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Landing Your Dream Job Overseas: Preparing for International Careers

29 Mar 2024

For the over 281 million migrants working abroad to earn a living to support their families financially through money transfers, they still aspire to find their dream jobs abroad.           

Many people burn their candles at both ends to travel to developing countries to find sustainable employment opportunities. If you analyze, you will realize that the world is divided into two halves – the developed and the developing half.         

Those traveling to developed countries from the developing ones aspire to get their dream jobs they cannot find in their native countries and make huge money transfers back to their home countries. Many succeed, and many continue to struggle. The reasons for those struggling are aplenty.                                            

However, do you know the tips that can brighten your chances to get your dream job abroad?

Well, continue reading to know.        

What are the Benefits of Working Abroad?

If it were not for the immense benefits of working abroad, why would you undergo the hazards of traveling abroad by leaving your loved ones and family behind? Working abroad has several advantages, so you travel to foreign countries.              

No matter how developed your professional and communication skills are, there will still be a considerable margin for improvement when you work abroad. People from different countries populate an international workplace. While rubbing shoulders with people from different countries, you learn a lot about their respective cultures – insights only a close and personal contact offers you.   

Your purpose for expatriating to another country is to support your family financially through different online money transfer services. Right? Therefore, another benefit of having an international job is earning a higher income. 

Even otherwise, your international job provides you with several opportunities to travel, as it is evident that several international jobs are pretty demanding.  While having an international job requires you to work abroad, you stand out of your comfort zone. You can find any job easily in many developed countries, earn a living and send money online back home to receive financial aid.

Let’s now see how to prepare for your dream job abroad.  

Tips to Get Your Dream Job Abroad     

Finding study and work programs abroad as a migrant is complex. One of the reasons is that developed countries offer you innumerable employment opportunities, which makes it difficult for you to choose from the several options available. But with the right tools, such as helpful tips for landing a dream job, your hunt becomes a) easy and b) sharply focused. 

Have a look below.  

Research and Shortlist Countries

Find the most suitable countries for work in. Remember, when you begin your search, you will find several countries offering fantastic opportunities. But shortlist those whose opportunities align with your needs and requirements.

Your needs can cover a range of areas, such as finding a secure job over a long period in the future. This job offers you substantial financial support in the short run or is a career-oriented job that may be financially less beneficial currently but is highly prospective in terms of your career.  

Use Online Platforms and Networks

The best way to find your dream job in the shortlisted countries is to find platforms where people who have worked or are working in your target countries are present. Connect with them to get information and add them to your network. 

Using and surfing the internet smartly can help you in this context a long way and help you find many people whose first-hand experience can immensely help you. Remember that it is always better to learn from the experiences of others and follow the right course than erring yourself first and learning later.

Customise Application

When applying for an international job, understand the job's specific requirements. Then, you should customize your job application accordingly so that your application remains near the top of the application pool.

It is important because every job has a different requirement. Therefore, understand the job requirements and tailor your CV accordingly before applying. This might take some time, but every moment you spend on this is worth it!  

Prepare for Interviews

It is a tricky area. Prepare for the interview properly and exhibit professionalism and enthusiasm. Remember that the interview requirements are different in every country. So, preparing for an interview for your international job must be seamlessly aligned with the country’s specific requirements.

One of the essential tips to ace your interview for your job abroad is to get the requisite command over the language to the extent of being articulate in that language, which in most cases is English.

Follow Up and Negotiate

Make sure to follow up after your interview. A thank-you email or note is the best way to follow up on the entire process. Once your communication lines open with management, negotiate the terms instead of complaining about offer submission.

This will make the management realize that you know you're critically important. Because if they realize that you are desperate and will accept whatever is offered, you might not be able to get what you truly deserve.   

Be Comfortable with Discomfort

Remember that working abroad comes with several challenges, and one of those challenges is the need for more comfort than you may be accustomed to. Therefore, make sure to embrace discomfort when preparing to work abroad.

What to speak of moving to a foreign country, even moving to another city within your country, can exact a toll on your mental and physical health. Therefore, get used to getting uncomfortable more often than you can prepare for.  

Set Expectations Right and Commit to the Job

You may need more confidence about your international job and may set high expectations. Be mindful of this and set your expectations right. Understand the job, know the requirements, set expectations, and commit to it.

Never think that an international job is akin to your dreams coming true! In many cases, it may well be the case, but keep your expectations low and let time make it like a dream come true instead of trying to do so with force and before time. 

Plan the Move  

After all of the above, start planning the move to the country where you have been appointed. Make sure to make preparations according to the nature of the job and consider the conditions of the country you are traveling to.

The factors you must consider are the climate, the nature of the natives, a deep insight into the culture and norms and what the financials are like in your host country. 

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Why do people work in foreign countries?

Most people from developing countries seek employment opportunities in developed countries because they cannot find sustainable jobs in their native countries, which leads to unemployment and poverty.  

What are the benefits of working abroad?

Working abroad can be beneficial in many ways. Some benefits of working abroad are improving professional and communication skills, learning about different cultures, earning a higher income, traveling opportunities and personal growth.   

Which countries pay the most to expatriates?

A lot of companies are paying exceptional salaries to their employees. It includes Canada, the UK, Switzerland, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Costa Rica, Singapore, Thailand, Luxemburg, the USA, Japan, China, Denmark, Peru, and Australia. 

What are the jobs in high demand abroad?

Some of the most in-demand jobs abroad are computer manager, paralegal, technical writer, web developer, and financial manager. It also includes medical assistants, software developers, market research analysts, substance abuse counselors, statisticians, and nurse practitioners.  

How do I get my dream job abroad?  

You can get your dream job abroad if you research and shortlist countries, use online platforms for networking, and customize applications. You must set expectations, prepare for interviews, accept discomfort, follow up and negotiate the terms, and plan your move abroad.


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