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Top Scholarships for Pakistani Students to Study Abroad

17 Aug 2023

Are you a Pakistani student wanting to go abroad and start your education on a scholarship to be able to earn and send money to Pakistan? You are at the right place to start your search for the best scholarships you can find worldwide. This article will teach you the top scholarships for all Pakistani students who want to study abroad. 

Many countries offer fully funded scholarships you can avail of as a Pakistani student. Countries including the UK, Turkey, Canada, the USA, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia are issuing fully funded scholarships for students in Pakistan. 

You can get scholarships for these education levels:

  • Bachelors
  • Masters 
  • PhD 
  • Postdoc

Top Scholarships Available for Pakistani Aspirants

Through these scholarships, you can avail full tuition fee waiver, airfare, stipend, accommodation, and meals. If you want to study abroad and also manage to send money to Pakistan, you can avail of the following top scholarships for Pakistani students:

Global Korea Scholarship

This is a fully funded scholarship through which you will get complete funding for your education as an international student. It will cover all your expenses for a graduate program. Its benefits include:

  • A complete tuition fee waiver
  • Some students will get a Resettlement allowance totalling KRW 200,000 once they arrive in Korea.
  • The postgraduate students will also get a monthly allowance for their master's and doctoral programs, which is 100,000 and 1,500,000 for research programs. 
  • Students can get Airfare tickets for the economy class.
  • Award of Excellent Korean Language Proficiency 
  • The reward of printing costs that are worth KRW 500,000 – 800,000 

HKBU International Postgraduate Scholarships 

This scholarship offers you the following:

  • Complete tuition fee waiver
  • Living cost allowance of around USD 12,820 

Point Park University scholarship, USA

Through this scholarship, you will get the following:

  • Merit scholarship gives over 50% of tuition fees
  • Along with $12,000 to $22,000 will be given for tuition fees of all undergraduate programs

DAAD Helmut Schmidt Scholarship, Germany

This scholarship has many benefits for students. If you want to send money to Pakistan online while studying in Germany, you can avail of this scholarship and its benefits. The benefits include:

  • Students will get a monthly allowance of € 934 for their master's program 
  • Complete tuition fee waiver
  • Contributions to their health insurance 
  • Travel allowance to fund their round-trip travel from their country of origin to Germany 
  • Grants for research and study 
  • A monthly rental subsidy, if suitable   

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarships, Germany

This is the right fit if you are ready to apply for your education and scholarship in Germany. If you wish to send money to Pakistan online while enjoying your higher education in Germany, then you are in the right place. This scholarship comes with benefits that are as follows:

  • There isn't any tuition fee
  • The foundation will give health insurance 
  • 1,200 EUR is given each month to the international students 
  • Opportunities to study in Germany all for free and also explore the German culture 
  • The opportunity of participating in symposia 

Asia Kakehashio Fully Funded Scholarships, Japan 

This scholarship is funded by the Ministry of Education in Japan that is AFS. It will give you the following:

  • International plus domestic round-trip airfares
  • Dormitory fee
  • School expense
  • Health insurance  
  • All other program costs will be covered too

Taiwan International Graduate Scholarships 

If you wish to send money to Pakistan while you study and stay in Taiwan, this is the perfect opportunity. It will give you the following:

  • Your tuition fee
  • Monthly stipend 

University of Houston Scholarship, USA

Through this scholarship, you can live in the USA and have time to earn and send money to Pakistan. Its benefits include:

  • A scholarship in the look of educational funds 
  • You should have at least 06 credit hours each semester while maintaining a CGPA of 3.0

Yale University Scholarships in the USA

Through this scholarship, you will be able to get the following benefits:

  • It covers 100% of your financial requirements, which the family should prove 
  • This total amount can be $70,000 per each year
  • Students with a family whose yearly income is below $65,000 can avail of the full scholarship. 
  • The educational department grants give scholarships.

ECNU Shanghai Government Scholarship, China

Before you start learning how to get this scholarship, check the benefits and financial coverage of this ECNU scholarship for international students. Here you can get different jobs and help your family and loved ones back home. 

Through this scholarship, you will be able to avail:

  • A full tuition exemption 
  • Free accommodation 
  • Free medical insurance
  • Undergraduate international students will get a monthly allowance of 2500 Chinese yuan.
  • An opportunity to study in China

These are a few top Scholarships for Pakistani students to study abroad in 2023. Living abroad for your education might be a hassle in itself, and in such a case, you want to avoid getting into lengthy processes of sending money to Pakistan. This is why ACE Money Transfer is here to help you. You can send your money to Pakistan online in just a few simple clicks and make your way to make your family back home happy. 

The process of using services from ACE Money Transfer is quite simple and can be followed just by following the instructions given by the application. 

Bottom Line

When there is so much competition in all fields of education, a lot of support is offered to Pakistani students wanting to avail of international education. The above scholarships can help you find a better future and a degree from prestigious international institutes. 

While living abroad, stay monetarily connected with your family back home. And this is where ACE Money Transfer comes to help. You can make an instant online money transfer to Pakistan by using the services of ACE and find out how easy it is to let your family have your money through online transfer modes. 


What are the top scholarships available for Pakistani students to study abroad?

The blog lists several top scholarships specifically designed for Pakistani students. Other most prominent ones include the Fulbright Scholarship Program, Commonwealth Scholarships, Erasmus Mundus Scholarships, and the Chevening Scholarships, among others. Be sure to check the detailed descriptions and eligibility criteria for each scholarship in the article.

Do these scholarships cover the full tuition and living expenses for the entire duration of the study?

It varies by scholarship. Some scholarships, like the Fulbright, often cover tuition, airfare, a living stipend, and health insurance. Others might only cover tuition or offer a one-time grant. It's essential to read the terms and conditions of each scholarship to understand the extent of the coverage.

How competitive are these scholarships for Pakistani students?

These scholarships are highly competitive due to their prestige and the benefits they offer. However, the number of scholarships available and the number of applicants will determine the exact competitiveness. Pakistani students are encouraged to apply early, ensure all documentation is complete, and demonstrate both academic excellence and a commitment to bringing positive change to their communities.

What are the general eligibility criteria for these scholarships?

While eligibility criteria differ for each scholarship, common requirements include being a Pakistani national, holding a valid passport, possessing a strong academic record, and demonstrating a clear purpose for wanting to study abroad. Some scholarships may also have specific age limits, require certain degrees or qualifications, or be field-specific. Always refer to the official scholarship webpage for exact eligibility requirements.

Are there any scholarships specifically for undergraduate or postgraduate Pakistani students?

Yes, there are scholarships catered to both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. For instance, the Commonwealth Scholarship is predominantly for postgraduate studies, while others might cater to undergraduates. It's essential to identify which level of study you are seeking to pursue and then look for scholarships that cater to that specific level in the blog details.

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