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Overcoming Homesickness in Spain: Staying Connected to Loved Ones Back Home in Pakistan

23 Feb 2024

Moving to a new country can be both exciting and challenging. For Pakistani immigrants in Spain, starting a new life often means feeling homesick for their home country. Adapting to a new culture and being far from loved ones can be challenging. Pakistanis in Spain might feel overwhelmed by Spanish customs, language, and societal norms, which can differ significantly from what they are used to. To help ease the pain of feeling homesick, immigrants need to stay connected with their families back home. 

By staying connected to their families and leveraging financial support, immigrants can overcome homesickness and thrive in their adopted homes.  Not just that! When people send money to Pakistan from Spain, it is more than a financial transaction; it's a way for immigrants to feel home. In this blog, let’s explore the challenges of homesickness to stay connected with your loved ones and practical strategies to overcome them.   

What is Homesickness?

Homesickness is a feeling that many people experience when they are away from home. For Pakistani expatriates living in Spain, homesickness can be particularly challenging due to the distance between their host country and the homeplace they left behind and the problems related to adapting to a new culture.        

Emotional/ Psychological Factors

Are you currently experiencing homesickness? It's normal to feel that way, especially when you're in a new place vastly different from what you're used to. Cultural differences, language barriers, and isolation are just some of the psychological factors that can contribute to homesickness.                

Navigating Cultural Shifts   

When people move to a new place, they might feel out of place due to the differences in cultural norms and their way of life. Pakistani immigrants residing in Spain might experience this feeling of displacement due to the varying social dynamics, societal expectations, and adjustments in their daily routines.        

Language Barriers Leading to Communication Gap     

The key to establishing a strong connection with others is effective communication. However, language barriers can create significant obstacles that stand in the way. When people struggle to express themselves or understand others, it can lead to homesickness.

Impact on Well-being    

Homesickness can have a real impact on both mental and physical health. The stress of feeling homesick can lead to anxiety and depression. Physically, symptoms like fatigue, headaches, and changes in appetite can become chronic health issues if not addressed. 

Bridging the Distance       

In today's technological era, several communication technologies can help connect people and bring them closer. Let's look at these technologies, their advantages, and their limitations.      

Bridging Miles with Video Calls       

There's nothing quite like having a real-time conversation with your loved ones and seeing their happy faces. Thanks to platforms like WhatsApp, Skype, and Zoom, you can now experience the warmth of your family members right in your Spanish living room. The connectivity is not confined to video calls, it extends beyond them to tangible connections. With more people wanting to send money online to Pakistan from Spain, it depicts how expats want to help their loved ones during celebrations, emergencies, or for regular support.  

Instant Messaging Services 

If you're looking for a convenient and easy way to stay connected with friends and family, instant messaging apps such as Viber and Facebook Messenger are the perfect tools. 

Social Media Platforms   

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter serve as digital notice boards, allowing you to stay informed about the lives of your dear ones residing in your home country. You can browse through images of weddings, catch live cricket games, or engage in online groups consisting of Pakistani nationals residing in Spain. This fosters a sense of unity and mutual experiences, which can provide immense solace.

Embracing Spanish Culture   

As a Pakistani expat, assimilating into Spanish culture is a fulfilling journey that calls for curiosity, open-mindedness, and a sincere respect for your new home's rich traditions and practices. As a Pakistani expat in Spain, you have a great opportunity to embrace the Pakistani community and Spanish culture. These are the few things you can do while staying in Spain: 

Learning New Language 

To fully experience the local culture, consider learning Spanish. You may attend language classes, practice with native speakers, and try to use Spanish in daily conversations. These efforts will help you integrate into the local culture and expand your social network.

Exploring Local Hobbies      

Participating in popular activities in Spain, such as local sports, art classes, or cultural workshops, can effectively connect with people with similar interests. This can help you build new friendships and broaden your social circle while also immersing yourself in Spanish culture.      

Exploring New Places

Why not step out of your comfort zone and discover Spain? You can broaden your knowledge of Spanish customs and mingle with new acquaintances by visiting historical landmarks, participating in local festivities, and admiring the varied landscapes.

Customs and Traditions   

Get acquainted with the traditions and customs of Spain. Recognize the value of family get-togethers, the significance of siestas, and social interaction manners. Community spirit and deference to elders are highly prized.  

Making Meaningful Connections

When engaging in virtual interactions, listening to others actively is essential. Pay close attention to their stories, concerns, and happy moments. Provide them with comforting words, acknowledge their accomplishments, and offer support even from afar. It's worth noting that homesickness can affect both parties, and your emotional support can be just as essential as theirs.

One way to broaden your social circle and engage in cultural exchange while in Spain is to try to make friends with the locals actively. You can attend community events, socialize with your neighbors, or become a member of local clubs or organizations to get opportunities to connect with Spaniards. By building these connections, you can greatly enrich your experience in Spain.  

Connecting with the Pakistani Community

Satying connected with the Pakistani community residing in Spain is advantageous for foreigners seeking assistance and companionship. The following strategies can be used to promote relationships within the Pakistani community:     

Utilising Global Money Transfer Services

By using instant services to make a money transfer from Spain to Pakistan, you can stay in touch with your home and offer help to your loved ones in Pakistan. With safe and dependable financial transactions, you can ensure that you are always there to provide support when it is needed, strengthening your sense of responsibility and connection with your family and friends.    

Community Events and Celebrations

It's a good idea to join cultural events and celebrations hosted by the Pakistani community in Spain. These events could be religious festivals, cultural meetups, or national celebrations. You can also attend social gatherings to connect with other Pakistanis, exchange stories, and foster a strong sense of fellowship.  

Building Support Networks  

It's crucial to build a network of support within the Pakistani community. Connect with people with similar backgrounds and experiences to exchange advice, extend help, and foster community. Also, you can leverage social media groups or local community centers to stay up-to-date about upcoming events and find like-minded peers.  

Participate in Cultural Events

In Spain, watch for Pakistani cultural events, festivals, and get-togethers. Taking part in celebrations of holidays such as Eid, Independence Day, or other cultural celebrations helps strengthen your sense of kinship.

Prepare Traditional Foods

Prepare and cook the cuisine of Pakistan. This is a fantastic opportunity to indulge in comfort food and a lovely way to introduce friends and neighbors in Spain to your culture. You can also enroll in cooking classes or seminars to discover new recipes.

Stay Up to Date

Stay informed about events and happenings in Pakistan. Watch Pakistani TV series or films, read books written by Pakistani writers, and visit Pakistani news websites. You'll stay up to date on current events and cultural trends by doing this.

Navigating Homesickness with Financial Connectivity

When someone is feeling homesick, being able to make an online money transfer from Pakistan to Spain, can be a great way to connect hearts despite the distance. More than just a financial transaction, this support can be a lifeline that provides a sense of continuity and comfort to help ease the emotional strain of relocation. By sending money, people can show that they care and help individuals build a foundation of resilience in their new homes.    

The Way Forward

To understand homesickness, it is crucial to examine its emotional and physical aspects in-depth, which are associated with the psychological aspects of cultural adaptation, language barriers, and isolation. The process of adjusting to a new life in Spain is difficult, it is a continuous process where you learn new things in a different environment. Making an online money transfer from Spain to Pakistan is an international act of love. This connects you back to your own people. As a Pakistani living in Spain, building a community and embracing Spanish culture can create a fulfilling expatriate experience. By connecting with both the Pakistani and Spanish communities, you can forge meaningful relationships, celebrate diversity, and contribute to cultural exchange in your new home.


For how long is homesickness possible?

It may take time to become used to new habits and feel more at ease in your new surroundings. Research shows homesickness can linger from three weeks to over a year.

What is the underlying reason for missing home?

This may be brought on by missing loved ones, experiencing loneliness in a strange place, or difficulty coping with your burden at school. After spending time at home over the Christmas and Easter holidays, it is common to experience homesickness in the following weeks.

How can I get over missing somewhere?

One strategy is to revisit your memories of the location by glancing through old pictures or trinkets. You can also replicate some of the cuisine or ambiance from the location at home. Planning a follow-up trip or looking into comparable locations that can arouse emotions are more options.

Does being homesick get worse when you get home?

However, returning home whenever possible could prevent you from settling into your new life on campus. That may exacerbate your feelings of homesickness. Being homesick is a perfectly normal emotion.

Is being homesick a weakness?

It is not a weakness or cause for shame or guilt to experience homesickness. It is, in fact, a perfectly reasonable reaction to a significant life alteration.

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