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Study and Work Abroad Options for the Gambian People - A Quick Guide

Study and Work Abroad Options for the Gambian People - A Quick Guide

09 Jan 2023

Did you know that Gambia received a record-breaking remittance of £506 million in 2021 that added to the 23% of the annual GDP of the country?

The Gambia is a low-income country with a struggling economy and lack of growth prospects. The talented lot is fleeing the country to gain acknowledgement and progress in their careers. Around 90,000 Gambians live abroad, most of whom send money to Gambia for their families back home to provide financial assistance.

Studying or working abroad, which would you choose if you were a Gambian youngster eager to support your family? Undoubtedly the decision is challenging and tricky since studying abroad also leads to solid career success prospects while working abroad offers direct financial support. If you are planning to seek excellent opportunities abroad to gain economic strength, this guide is for you.

How to Study Abroad for Free as a Gambian National?

Many talents need more opportunities and resources to polish their skills. If you are short on funds, here are the two ways to help you study abroad for free.

Countries that Offer Free Tuition

A few countries offer free higher education where the tuition fee is waived. These include the following:

Germany – A Popular Study Destination 

German public universities are free, with €150-400 to be paid for administration purposes. Munich and Berlin are considered the most affordable cities for students. 

Czech Republic – The Heart of Europe

The country’s state universities are free for local and international students. However, language proficiency in Czech is a requirement. Around 50,121 international students are enrolled in Czech universities. 

Sweden – Free Post-Doctoral Education

Sweden offers free PhD programs along with financial support for their research work. The top universities include Stockholm University, Uppsala University, and Karolina institute.

Brazil – the Fifth-Largest Country 

The largest country in Latin America and the fifth largest in the world offers free education for international students in most public universities. A preliminary test to measure Portuguese proficiency is mandatory.

Scholarships for Gambian Students 

You must consider applying for a scholarship abroad if you have an excellent academic standing. You can apply for two types of scholarships: fully funded and partially funded. Here are some of the most sought-after scholarships for Gambian students. 

Gates Cambridge Scholarship

It is one of the most prominent scholarships in the world. Holders of this scholarship get to study for a postgraduate degree at the University of Cambridge, UK. This is a fully funded opportunity. 

AAUW International Fellowship for Women 

The American Association of University for Women offers women full-time study or research opportunities. 

UNIL Master Grants

The University of Lausanne in Switzerland offers a fully funded scholarship to academically outstanding international students to pursue a master's degree.

If you secure admission through any of the above scholarships, you can study abroad and work part-time to earn a reasonable income. It will help you make a money transfer to Gambia whenever needed to support your family back home. 

Work Abroad Options for the Gambians

65,000 Gambians are working and making money in Europe alone, and you can be one of them too. 

How to Work Abroad without a Degree or Experience?

Working abroad can be very appealing as you get to explore the world and new cultures. Everyone should get a chance to experience that. However, it is widely assumed that only fancy degrees can help you achieve that. Here are some good-paying jobs that would not require a degree or prior experience. 

Hotel Receptionist

If you speak good English, you should quickly secure this job at any fancy hotel. You can expect an annual salary of £15,298 in the UK. 

Flight Attendant

There are no complex job requirements to become a flight attendant. You should be over 18, pass the medical checks, and be fluent in English. Flight attendants get to spend most of their time abroad in different countries. Hence you would require a trustworthy global money transfer service like ACE to send money to Gambia for your family. In countries like the UK, you can expect your annual average salary to be around £17,696 yearly.


If you enjoy physical exertion, consider being a farmhand. This role requires no need for a degree or experience. You will work outside picking fruit, feeding livestock, and operating farm equipment. Europe is the perfect place for this job. You can expect to earn £27,361 per year.

How to Secure a Job Abroad as Gambia National? 

Connecting to job prospects in a different part of the world is easier than it seems. Over 281 million people live in foreign countries, most of whom are overseas workers that have secured jobs outside their native lands. As a Gambian, not only can you get employed abroad but also transfer funds back home through an instant online money transfer to Gambia. Here are the tips for finding the right job for you abroad.

Networking – A Skill You Must Master

Good networking skills would get you a job anywhere and in any situation. Set up your profile on LinkedIn and search for jobs anywhere in the world. Every minute, 6 people are hired through online job portals.

Attend Overseas Job Fairs In Your Area. 

It is a great way to find companies hiring people to work in their international offices. Google your city name and the phrase “abroad job fair” and cross your fingers. 

Get In Touch With International Recruiters.

International companies often rely on agencies to find workers around the globe. It is an excellent opportunity to look for positions abroad. However, these recruiters do want their commission once you get hired. 

How To Work While Studying Abroad?

Most Gambian students studying abroad wish to gain financial sustenance to fund their degrees. Most countries like Canada, the UK, and Australia allow you to work while studying on a student visa. The only requirement is that you are enrolled in a program that runs for more than six months. 

As a student abroad, you can find part-time work at your nearest stores, restaurants, and shopping malls. Australia ranks first, paying the highest minimum wage at $20 an hour. Your rent and utility bills can be easily covered with this. 

The Requirement For Convenient Money Transfers For Gambian Expats And Students

International students and expats require constant funds transfer home for multiple reasons. Online money transfer to Gambia is a much better option than conventional wire transfer for plenty of reasons. However, choosing a reliable service is of utmost importance.

Which Is The Best App For Online Money Transfers?

ACE Money Transfer has been the leading remittance-sending service since 2002. It has millions of users worldwide, with over 375,000 payout partner locations. The transactions are quick, safe, convenient, and economical as the firm offers the highest exchange rates, the lowest transfer costs, and an unbreakable security mechanism. 

If you send money to Gambia online via ACE Money Transfer, you can win exciting rewards through the firm’s promotions. It is ideal for Gambian students and expats who can enjoy unlimited international transactions at cheap rates. Sign up now for free to send remittance to the Gambia.


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