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Stay Home or Move Abroad - What Should Pakistanis Do in 2024?

18 Mar 2024

Millions of Pakistanis are grappling with incertitude of different kinds with particular emphasis on the economy and plan, therefore, to travel abroad to earn a living. The prime motivation is to send money to Pakistan to offer financial support back home.

According to a report by Pilot Guides, over 9 million Pakistanis are already living abroad for better opportunities.  

Why? Have you ever wondered about the reason behind such an exodus?

Is it simply for the financial constraints and educational purposes or are some other factors at play too? 

Well, chances are… You haven’t delved deeper into it.

Let’s walk you through everything staying back in Pakistan or going abroad entails to help you make an informed decision.  

What are the Pros and Cons of Staying in Pakistan?

Regardless of its economic strength, every country in the world offers its citizens several unique advantages and disadvantages. Pakistan is no exception. The country is a blend of the following advantages and disadvantages.    

The Pros of Living in Pakistan

Even though millions of Pakistanis are living abroad for better work opportunities, it is not that the country has run out of all the good there is! With the economy in tatters, which is what concerns the majority, you will still find the following advantages. 

Affable and Helpful People 

Although you may work in foreign countries to earn a better income and send money online to Pakistan, finding natives as affable and helpful as Pakistanis is difficult. But In Pakistan, you will find every single individual pretty helpful.

Affordable Education  

If you do not go after the top-notch education in Pakistan, you will find the largely available and accessible education pretty affordable. Therefore, your children can easily get an education without putting immense stress on your financials.  

Availability of Support Network

Your support network does not necessarily consist of the people around you alone. It is, rather a mix of people, family, friends and the environment you have been accustomed to. So, if you deliberately choose to stay back in Pakistan, your support network will be available to you. 

Cons of Living in Pakistan 

In some countries, when you tend to weigh the pros and cons, you will realize that both are equal and neutralize each other. But Pakistan is an exception to that!

Why, you wonder? Take a look below, then.   

Scarce Opportunities

While staying in Pakistan, be ready to keep finding longer work hours and hard jobs. Work and job opportunities are scarce in the country, notwithstanding the education, experience and skills you have acquired.

Unceasing Financial Blues

The obvious and straightforward reason for not having many job opportunities is financial blues. What else could it possibly be? So, living in Pakistan is akin to living in never-ending financial turmoil. Therefore, can you afford to live like this with no end in sight? 

Poor and Expensive Healthcare   

Remember that your healthcare expenses are ongoing and never cease. Well, not until life ends! Now imagine that you have to spend a lot of money on healthcare and still not get the quality, not even a fraction of what you would desire. Welcome to Pakistan! 

Poor Law and Order

Even in the best of times, the law and order situation in the country leaves much to be desired. If you look at the law and order situation in Pakistan from the point of privilege, the picture may seem rosy. But the question is: how many Pakistanis stand at a point of privilege?

Low Wages and Income 

In Pakistan, wages and incomes are at the bare minimum, and that too, only if you are lucky enough to find jobs, which is a luxury, as stated above. If you look at this minimum wage from the perspective of other points explained above, decision-making becomes easy for you!

Pros and Cons of Living Abroad   

Living abroad is just like a dream come true for millions of Pakistanis. Otherwise, they would not be toiling in foreign lands to earn a living and support their families in every money transfer they made to Pakistan. Take a look below.   

Pros of Living Abroad  

Living outside your native country is always fascinating. Whether you go to the UK, Canada or any of the Western countries, you will find your travel and effort making it worthwhile. Consider the following.    

Higher Incomes

In most developed countries, the minimum incomes are far better and higher than the better incomes you can get in Pakistan. So, an effort underpinning your traveling abroad can rid you of the hard work you put in Pakistan. You might never not find an income anywhere closer to what you need.           

Free Healthcare and Easy Access to it

In most developed countries, healthcare is almost free. If it is not free, the government will highly subsidize it. The best part is that this free or subsidized healthcare does not impact its quality, nor is it free and easy to access. 

Top-Notch Education

If you choose a Western country for your higher studies, it will be a decision that you will feel proud of for your entire life. Several Western universities offer fully-funded scholarships to Pakistani students, offering immense benefits of different types.   

Easily Accessible and Abundant Employment Opportunities

You name any Western country and are most likely to find innumerable employment opportunities in any field and sector! Thanks to their robust economies and expansive job markets. But you must have the required skills, education, and experience to secure one.

Higher Income and Better Living Standard 

Not only do you get a higher income while living abroad in any developed country, but you also enjoy a higher standard. It does not only inspire you to enjoy in Pakistan regardless of the effort and money you spend on it.

Cons of Living Abroad

While you live abroad, everything is not rosy. You will have to make several compromises to get bigger benefits, which is, well… how the world works! Consider some of the cons of living abroad as a Pakistani migrant.

Nonexistent Support Network

In foreign countries, the first challenge you must grapple with is your support network's absence. You are away from your family and friends and alone! You have to navigate your way on your own. It is fairly challenging.

Cultural Shock

You will have to deal with cultural shock, which is an essential part of expatriation. The big difference between your culture and your host country's culture will initially confuse you for some time.  

Dealing with Homesickness

Feeling homesick is pretty natural. No matter what your job abroad is or whatever you are earning, you will feel homesick. It can dampen you and affect your relations and professional performance.  

Weigh Your Options Deeply and then Decide

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What factors should I consider to stay in Pakistan or travel abroad?

The factors you must pay attention to are largely financial and educational. If you cannot find a sustainable job or afford a quality education for your children in Pakistan, traveling abroad seems practical and serious.   

What are the advantages of living in Pakistan?

While you are living in Pakistan, you have the advantages of enjoying a low cost of living and inexpensive education whose standards are subpar. You can enjoy the availability of your support network and living amidst affable and helpful people.   

What are the demerits of living in Pakistan?

Living in Pakistan comes with several costs, like scarce employment opportunities repeated cycles of joblessness and unemployment. It further goes together with acute poverty, subpar judicial system and law and order, and so on.   

What are the pros of living in a foreign country?

Living in a foreign country offers several advantages, such as numerous job opportunities in almost every field and a higher income. You could be enjoying a high standard of living, free and best quality healthcare service, top-notch education, etc.  

What is the dark side of living abroad?

While living in a foreign country, you must grapple with several challenges, such as the language barrier, cultural shock, and challenges in adjusting to life abroad. You can better understand the new culture, feeling homesick and lacking your support network.


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