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Spreading Peace, Love and Happiness this Ramadan with ACE Money Transfer and Yonna Forex

Spreading Peace, Love and Happiness this Ramadan with ACE Money Transfer and Yonna Forex

22 Apr 2022

ACE Money Transfer shows reasonable care for its valued customers through different promotions. Its collaboration with Yonna Forex is an example of how the company brings enticing rewards to the Gambian diasporas. This Ramadan, Gambian expats can share love, happiness, and gifts with remittance recipients when they send money to Gambia via ACE Money Transfer to any Yonna Forex Branch. Besides, the service features such as speed, efficiency, security, low service charges, provision of legal channels for online money transfers, competitive currency exchange rates, etc., make the company a trusted service for expatriates.

This Ramadan, the beneficiaries in the Gambia can get a gift of a Free 1KG bag of Sugar simply by receiving remittances from Yonna Forex. The Gambian expatriates residing in the UK, Canada, Australia, Europe, and Switzerland have to make an online money transfer to Gambia via ACE Money Transfer to enable their loved ones to get their Ramadan gifts.

ACE’s partnership with Yonna Forex this year tends to sweeten the ongoing Ramadan for the believers in observance of the fasting rituals during the holy month. Keep reading to know about how to win your Ramadan gifts through the joint promotion of the two partners.

The Prerequisite to Win Your Ramadan Gift

As part of the campaign, the expatriates from the Gambia residing in the countries listed above have to simply send 3,000 Dalasi or more to Yonna Forex across the Gambia and let their beneficiaries win 1KG of sugar on every transaction.

Complete Terms & Conditions of the promotion are available on ACE’s website. You can click here to reach there and find out more information about the campaign.

Validity of ACE Money Transfer and Yonna Forex Ramadan Campaign

The campaign will remain valid and open from the first of Ramadan 2022 till the end of the holy month. Any transfers you make during the holy month will let your remittance receivers get their Ramadan gift of a free 1KG sugar bag. You simply have to ensure that the amount you transfer must be 3,000 Dalasi or above, and the transactions must be completed and paid.

How will the recipient get the prize?

On every transaction of 3,000 Dalasi or more made through ACE Money transfer to Yonna Forex in the Gambia, the recipients will collect the money and 1KG of sugar for free. To get more gifts, you may make more and more transfers and ask your beneficiaries to get their free sugar bag every time they pick up cash from Yonna Forex branches. However, it is essential to note that transfers made on the same day will be considered a single entry in the promotion, winning only one bag of sugar. Therefore, expats may send money to Gambia online on multiple days for several entries and more free bags of sugar.

You might think of getting the gift exchanged or encashed, but ACE Money Transfer and Yonna Forex haven’t allowed it. So, the recipients can get a 1KG sugar bag, but they can not transfer exchange or demand cash to replace the prize.

Will there be any Tax Liabilities after getting the Prize?

The prize winner will be responsible for paying any tax liabilities should such an issue arise. ACE Money Transfer, therefore, shall accept no responsibility whatsoever in this regard.

Compliance with the Terms & Conditions in the Promotion 

Compliance with the promotion’s terms and conditions is essential for every customer to participate and share gifts with their loved ones back home. ACE Money Transfer can alter, amend or update all or any of the terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice. The company reserves the right to use the identity of the winners for any marketing, promotional, or inspirational purposes.

Why ACE Money Transfer Collaborates with Yonna Forex?

Yonna Forex is one of the best remittances services providers in the Gambia. The firm began to operate to relieve people from the troubles in their cross-border transactions and fulfil the gaps left by other service providers in the industry.

ACE Money Transfer joined hands with Yonna Forex to further advance the availability of a trusted, secure, and smooth mechanism for a money transfer to Gambia so that expatriates can stay connected with their loved ones in times of need and urgency.

Why Choose ACE Money Transfer for Remittances to the Gambia?

ACE Money Transfer has its operational presence in over 350,000 places in upwards of 100 countries worldwide. Gambian diasporas can transfer funds to their families back home with the best exchange rates, the lowest transfer fees, and complete security of transactions. ACE’s website and digital mobile app provide exceptional convenience to the users to send money internationally any time they need. Providing the best quality services to the optimal satisfaction of its valued customers is the core mission of ACE Money transfer in the global remittances industry.

Don’t worry if you haven’t already used ACE Money Transfer to send money online to Gambia to your family and friends. You can sign up with ACE today and experience an advanced remittance service with fascinating promotions and rewards. Share love, happiness, and Ramadan gifts to your loved ones by transferring funds via ACE’s services to any branch of the Yonna Forex during the holy month.


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