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A Complete Study Abroad Guide for Ghanaians Seeking Scholarships in Australia

23 Feb 2024

Envisioning a super bright future through scholarships in Australia? 

Ghanaian students prefer seeking valuable educational and employment opportunities to send money to Ghana from Australia to support their families. Likewise, students around the world, Ghanaian students also desire to make their dreams come true through scholarships. However, scholarships in Australia require thorough research, specific prerequisites, demanding eligibility criteria and application deadlines. You can't drive the procedure without a proactive approach to obtaining the scholarship in Australia.

Among international students, the popularity of Australian universities has also affected Ghanaian students from a global perspective. Moreover, Australian higher education scholarships are regarded as significant tools for development in Africa as a diplomatic strategy. 

Rigorous checks and balances have been implemented to appropriately allocate each country's scholarships. The prime motivation behind these checks and balances is to ensure accountability and transparency. Regardless of difficulties, with steadfast determination and the right abilities, you can open the doors of opportunities to your shining future. Let's figure out how to grab your scholarship options in Australia.    

How do Ghanaians find Scholarships in Australia? 

The first and foremost step to avail the chances of acquiring Australian scholarships is a practical approach through the research process. So, deep research is crucial for applying for and winning Australian scholarships to send money online to Ghana from Australia. Get underway the process with valuable tips to research scholarships in Australia;         

Initiate Your Journey Earlier 

As an international student, you should understand the significance of early outsets and efforts. If you make the right strategy for the research process and start as early as possible, you will face fewer problems and complications throughout the process. You will have more possibilities to stay ahead of the competition with sufficient research work for your Australian scholarship programs.             

Use Various Resources

Various helpful resources are available for researching the right scholarship for you. Several university websites, scholarship databases,  and Ghanaian government agencies provide insights to reach the one-of-a-kind Australian scholarship. Using a trustworthy source is the key to your way to a thriving career through effective research techniques for scholarship in Australian universities.   

Review Carefully

Whereas you have multiple resources to research for Australian scholarships, reviewing scholarship requirements is essential. You must also understand all aspects of eligibility criteria and application deadlines. A careful review saves your time from useless attempts and enhances the chances of applying for the right opportunity. It will also help you get the desired scholarship's maximum chance.    

How to Apply for Scholarships in Australia? 

Applying for scholarships in Australian universities also requires a foolproof strategy. You simply can't ignore any step in the process of finding the right opportunity to find the best scholarship.

Here are crucial steps to apply for scholarships in Australia. 

  • As a first step, check the opening and closing dates of scholarships for your country and select your country of citizenship in the list of participating countries. 
  • Review the specific information on eligibility, priorities and how to apply the process according to your country.       
  • To apply conveniently, read the Australia Award Scholarship Policy Handbook for general eligibility information, selection procedures, entitlements and responsibilities. 
  • Check carefully because some countries allow for online applications, and others do not. You may require a hard copy application. 
  • While registering online, you must answer all eligibility questions. Then, you will receive a registration number, username, and password. 
  • Keep in mind that changes are not allowed after submission.
  • You should be careful about applying online before the deadline. 

Preparing for Study Abroad in Australia

Studying in Australia, your favorite destination, also requires proper preparation. However, obtaining a student visa is the first step here. After this, you also need to arrange favorable accommodation near your university. For all these settings, managing finances is a challenging task for you without a scholarship.

You should also get the necessary information about the Australian healthcare system and insurance requirements for a safe stay there. Furthermore, you can't underestimate the importance of familiarizing yourself with Australian culture and living environments. You make better memories while studying in Australia with adequate knowledge of Australian culture. These opportunities promise you a life-long, stable career so you can earn a better livelihood and send money back home through an instant money transfer from Ghana to Australia.

You can also figure out potential support services available for international students in Australia. These standard support services include orientation programs, academic assistance, and cultural integration activities. With all this essential preparation, you can conveniently enjoy your educational journey in Australia.      

Fulfilling Futures: Australian Scholarships For Ghanian Students  

Conducting extensive research before submitting scholarship applications is essential to study in Australian universities. Moreover, you must adequately prepare for a joyful studying experience in Australia after acquiring an Australian scholarship. Ghanaian students, especially, have numerous opportunities that are accessible through scholarships. You can get better chances to study and grow your career in Australia with enhanced opportunities. You can get the best professional experience and better possibilities for online money transfers from Ghana to Australia.

You can follow your ambitions in Australia to support your country with foreign remittances. For all Ghanaian students and hard-working expats, ACE Money Transfer is a blessing for a quick online money transfer from Australia to Ghana. With all tech advanced solutions to your financial problems, it can reliably guide you through your personal and economic growth.


What are the ways to secure a full scholarship in an Australian university?

To secure a full scholarship, merit-based, need-based, student-specific, and course-specific criteria all play a role in Australia's scholarship system. A student's profile determines their Australian scholarship amount, ranging from $2,000 to full tuition coverage. However, full funding for doctoral programs is common in Australia.

Can Ghana apply for a scholarship from the Australia Awards?

According to the latest updates, Botswana, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Gabon, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Sudan, Tanzania, The Gambia, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe are eligible African countries that can apply in 2024.

What is the minimum GPA needed for an Australian scholarship? 

For an Australian scholarship program, you need to keep your GPA between 2.5 and 4.0 while in school and have an overall score of 70% or above on your most recent qualification. So, you need a bright and progressive academic record to apply for an Australian scholarship.

Is the IELTS score a crucial factor in Australian scholarship opportunities?

Scholarship opportunities in Australia depend not on your IELTS score but on your academic performance. To qualify for the most scholarships, you should work to improve your academic performance. Scholarship eligibility at several schools requires a GPA of 75% or higher.

Which Australian university offers the most scholarships?

Among all Australian universities, the University of Melbourne offers more full and partial scholarships for master's, doctoral, and postgraduate studies than any other. You can also avail yourself of the frequent chances to get a scholarship as a Ghanaian student.

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