,443.1.

This robust Australian economy pulls several Gambian migrants who seek jobs in the country to earn a living and support their families through a money transfer from Australia to Gambia carried out frequently.

Are you not interested in knowing the push factor, on the other hand, that is, the Gambian economy, which triggers migration?

Well, you should be because pull and push factors run parallel to each other.

The Flailing Gambian Economy – The Push Factor

  • The Gambia had a GDP of $2.04 billion in 2021, a World Bank report revealed.
  • The country had a GDP per capita income of $772.2 in 2021, another World Bank report stated.

Amid such a dire economic situation, migrating to another country for work itself is pretty challenging, which is why you must make sure to travel to Countries That Pay The Most To Expatriate Workers.

Before taking you to the stunning Australian landscape, let’s take a look at some of the fascinating facts about Australia together.

Unique Facts About Australia

  • Australia has the unique distinction of being a continent and a country simultaneously.
  • It is the 6th largest country spreading over 7.7 million square kilometres.
  • The country is home to more than 60 species of Kangaroos.
  • The Union Jack in the top left corner of the Australian flag is emblematic of the country’s ties with the UK.
  • The Australian Great Barrier Reef is home to 1,500+ species of fish.

Let’s now take a look at some of the awe-inspiring Australian landscapes that you must visit to relieve yourself of the challenges that you face as a Gambin migrant in your efforts to earn a living abroad and in supporting your family through an online money transfer to Gambia from Australia that you repeat regularly.

Iconic Australian Landscapes

The country has a large array of stunning, idiosyncratic scenes, including snow-clad mountains of the Australian Alps, rich coral reefs, tropical rainforests, etc. Take a look at some of the scenic areas below.

The Great Ocean Road, Victoria

This coastal road stretches 151 miles from Torquay to Allansford. It was constructed during the 1920s. This drive is replete with jaw-dropping scenery, including ocean cliffs, untouched surf beaches, etc.

The Twelve Apostles, Victoria

These are a series of rock formations made of limestones off the Port Campbell National Park shore. Originally, they were 12 rocks, but over time and due to continued erosion, now the remainder consists of only 8 but still offers a great tourist attraction.

Australian Alps

Australian Alps range from the State of Victoria to New South Wales to the Australian Capital Territory. These are the highest mountain range in Australia. Snow blankets them in winter and makes them ideal for skiing, hiking, etc.

Daintree Rainforest, Queensland

It is the oldest surviving rainforest worldwide, covering about 1,200 square kilometres. This tropical rainforest is located on the northeast coast of Queensland and has extraordinarily diverse wildlife.

Lake Hillier, Middle Island

This bubblegum-pink lake is about 600m long. It is surrounded by a paperback’s dense woodland, a rim of sand, and eucalyptus trees. It is located on Middle Island, which is the largest island in the Recherche Archipelago, off Australia’s western coast. A narrow strip of sand dunes separates the lake’s northern edge from the blue Southern Ocean.

Jim Jim Falls, Northern Territory

This waterfall descends from 259m above sea level into the pool within the creek. These are located near the eastern boundary of the national park, 28km south of Jabiru. They offer a spectacular view in the wet season and from a helicopter.

Uluru, Northern Territory

It is a large sandstone rock formation. It is located in the northern territory’s southern part. It is also known as Ayers Rock. The site is located, by road, 335km southwest of the nearest town, Alice Springs, and stands 863m above sea level.

Kangaroo Island, South Australia

It is the third-largest island in Australia, located in South Australia. It is known for its beauteous rock formations known as the Remarkable Rocks and housing the slowest moving species of Kangaroos.

A visit to any of the sites listed above will get you closer to nature and refresh you immensely.

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Why should Gambians be particularly interested in the landscapes of Australia?

Both Gambia and Australia are rich in natural beauty, but they offer different landscapes. For Gambians, learning about Australia's diverse terrains can provide a deeper appreciation for the vastness and variety of the Earth's ecosystems. Plus, there might be cultural and agricultural practices that could be beneficial when adapted from one environment to another.

How does the size and topographical variety of Australia compare to that of Gambia?

Australia is the world's sixth-largest country by land area, covering approximately 7.7 million square kilometres. In contrast, Gambia is around 11,300 square kilometres. While the Gambia has a largely tropical climate and fluvial landscapes centred around the Gambia River, Australia boasts a range of environments from deserts like the Outback to tropical rainforests in Queensland and snowy mountains in the Australian Alps.

What are the unique landscapes in Australia that cannot be found in the Gambia or its neighbouring countries?

Some of Australia's unique landscapes include the vast red deserts with iconic monoliths like Uluru, the world's largest coral reef system (the Great Barrier Reef), ancient rainforests like the Daintree, and temperate regions like the wine-producing Barossa Valley. These places offer ecosystems and vistas distinct from West Africa's terrains.

Are there any shared environmental challenges between Gambia and Australia, despite their different landscapes?

Yes, both countries face environmental challenges such as climate change impacts, deforestation, and water resource management. For instance, while Gambia contends with sea-level rise and saltwater intrusion into freshwater sources, Australia grapples with bushfires and droughts. There's potential for shared knowledge and solutions between the two nations.

How can Gambians best experience Australia's landscapes if they were to visit?

Given Australia's vastness, it's recommended to focus on specific regions or landscapes of interest. Popular routes include the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, exploring the Sydney-Canberra-Melbourne triangle, or visiting natural wonders like the Great Barrier Reef. Before travelling, Gambians should research the best season to visit specific regions and consider engaging with local tour operators who can provide a richer and more informed experience of Australia's diverse landscapes.


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