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Staying Connected: Keeping in Touch with Home While Living in the UK

03 Jun 2024

Navigating the delicate balance between professional life in the UK and staying connected with your family back home? The UK attracts millions of expats seeking lucrative job opportunities to support their families back home. This migration is often driven by the dream to improve their loved one's quality of life by making global money transfers from the UK. However, balancing work and staying connected while living abroad can indeed be an overwhelming task.

Expats often face the emotional challenges of maintaining connections with their families due to the overly demanding workloads and time zone differences. This also leads to home-sickness and emotional blues. Today’s article will discuss the significance of keeping in touch with your home while living in the UK. You will also get effective strategies for expatriates residing in the UK to stay closely connected with their families, mentally, and financially. 

The Significance of Staying Connected with Your Loved Ones

Maintaining connections with your roots, family, and community is crucial for the well-being and success of expats in the UK. Here's why keeping in touch with your home is so important:

Emotional Well-Being

Living as an expat in the UK often brings homesickness and a yearning for your family. However, staying in touch with your family makes them overwhelmed with emotions, fosters relationships, and offers emotional support. 

Cultural Connection and Identity Preservation

Maintaining ties with your family bolsters your cultural connection and preserves your identity as an expat in the UK. Regular interactions with family members and making valuable money transfer, help you stay connected to traditions, and heritage which enrich your sense of self and belonging. 

Shared Milestones and Celebrations

Keeping in touch with your family back home enables you to partake in shared milestones and celebrations, despite the geographical distance. Celebrating birthdays, festivals, and achievements with loved ones fosters a sense of togetherness, joy, and shared experiences which strengthen family bonds.

Practical Support and Networking

Staying connected to family also offers practical support and networking opportunities for expats in the UK. Family members can provide advice, connections, and assistance in various aspects, such as career opportunities, relocation challenges, and local knowledge. This way, you can enhance your professional and personal journey in a foreign land.

Effective Strategies for Keeping in Touch with Your Home While Living in the UK

Internet access and the time zone difference can complicate maintaining communication with family back home. To address this, the following are practical strategies for expats to stay connected with their families while living in the UK.

Video Calls to See Your Loved Ones

In today's tech-driven age, real-time communication platforms empower expats in the UK to bridge geographical gaps through video calls. Video calls facilitate a sense of closeness and involvement for loved ones, including financial support through online money transfers.

Zoom, FaceTime, WhatsApp, and multiple other apps offer free video calling worldwide. While some find weekly video calls sufficient, others seek more frequent connections. Understanding your and your family's needs is crucial in finding personalized solutions that cater to your unique circumstances and foster meaningful and sustainable connections across borders.  

Instant Messages to Stay in Touch on Busy Days

Coordinating video calls with family back home while in the UK necessitates mutual availability. Time zone differences and unforeseen circumstances can disrupt preferred schedules.

Instant messaging is a flexible alternative that enables continuous chats through platforms like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Signal. These apps support a seamless exchange of thoughts and emotions, ensuring round-the-clock communication regardless of geographical barriers. 

Social Media to Stay Connected to All Family Members

Posting photos, videos, and updates enables you to maintain a visual connection and engage with your loved ones. Additionally, following your family members' posts allows you to stay informed about their milestones and activities easily.

You can leverage social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram not only to share snippets of your daily experiences but also to see a glimpse of your family members’ lives. While staying connected to your loved ones is essential for well-being, surviving and making a living in the UK is also necessary to support your family back home.

Learn How to make a living in the UK as an Expatriate here!

Tips to Stay Financially Connected with Your Home While Living in the UK

Beyond video calls and texts from the UK, staying financially connected with your loved ones is also crucial. Supporting their education, special occasions, or daily expenses and ensuring their well-being is often a top priority for expats in the UK. Therefore, advanced technology also offers seamless ways to facilitate and streamline transfers across borders for greater ease and security. Here are tips to maintain financial connectivity with your loved ones.

Finding Reliable Money Transfer Services

Selecting a reputable online remittance service provider from the UK is the only way to ensure secure transfers. Trusted remittance providers such as ACE Money Transfer offer competitive rates, zero fees, and secure transactions and ensure a seamless and trustworthy process.  

Making Bulk Transfer

Making remittances from the UK to stay connected with your family is essential, but it's equally crucial to plan your transactions for maximum value. Frequent smaller transfers from the UK can incur significant fees. Meanwhile, opting for bulk transfers can maximize the value of international transfers. By consolidating and sending large sums less frequently, overall transfer fees can be significantly reduced. This approach allows you to pay the fee just once, regardless of the quantity sent.

This way, you can enhance the value of your online money transfer and ensure more of your hard-earned money reaches its destination. Plus, bulk transfers offer convenience, time savings, and reduced stress, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your life.

Choosing Right Time

To maintain connections with your family, sending remittances during various occasions and emergencies plays a significant role. However, choosing the right timing for remittance also plays a vital part in your remittance value. Due to the volatility of exchange rates driven by economic and geopolitical variables, you should plan the right time for the transaction. As a working expat in the UK, strategically schedule transfers to leverage advantageous currency rates.

While predicting currency swings is challenging, you can use online currency converters and financial news sources before making decisions. Plus, capitalizing on favorable exchange rates when sending remittances allows you to provide more support to your loved ones.  

Nurturing Emotional and Financial Connection Across Borders with ACE — The Way Forward

Living abroad presents many challenges, but modern technology such as ACE facilitates staying connected with loved ones back home. With its speed, reliability, and excellent customer service, you can maintain bonds, meet responsibilities, bridge the distance, and nurture bonds beyond borders.

ACE recognizes that home resides in people, not places. As a prominent name in the industry, ACE offers a convenient money transfer from the UK. ACE brings not only efficiency and reliability but also cost-effectiveness, swift transactions, and secure transfers. This way, ACE safeguards your hard-earned money from fraud or theft and ensures its timely arrival when it matters most.  


Why is staying connected with your home country important as an expat in the UK?

Staying connected with your home country is vital for maintaining emotional well-being, preserving cultural identity, participating in shared milestones, and accessing practical support and networking opportunities. It helps expats feel rooted and connected despite the geographical distance.

What are effective strategies for staying in touch with family back home while living in the UK?

Utilize real-time video calls, instant messaging, and social media to bridge the gap with loved ones. Understand the unique needs of your family and find personalized solutions that foster meaningful and sustainable connections across borders.

How can expats in the UK maintain financial connectivity with their loved ones back home?

Expats can utilize reliable money transfer services, make bulk transfers to maximize the value of international transactions, and strategically schedule remittances to leverage advantageous currency rates, ensuring that more of their hard-earned money reaches its destination.

Why is choosing the right time for remittances important for expats in the UK?

Selecting the right timing for remittances is crucial due to the volatility of exchange rates driven by economic and geopolitical variables. Strategically scheduling transfers can capitalize on favorable exchange rates, allowing expats to provide more support to their loved ones.

How can ACE Money Transfer support expats in the UK in nurturing emotional and financial connections across borders?

ACE Money Transfer offers a convenient, efficient, and secure money transfer service from the UK. With its reliability, cost-effectiveness, and swift transactions, ACE facilitates expats in maintaining bonds, meeting responsibilities, and nurturing emotional and financial connections with loved ones back home.


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