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Returning Home: Reintegrating into Phillippine Society after Returning from Ireland

03 May 2024

Returning to your homeland after staying just financially connected by making regular money transfers from Ireland to Philippines would be a moment full of excitement for all expats. Though living abroad offers a different and unique experience, one feels at home upon reuniting with the land. Expats often get a chance to visit their homelands. Hardly 4% of expats visit their homes yearly. Filipino expats may undergo many changes and face challenges while living in Ireland. Sense of loneliness and lack of association cause individuals to suffer a lot. So, before returning to your country, plan how to relive your memories.

For expats, the journey back home can also be full of challenges. Almost 6.5 thousand Filipinos are immigrants who live permanently in other countries. They emerge in the culture of an immigrant nation and adapt their cultures or become hybrids. Hybrids are individuals who adopt a blend of cultures and lose their purity. As an expat, you must come prepared to enjoy your stay in the Philippines. Scroll down the article to learn the necessary tips after returning from Ireland to the Philippines.

Pre-Planning After Returning From Ireland to the Philippines

Returning home can be exciting and challenging after living abroad and managing everything in a different country. You might be concerned that the cheapest way to send money to Philippines from Ireland will be risky. Before returning to your homeland, plan the whole trip carefully:

Clear Your Mind

Before landing in the Philippines, you must be prepared for cultural shocks. You may sense little changes in everything, including behavior and living styles because everything keeps evolving. Your extended stay in Ireland may bring either positive or negative changes in the environment or culture. So, clear your mind and avoid creating assumptions about getting familiarised with everything.

Start Practising Your Native Language

Living in Ireland may have changed your lifestyle. You may lack fluency in your native language because of frequent use of the Irish language for years. So, start learning your language. Revise a few concepts and look at vocabulary and new diction. Expats may observe a slight difference in accent and pronunciation due to adopting a second language. Therefore, familiarise yourself with your native tongue.

Make a List of Things to do

Plan your trip if you want to make your journey exciting and interesting. Right after landing in the Philippines, make a to-do list. List everything you want to do so you may not miss anything. Make a schedule and plan everything carefully. Manage your time and make an effective life schedule. Prioritize things according to your interests, and remember to spare a lot of time for family and friends.

Plan a Healthy Routine

After returning home, expats become dull and lazy because of the lack of workload. In this way, you might begin to procastinate. Try to make a productive routine and look for part-time or remote jobs. You can also manage your work online. 

Make Meetup Plans with Friends and Families

One exciting thing for every Filipino expat will be reuniting with friends and family. Meeting your loved ones after a while comes with an emotional feeling. Spare some time for your family and spend as much time as possible. Attend all the family meetings and gatherings. Share your experiences and listen to their thoughts to have a catharsis. 

Travel to Your Favourite Places

Travel to your favorite places and visit the areas you miss to relive your memories. The more you interact, the more you will revive your connection with your native land. You will find peace in every corner and praise your childhood memories. Moreover, traveling will expose you to new happenings and changes in your environment.

Catch the Social Trends

Join local sports clubs to stay active and connected with social trends. You can take part in national games and competitions. Attending sports and events allows you to merge with people easily. Moreover, it will reconnect you with your social network. 

Invest in Skills

One crucial thing for expats is to consume their idle time effectively. Avoid wasting your time and look for trending skills. You can also make online money transfers from Ireland to Philippines to register for short courses or skills before reaching your home country. It will save you time and increase your knowledge.

Embrace Cultural Reconnection

The Philippines is a culturally enriched country with enriching musical tastes and arts. You can enjoy concerts and festivals to reconnect with your traditions. Moreover, you can enjoy the food. Explore new restaurants in the town to give your taste buds an exciting taste of traditional flavors.

Boost Your Investments

Avoid wasting your money on useless things. Try to increase your income resources. Visit industrial areas of the Philippines. Invest your money in appropriate places so you can make a profit. You can also buy business shares or start a small business to secure your money at safe sites.

Clear Your Financial Disputes

On your return to the Philippines, settle your financial and legal disputes. Clear the taxes and bills from previous years. Visit your properties or business and make changes according to requirements. Moreover, read the top 10 Life-Saving tips for Filipino Expatriate Workers in Ireland before returning home here.

3 Simple Ways to Reintegrate into Philippines Society

Integrating with Filipino society is crucial after returning from abroad. It will revive your old bonds, and you will stay updated about the new happenings.

Embrace the Culture

Be patient because you may suffer cultural adjustments and challenges. Celebrate and embrace your culture and small accomplishments.

Share Your Experience

Share your experience of living abroad with your relatives and friends. It will give you relief, and others can learn from your experience. Share your lifestyle experience and struggles with making an online money transfer from Ireland to the Philippines.

Improve Your Social Connections

Improve your social connection using familiar gestures, greetings, and social conventions to demonstrate cultural sensitivity and adaptability. Every expat dreams of visiting their country yearly because they miss their families and relationships. Returning home after living abroad will be fun but might come with many challenges. Because of living in Ireland's new culture and environment, expats may face difficulty switching back to the environment.

They may need more practice to speak the Filipino language. So, they must start mentally preparing for their reunion with the people. After reintegrating into Filipino society, expats must spare time for their families, explore and travel the country, and look for ways to double their income resources. Moreover, investing time and money in learning new skills will be more fruitful.

Concluding Thoughts: Returning Home to Philippine Society from Ireland!

Returning to your home after living in distant places for years brings mixed emotions. On the one hand, you might miss the fantastic and unique experience of living in Ireland; on the other, you will be eager to meet with your loved ones and relive your memories. As an expat, you must pen down everything you miss and want to do while living in Ireland. Make a productive schedule and follow it to live the best of your life.

Often, expats became lazy and dull on their return home, which caused them financial damage. You must adopt an active routine and set a time for exercise and walking. You can also look for an online job in Ireland while living in the Philippines so your company can send money online to Philippines from Ireland to support you. You can also invest your savings in running a small business. It will expose you to the Filipino market, or you can buy shares. Try to save as much money as possible to meet your future needs.


How can expatriates reintegrate into Philippine society after living in Ireland?

Expats can reintegrate into Philippine society by celebrating Filipino culture, traveling the country, attending local festivals and events, and contributing as active members of society.

What kind of challenges do individuals face returning to the Philippines from Ireland?

Expats may feel cultural challenges, language barriers, communication gaps, emotional adjustment, and changes in the lifestyles and attitudes of the people.

How can expats manage their income on their return to their homeland from abroad?

Expats can start remote jobs or online jobs. Also, they can utilize their savings to invest, start small businesses, or buy shares in the companies of the Philippines.

What are healthy activities for expats to adopt on their return to the Philippines?

Expats can maintain a healthy lifestyle by making a schedule. Utilize time in productive things, invest time and money in your skills, travel the country, explore new areas, and meet and greet with your families.

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