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Cultural Sensitivity: Navigating International Norms as a Pakistani

03 May 2024

Have you ever wondered about practicing Pakistani norms while living overseas and managing money transfers to Pakistan? Almost 9 million Pakistanis are living overseas. Everyone has different reasons for migration, but nearly every person misses the norms and cultures associated with the roots of their native land. Pakistani expats send large remittances to Pakistan worth 19.3 billion dollars yearly, and they stand as the 5th largest remittance-receiving Gulf country. Pakistani expats live in various areas of the world, such as Europe, Australia, the Netherlands, Canada, and many more. 

Understanding cultural sensitivity and adopting international norms are necessary for the peaceful lives of expats. Cultural sensitivity includes respecting other cultures' norms, values, and traditions. Expats must maintain their cultural identity while practicing the norms of migrated land. Pakistan is a land of diverse cultures, where people of different regions perform different values and standards. It would help if you exhibited cultural sensitivity and respect for other cultures as an expat. For Pakistani people, adopting new norms can be a journey of excitement. Explore the article to make your journey remarkable:

Importance of Cultural Sensitivity for Pakistani Expats

The geographical area of Pakistan is 881,913 square kilometers. It is divided into five big provinces, each following a diverse custom. The people of Pakistan are highly adaptable because they know how to survive in a land where even language dialects change after every kilometer. Understanding cultural sensitivity is essential to living a successful life overseas while sending money to Pakistan to stay financially connected with your roots.

Cultural Diversity

For Pakistani expats, living in a new country can be challenging because of cultural diversity. It is because every land follows unique and different rituals and norms. Respecting diverse cultures is a key to a successful life. Respecting diversity means valuing the differences and appreciating the unique perspectives. Try to see the world through a different lens and perspective, and you will admire the beauty of every culture.

Cultural Differences

Understanding cultural differences rather than making judgments promotes a healthy lifestyle. Respect the differences and avoid falling for stereotypes. Stay focused on your goals and learn about different cultures to remove societal barriers. 

Follow International Norms

As a Pakistani, you must break all the stereotypes. Redefine your narrative and celebrate international norms. International norms are commonly accepted behaviors of social groups. They are not legal laws but are significant in binding cultures and societies. They promote stability and mutual respect in the global community.

Practising International Norms for Overseas Pakistani

As a Pakistani expat, you can improve your country's image by normalizing international living norms. It will impact your personal life positively, opening ways for making money transfers to Pakistan. The following will help you develop a healthy environment around you.

Communication Styles

Start by practicing the local language of the country in which you are residing. Communication barriers can create multiple issues in the lives of expats. Understanding the language gives you exposure to different things. You can talk with the natives easily and discuss your living or financial settlement matters. Learn the communication styles and etiquette to know the context of a situation.

Cultural Etiquettes

Learn social and cultural norms and etiquette, such as norms of greeting, hospitality, and dining manners. Pakistanis warmly welcome guests and are known for their hospitality. You can show the same respect to people of other cultures, fostering your norms. You will also earn respect for your social practices by respecting different cultures.

Religious Observations

In Pakistan, people perform different religions. Almost 95% of Pakistani people are Muslims rest are Hindus, Christians, Parsis, and Jews. Be mindful of religious and cultural backgrounds while interacting with individuals from different backgrounds.

Environmental Protection

As a Pakistani expat, you must promote environmental stability and play your role for the betterment of the environment. It doesn't matter which part of the world you live in; your environment is your responsibility. Look for eco-friendly ways of living and avoid using toxic pollutants. Choose the best ways to send money online to Pakistan and embrace a green environment.

Mutual Respect

One of the critical things that everyone must focus on is “respect.” Whether a native or an expat, everyone deserves respect. It's a two-way process, and it is necessary to respect others to get respect. You can resolve all the community barriers and conflicts by respecting each other.

Adhere to Legal Values

Expats must follow the legal rules and regulations of a country. Use legal resources and follow deadlines for taxes and bills. Pakistani expatriates mostly send remittances to their loved ones back home because of the emotional attachments.Make sure to use legal remittance services to send money to your homeland.

Cultural Exchange

As a Pakistani, you can also promote cultural exchange. Practice your cultural values and norms while respecting others. You can follow the below points:

  • Practice your Pakistani clothing and fashion sense while living abroad. The national dress of Pakistan is Kameez Salwar. You can also choose the hybrid culture, which blends Western and Eastern cultures. It will reflect your personality development and flexibility.
  • Attend cultural festivals abroad and take part in their celebrations. It will end your boredom, and you will merge into the environment. Many countries also celebrate Pakistani culture. You can also join them to stay connected with your roots. Moreover, you can make a global money transfer for financial connection with Pakistan.
  • Explore the food and taste of the place you are living. The experience of exploring new tastes will excite your taste buds.
  • Travel to different places so you can experience beauty and cultural diversity. Be open-minded and enjoy your life, experiencing new adventures with new people.

Learn how to plan Travelling with Sustainability and cultural sensitivity in Mind.

Challenges and Solutions for Expats in Navigating International Norms

Following international norms is essential for expats to adjust to the environment. International norms help you understand the rules and regulations of the country you are living in. You may have to face the following challenges while living overseas:

Language Barrier

Language barrier is one of the most common challenges for expats living abroad. Individuals should respect each other's languages for better understanding and fluent communication. Try to learn the language of the country you're living in to remove social, cultural, and religious barriers.


Cultures associate different stereotypes with other cultures. People consider their culture superior and disrespect others, which can cause societal disputes. People often make stereotypes just by judging one or two people in the community, which causes conflicts. It is mandatory to stay flexible and allow people to settle all disputes.

Solutions to Overcome Cultural Sensitivity Challenges

Expats can overcome cultural sensitivity by educating about cultural flexibility. Learn about different cultures and their norms to blur the boundaries. Expats must give space to speakers of varying cultures and exhibit the quality of sound as active listeners. Moreover, empathizing with others can develop a deep bond and share a respectful conversation.

Understanding cultural sensitivity is necessary for Pakistani expats living overseas.  Expats must show flexibility to other cultures to promote a healthy environment. Attention to cultural sensitivity is essential because it can resolve half of the community conflicts. Language plays a vital role in overcoming cultural differences. Try to communicate your issues and avoid being judgemental. Learn to exchange your values and indulge in other cultures to see the world's beauty from another perspective.

Navigating Global Cultural Sensitivity

Pakistan is a beautiful land of cultural diversity where people of different backgrounds live. Many Pakistanis have moved to other countries where they are working to live a better life. These expats are connected to various countries and send money to Pakistan to invest in their skills or to help their Pakistani families. Learning cultural sensitivity is necessary for expats to quickly manage their lives and adjust to the new environment. Expats may feel uncomfortable with cultural differences and contrasting norms. However, individuals with broad perspectives can handle these situations wisely.

Mutual respect is a crucial element for expats. Respect other cultures so they can celebrate your cultural values with you. Instead of making judgments, explore the culture and attend art and crafts festivals. Adopt a hybrid way to stay connected with your roots while exhibiting flexibility for your norms. Learn the native language of the country you are living in to overcome any conflicts. A smooth communication path will reduce your social anxiety and bring harmony to society. So, break the stereotypes and learn about cultural etiquette.


What is cultural sensitivity?

Cultural sensitivity means reflecting flexibility towards other cultures and giving importance to their beliefs, customs, traditions, and norms of living.

How can Pakistani expats navigate cultural sensitivity?

Pakistani expats can navigate cultural sensitivity by educating themselves, breaking stereotypes, and learning the language of different cultures.

How to overcome cultural differences?

You can overcome cultural differences by practicing hybrid cultures, adopting new norms, and reflecting flexibility towards other behaviors.

Why is it essential to reflect cultural flexibility?

Promoting a peaceful and healthy lifestyle is essential to reflect cultural flexibility. Cultural flexibility gives everyone a space where people can practice their norms freely without any fear.

What are the flexible ways of sending money to Pakistan?

You can send money to Pakistan through banks or online remittance services like ACE Money Transfer. It is one of the most flexible ways to send money to Pakistan.

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