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Shaping the Future of Transfers: Policy Insights for Digital Remittance to Ghana

Shaping the Future of Transfers: Policy Insights for Digital Remittance to Ghana

02 Nov 2023

Disruptive technologies are already changing conventional company structures and development strategies, resulting in substantial gains, enhanced convenience, and improved consumer access to services. Sending money abroad has always been a challenging and expensive task due to the extensive networks of intermediaries, time-consuming procedures, and hidden costs. With more and more developments in the money transfer sector, it is now easier to send money to Ghana from overseas.

Personal remittances to Ghana totalled 4.7 billion dollars in 2022, a modest increase from the year before. The highest and lowest amounts of personal remittances received in the nation throughout the study period, at five billion dollars and 140 million dollars, respectively, were received in 2015 and 2010. You can do transfers in many ways, but doing it through money transfer services is the most popular one. ACE Money Transfer is the most reputable transfer service. Let's see the policies through which these transfers to Ghana are conducted. 

ACE Money Transfer

Transferring money to Ghana is easy with ACE Money Transfer. All around Ghana, this transfer service is accessible and practical to use. To use their cutting-edge online money transfer services, simply register. They provide the most competitive prices. Follow the simple steps mentioned below for an online money transfer that is quick, easy, secure, and safe:

Sign Up

Before making a transaction, it is necessary to sign up. Choose "Create your ACE Money Transfer Account" to get started. Add all the necessary information about yourself. Provide the company with all the necessary documents. The transaction process is quite simple and easy with the ACE Money Transfer website or mobile app. 

Add Information 

In the next step, you will have to include information about the person to whom you want to send money. Make sure to include all the correct information, as it is the most crucial step for conducting a money transfer to Ghana. Your personal information is most frequently used by ACE for transactional purposes. It is important to have the sender and receiver's full names and addresses or their bank account information to complete a transaction.

Additionally, it's necessary to control information use and guarantee everyone's safety. Your personal information may be processed by ACE so that you can get specific types of relevant and interesting marketing communications. To enhance the quality of our service, ACE may gather and analyse data such as website or app visit logs on our own or by utilising third-party services. 

Send Money

In the next step, you will have to add the amount of money you want to transfer. As soon as you enter the appropriate amount and continue with the online transfer, your money is transmitted to Ghana.

Ways to Transfer Money

To best serve its client's needs and the convenience of its beneficiaries, ACE Money Transfer provides its services through a variety of remittance alternatives. To assist customers in getting started, ACE provides quick and immediate money transfer services. All money transfer services and advantages are swift and efficient.


Send Money online using a website. You can do it by using a laptop, desktop computer, or tablet. You can send it from home or any other location. You can even use a mobile app to send money. The ACE mobile app makes it simple to transfer money using your smartphone or any other electronic device, saving you time and effort. 

Sending Methods 

Ace Money Transfer prioritises its customer needs and provides you with various options while transferring money. You can do a money transfer to Ghana using the following: 

  • Debit Card 
  • Apple Pay 
  • Online Bank Transfer via Trustly 
  • Credit Card 
  • Google Pay

Receiving Methods

The safest channels are used by ACE Money Transfer to deliver your funds. You can either pick it up at one of our partners' stores or have it delivered to your bank account. Here is a list of the methods we offer for sending money to Ghana from abroad: 

Quick Cash Pickup 

Money sent to Ghana can be picked up by the recipient at any branch location of one of ACE Money Transfers partner banks across the country. To pick up cash payments, just instruct your recipient to visit any of our partner banks with their Photo ID (such as a NIC, Passport, Driving License, etc.) and the 11-digit pin. Instant cash is available for collection. If it is made after banking hours, during the week, or on holiday, it will be accessible for pickup the following day.

Bank Deposit

Through their rapid, safe, and secure services, you can promptly send money to your beneficiary's bank account by using the bank deposit option. At ACE Money Transfers affiliated commercial banks in Ghana, recipients can get cash right away in their bank accounts. Timeframes for bank deposits vary by nation but are typically credited in 1 to 2 business days. Incorrect bank information may result in further delays.

Phone Wallet 

One of the easiest ways of sending money is with a mobile wallet. Customers of ACE Money Transfer can easily receive money in Ghana by using a mobile wallet option. The following Ghanaian mobile wallets support receiving funds sent from overseas via ACE's services. 

  • Tigo
  • Airtel Money
  • MTN
  • Vodafone

Airtime Top-Up

Now, you can even use ACE Money Transfer to send a top-up to your loved ones in Ghana. And they will receive it.

Ensuring the Best Transfer Facilities

Is there a friend or relative in Ghana who needs money right now? For a safe, efficient, and trustworthy money transfer to Ghana, you can particularly rely on ACE Money Transfer. In times of need and catastrophe, ACE Money Transfer offers a safe and carefree transfer to Ghana, enabling you to stay in touch with your loved ones.


ACE Money Transfer provides the best exchange rates and lowest costs as well. If you are an expat who is learning to save money on transfers, then this article is for you: Top Tips to Save More on Your International Money Transfers – A Guide 

Safe and Secure Transfers

ACE Money Transfer ensures your safety and security. When you trust them with your money, they safeguard it and retain every last penny. Throughout the cash move cycle, the consumers are kept informed. Not only that, they ensure the fastest money transfers so that customers may send money anywhere in Ghana with just a few clicks. ACE Money Transfer does not violate your privacy by sending your information to others. They keep asking you for permission before doing anything. 


ACE Money Transfer is the most reputable transfer service. Before making a transaction, it is necessary to sign up. Then, add all the relevant information and the amount you want to transfer. ACE Money Transfer requires your personal information for a safe and quick transaction. They want to make sure that you're getting what you want. They provide you with the best exchange rate for sending money to Ghana, all while protecting your privacy. 


What Are the Main Advantages of Switching to Electronic Payments?

Digital payments lessen the possibility of theft and fake currency. These are two serious issues with the currency that its digital counterpart alleviates. Payments and other financial transactions can be easily tracked online. 

What Are the Remittance Industry’s Innovations?

Despite these obstacles, there are numerous prospects for digital innovation and transformation in the remittance sector. New methods of transferring and receiving money, including mobile money, online platforms, e-wallets, and blockchain, have been made possible by the quick uptake of mobile phones, the internet, and digital platforms. 

What Benefits and Drawbacks Do Digital Transactions Offer?

Digital payments have several benefits, such as ease, security, and cost savings. However, some drawbacks to taking into account include technical difficulties, security threats, and a lack of adequate consumer protection. 

What Distinguishes an Online Transaction From a Digital One?

The principal variation between online and digital banking is that digital banking is more of an umbrella term covering any technologically enabled financial transactions. Therefore, while Internet banking is a type of digital banking, this industry encompasses much more.


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