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Sharing Airtime Top-Up from Abroad: How to Help Your Loved Ones in Ghana from the UK

29 Mar 2024

Don’t you think that dazzling technology has revolutionized every activity, including how you send money to Ghana from UK to offer financial support back home? Not only does the technology help you send remittances across borders easily, but it also helps you instantly share airtime top-ups with your family and loved ones in Ghana from the UK.   

A report by the OECD Library stated that in 2020, about 1 million Ghanaians were living abroad to earn a living and support their families back home in multiple ways, including recharging mobile devices remotely.               

But do you know the best way to share airtime top-ups from the UK with your loved ones in Ghana?

Well, continue reading to learn all you must about remote airtime top-ups.

What is Airtime Top-Up?

To understand airtime top-up, you need to understand airtime in the first place. Airtime refers to the calls, messages and other means of connecting to others through your mobile network.

You need credit, such as adding money to your network, to use your service provider’s cellular services.   

Adding credit to your number or loading money is known as airtime top-up.

Several service providers for making online money transfers from UK to Ghana, including ACE Money Transfer, have integrated sharing airtime top-ups to their typical remittance transfer services alongside a typical and routine money transfer.  

You can even use your airtime top-up for other purposes, including using the money as you would due to receiving remittances online.     

At this point, a few statistics about mobile airtime merit mentioning!

A Few Relevant Statistics about Airtime Top-Ups

Every technological advancement has merits and demerits. If the merits overshadow the demerits, it will stay. If the demerits outweigh the merits, it will become redundant and obsolete over time.  

The same happened with airtime top-ups.

Its merits overshadowed its demerits, leading to its ever-increasing popularity. You may get a clear picture from the following statistics.  

  • Airtime money transfers reached $25 billion in 2019, up from $700 million in 2012
  • In 2019, the global prepaid airtime market was worth $260 billion.
  • According to the latest research, over 1.6 billion people worldwide are unbanked. Most of them, however, use mobile phones, making airtime top-ups the best conduit for transferring funds.  

It is a cost-incurring process, but with ACE Money Transfer, you can send funds to Ghana from the UK without spending a single penny.  

Steps to Share Airtime Top-Up in Ghana from the UK

Dazzling technology has made sending money online or doing anything easily and conveniently easier. Nowadays, sharing airtime top-ups is something that you would like to do with as much ease as possible.  


a) it has become the pressing need of almost everyone or at least those with a mobile phone, and b) it is a recurring process, so you look for ways that require a minimum effort from you to do the same.

In this context, online money transfer companies like ACE Money Transfer have made sharing mobile airtime top-ups extremely easy and convenient for you, the same as sending money online. 

Now, you can easily share airtime top-ups with your loved ones back in Ghana from the United Kingdom. It relieves the recipient of the stress of timely mobile airtime top-up. You know that certain service providers offer you packages with immense amounts of data and minutes, both on-net and off-net, that expire after a certain time, whose length is typically 30 days.

Now imagine that you somehow forgot to refresh the package, and when you realize that once the package expires, all your accumulated data will be lost, you are left with no option except to face the loss!  

In this context, imagine your loved one living in the UK shares the airtime top-up with you just at the time of your package’s expiry. How would you feel about it?

Isn’t it akin to getting rescued just at the last moment? 

Following are the steps to share airtime top-ups with your loved ones in Ghana. 

  • Log into ACE Money Transfer’s mobile app  
  • Select the country
  • Choose the recipient whose credentials the app will auto-fill
  • Select the amount
  • Request the latest currency exchange rates
  • Cross-check all the details thoroughly
  • Hit ‘ACE-IT’

Benefits of Airtime Top-ups from Abroad

You can enjoy several benefits of airtime top-ups from across the borders, but remember that airtime top-ups have multiple usages. Therefore, the benefits from this can be relative and different for different people.   

However, some of the expected benefits are listed below.

Fewer Charges    

If you compare the costs of locally adding credit to your mobile phone with a remote airtime top-up, you will realize that the costs vary hugely. If you do so remotely with a service provider like ACE Money Transfer, chances are you will save money as fees and get favorable currency exchange rates.   

But the question is: how many service providers like ACE Money Transfer do you have easy, open and convenient access to?   

Not only does this allow you to spend less money on the entire exercise, should you choose ACE Money Transfer, but it will also allow the sender to spend less and still get precisely the same as you would by spending more money in your native country. 

Saving Money and Packages

As mentioned earlier, one of the biggest benefits of sharing airtime top-ups is that you can save money on renewing your packages by paying hefty amounts in your home currency. For example, if your family member working in the UK sends you one or two Pounds in British currency, it may help you subscribe to the package without having to spend hundreds in the currency of your native country.

Avoiding Commuting Hazards and Related Costs

Imagine traveling to a service provider’s outlet to get an airtime top-up. How would you do it? Well, you will have to travel from your residence to a point that involves costs and commuting hazards.

But sharing airtime top-up remotely in the ways specified above will save you from traveling hazards and spending money.

Swift and Convenient

Networks in most developing countries, including Ghana, remain down most of the time due to various challenges like outages, service blockades, etc.  

In such circumstances, adding credit locally can be a challenge. But with remote airtime top-ups, you no longer have to grapple with such issues. It is a swift and convenient process, given the fast pace at which some of the most credible service providers, like ACE Money Transfer, execute such transactions.  

Streamlines Remittance Solutions with ACE Money Transfer 

The optimal benefits of remote airtime top-ups to your loved ones in Ghana largely depend on how you make a money transfer from UK to Ghana. Doing so with ACE Money Transfer will offer several financial benefits other than those listed above.   

These benefits include incurring fewer charges, safe and swift transactions, initiating, tracking and completing a transaction right from the middle of your comfort zone and round-the-clock, and getting live and market-competitive currency exchange rates from just one window.


What is airtime top-up?

Airtime top-up refers to adding credit to your mobile phone’s cellular network to use its services, including calls, text messages, internet data, etc. Simply, it refers to loading money to your prepaid cellular network connection.  

What purpose does airtime top-up serve?

Airtime top-up serves a host of purposes. It helps you get the credit added to your mobile network instantly to stay connected with your loved ones seamlessly. The remote airtime top-up, however, serves an all-encompassing purpose similar to what remittances sent online can serve.    

What are the benefits of airtime top-up?

The benefits of airtime top-up vary from person to person. For some, airtime top-up is beneficial for staying connected, paying less when adding credit locally, and so on. However, airtime top-up is similar to an online money transfer for others.       

How do I share airtime top-ups from the UK with my loved ones in Ghana?

You can easily share airtime top-ups from the UK with your loved ones in Ghana with ACE Money Transfer. You will simply have to choose the service provider, log into the app, select the country, select the recipient, select the amount, get the exchange rates, check the details thoroughly, and hit ‘ACE-IT’.  

How long does the process take, and is it safe to share airtime top-up remotely?

The time an airtime top-up takes from afar depends on your chosen service provider. But it does not take more than a few minutes or hours. The process is safe, but exercising care is critically important because the margin for online scams cannot be ruled out altogether.


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