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Reward Offers for Bangladeshi Customers through ACE Money Transfer

16 Aug 2023

Bangladeshi migrants who are living in several developed countries to earn a living could not have asked for more!

These Bangladeshi migrants work abroad tirelessly and send money to Bangladesh from Australia, Canada, the UK, Europe, and other developed countries to offer financial aid to their families back home and to transform their financial status for the better.

The quantum of remittances Bangladeshi migrants sent back in 2022 was $21.5 billion, according to a World Bank report. This is the cumulative effect on the Bangladeshi economy of the personal remittances received.

If we, therefore, assert that the ultimate end is to earn money, would it be wrong?

Well, the answer is to state the obvious.

It is in this context that one of the world’s leading online money transfer service providers, ACE Money Transfer, has entered into a partnership with a top Bangladeshi mobile financial service bKash, to facilitate the flow of remittances sent to Bangladesh through legal channels and to incentivise both remitters and the recipients.

Therefore, of the over 7.5 million Bangladeshi expatriates, those living in the listed countries above can win BDT 1,000 and a 2.5% bonus offered by the government of Bangladesh every hour on sending BDT 15,000 back home.

And this is not all.

A couple of more incentives also await you as a Bangladeshi migrant.

One of those is the cash bonus of BDT 500 that you can win as a result of three successful referrals to ACE Money Transfer.

The other is a warm welcome the firm extends you as a newcomer!

In welcoming you warmly for joining the ACE family, the firm offers you a first fee-free money transfer to Bangladesh from anywhere worldwide.

Do you expect and can wish for more?

Keep reading to ascertain the fascinating details.

Get a BDT 1000 Free Cash Bonus and a 2.5% Government Incentive on Your Bangladesh-Bound Remittances.

The best part to win this cash prize and the government’s bonus is that none is dependent on lucky draws or some technical steps to participate and be eligible.

You can win these cash rewards by simply sending money to bKash in Bangladesh through ACE Money Transfer.

And every day, a total of 24 winners will be awarded these prizes because this is an hourly award, and prize money will be transferred to the recipient’s account as soon as a money transfer from Australia to Bangladesh or from other countries along the lines explained above completes successfully.

The limit of the amount, however, is BDT 15,000. But wait.

Do not just worry about this amount being hefty.

Remember that you send foreign currency, which is converted into Bangladesh's local currency. Right? Therefore, you might have to send only a few GBP, for example, or a few Canadian Dollars for that matter, to translate into BDT 15,000.

It completely depends on the currency exchange rates of that particular day.

Learn the techniques to calculate currency exchange rates and why Google is not the appropriate platform for doing so.

For example, if you send GBP 105, you will achieve the target of sending BDT 15,000 and will win a cash prize of BDT 1,000 from ACE Money Transfer and an additional BDT 375 as a 2.5% government bonus.

Similarly, if you send CHF 119 from Switzerland to Bangladesh, you will meet the condition of sending BDT 15,000 in a particular hour to receive the cash prize and the government incentive.

This is how it applies to the currencies of the respective countries.

How Do I Participate?

As mentioned earlier, the moment you send BDT 15,000 to Bangladesh to bKash through ACE Money Transfer, you become eligible to participate.

The only condition is that you should be residing in the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland.

How Do I Get the Cash Prize and the Incentive Money?

Since this initiative is meant to boost the flow of inward remittances you send through your online money transfer to Bangladesh from Australia and other foreign countries using legal channels, you register with the two financial institutions, ACE Money Transfer and bKash. Both of these comply with government regulations.

Therefore, you register yourself and your credentials with the concerned financial institutions. This leads to the automated cash prize and incentive money transfer into your account.

What are the Other Terms of This Exciting Offer?

A few other essential terms and conditions that you must know are as follows.

  • The offer remains live for the entire month of June 2023
  • The minimum amount to be sent to qualify for the campaign and win the bonus and incentive money is BDT 15,000
  • Only one customer will get the bonus and incentive money in one particular hour in which they send the required amount
  • One customer, after winning the prizes, will not be able to win the same bonus and incentive again
  • Every day a total of 24 winners will get the said cash bonus and incentive
  • If the prize money fails to transfer to the winner’s account due to any reason except for the account status issue at the end of the customer, bKash will try to transfer the funds at three equal intervals within two months after the campaign draws to a close
  • Both ACE Money Transfer and bKash reserve the right to modify, hold, or cancel the campaign at any time, and the participants are legally bound to comply with the policies
  • The official number bKash contacts its customers through is 16247 for assistance
  • If you are contacted from any other number, it will be fake, so report it to the concerned quarters immediately

Following these terms and conditions, you can win a cash prize of BDT 1,000 in addition to a 2.5% cash incentive the Bangladeshi government offers you on a transfer of BDT 15,000 during the campaign duration.

Let’s now look at another offer that ACE Money Transfer has for you.

Win BDT 3,500 on Every Three Successful Referrals

The beauty of expatriate life is that you happen to know many other expatriates who either belong to your country or another. If you know such migrants who belong to Bangladesh and are confused about how to send money to Bangladesh due to the fees, exchange rates and other factors involved in money transfers, here is the answer for both of you.

You can refer such expatriates to ACE Money Transfer to send money to Bangladesh. If you can convince them to do so, you will be entitled to a cash prize of BDT 1,000 on a single referral.

But you will not get BDT 1,000 on a single referral alone. Rather you will have to make three successful referrals which will increase your entitlement to BDT 3,000, on top of which you will get an additional BDT 500.

Isn’t it amazing!

It means that you will simply have to bring three remitters who are already sending funds to Bangladesh to do so through ACE Money Transfer and win the cash award of BDT 3,500.

And if you wonder about convincing others to transact with ACE Money Transfer, then here are a few reasons.

How Do I Convince Others to Send Money to Bangladesh Via ACE Money Transfer?

Here is a quick set of reasons that you can cite to others to make them believe that ACE Money Transfer is the best option they have for their online money transfer to Bangladesh.


Live and Market-Competitive Currency Exchange Rates

ACE Money Transfer offers live currency exchange rates that allow you to wait for the rates to move in your favour and go up. It is unlike banks and other institutions whose rates are static regardless if they are high in the international market at the time of transfer or not.

Speed and Safety

With ACE Money Transfer, you can deliver funds in a few hours and within the same day. This feature again sets the firm apart from many other institutions offering remittance transfer services because the least time they take to deliver funds is a day.

This speed and efficiency leave no room for scammers to penetrate the transaction, and so the funds land in the recipient’s lap safely!

Wider Access and Service Availability

This feature of the firm allows you to access the services around the clock and right from the middle of your comfort zone, given the company’s online and operational presence in over 100 countries worldwide.

Service Charges

Several companies charge a flat fee regardless of the amount being sent. But ACE Money Transfer charges a fraction of the amount being sent as a fee. Furthermore, the firm charges you a fee only if the amount being processed reaches a certain limit, below which your transaction will likely be free.

Additionally, many service providers will charge you extra for extra speed. But ACE Money Transfer will offer you lighting transfer speed without charging you extra.

Citing these points, there is no reason you cannot make the above-mentioned referrals to win a huge cash prize of BDT 3,500.

And the best part is that there is no limit on the number of referrals. You can win several cash prizes of BDT 3,500 on each referral of three remitters.

A Fee-Free Welcome to ACE Money Transfer

In the end, the firm extends you a warm welcome for beginning to use its impeccable money transfer services. And it is not only a claim. If you send money online to Bangladesh with ACE Money Transfer, you will have a fee-free first transfer in addition to getting live and market-competitive exchange rates, speed and safety, access and availability, and much more from just one window. And you are already sending money to Bangladesh from abroad. Right? Then why not nudge your transaction towards ACE Money Transfer to reap the benefits you could not have thought about before?


What are the reward offers for Bangladeshi customers?

The reward offers for Bangladeshi expatriates include winning BDT 1,000 from ACE Money Transfer plus a 2.5% cash incentive by the Bangladeshi government on every transfer of BDT 15,000 from the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland via ACE Money Transfer and bKash in Bangladesh. 

What is the 2.5% government incentive?

The Bangladeshi government has added a 2.5% cash incentive in every transfer explained above to promote the legal channels to transfer funds and facilitate Bangladeshi migrants.

What is the award money in the first campaign?

In the first campaign, you will get BDT 1,000 other than the 2.5% government incentive. But you will get this only on transferring BDT 15,000 from the listed countries and in the ways explained. 

How can I get rewards for referring customers to ACE Money Transfer?

You can get a total of BDT 3,500 on successfully referring 3 expatriates to ACE Money Transfer. It means that you have to bring expatriates sending money through other channels to Bangladesh to ACE Money Transfer. You can win as many cash prizes as the number of successful referrals consisting of three members each. 

How can I get a fee-free transfer to Bangladesh?

You can get a fee-free transfer with ACE Money Transfer by starting your money transfer journey with the firm. It is a welcoming gesture from the company for the newcomers to the ACE family.

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