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Localizing Your Career: Tips for Integrating into the Job Market in Canada as a Ghanaian

Localizing Your Career: Tips for Integrating into the Job Market in Canada as a Ghanaian

19 Oct 2023

Did you know that Canada created 39,900 jobs in August 2023? Ghanaians, this is your chance to fly to Canada and avail yourself of better financial and professional growth. It can boost your capacity to support your loved ones back home through a money transfer to Ghana from Canada.

But wait, the labor market in Canada is entirely distinct from that in your native country. Even recent immigrants who enjoyed great career success in their native country occasionally experience difficulty adjusting to the reality of working life in Canada. But you can learn more about the Canadian job market before moving. You will be prepared for success in your new country if you go through this blog thoroughly.

Understanding the Canadian Job Market

Believe in Your Skills

If Canada has authorized your immigration request or encouraged you to apply, it is likely a sign that you have already had some professional success. After all, the foundation of a successful Canadian immigration application is frequent expertise in a specialized occupation, higher education, and excellent English or French language competence.

However, it's possible that the knowledge and experience you've gained so far in your profession won't be enough to set up your relocation to Canada for the tremendous success you hope for or anticipate. If you previously worked for a reputed organization, such as a multinational corporation, this may be particularly true. Although major businesses frequently have branches in Canada, smaller businesses dominate the employment sector there.

Small Business is Big in Canada

The labor market in Canada is unique. Small and medium-sized businesses, or SMEs, make up more than 90% of all companies in Canada. In Canada's private sector, these small enterprises employed approximately 70% of all workers in 2019.

With SMEs, everything is unique, including hiring, onboarding, and workplace culture. Pre-arrival programs like Canada InfoNet concentrate on helping professionals with international training to achieve their employment goals by giving them early access to information on the distinctive features of the Canadian labor market and how to go about conducting a job search there. They help you become the pro expat who earns enough to send money to Ghana from Canada for the family back home.

Canadian Resumes Differ from Ghanaian Format

Your cover letter and resume decide whether or not you are getting the job because they present the initial impression you give prospective employers. It's important to modify your CV and cover letter to meet Canadian requirements. Use a simple format, emphasize your accomplishments, and make sure your resume and cover letter are unique for each job application. To make sure they are effective and professional, you can also ask a career counselor or employment agency to look through your resume and cover letter.

Tips for Seamless Integration in the Canadian Job Market

Networking is the Key

In Canada, networking is an essential component of the job-seeking process. Make friends in your profession or industry, go to industry events and job fairs, and join professional organizations. You may connect with experts in your sector via social media networks like LinkedIn. You can learn about job openings and receive referrals and recommendations by creating a network.

Improve Your skills

You might occasionally need to take classes or enhance your abilities to satisfy the demands of Canadian companies. You can look up courses and programs at nearby colleges and universities to assist you in advancing your education. Additionally, think about enrolling in language classes or earning a certification in your desired profession.

Ensure You Are Interview-Ready

It's essential to prepare for an interview once you've submitted an application for a position and received an invitation. Review common interview questions and prepare your responses, conduct thorough research on the business and the role, and dress properly. You can also work with a career adviser or employment agency to refine your interviewing techniques.

Be Persistent and Patient

It might take time and effort for a new immigrant to Canada to find employment. Be persistent and patient in your job hunt, and don't give up if you don't receive an offer of employment right away. Continue to network with professionals in your industry, apply for employment frequently, and keep learning new things. Always remember your goal to send money to Ghana from Canada to support your family, awaiting your financial help. This will help you give your best in every try you make to secure employment.

Consider Working Part-time or Volunteer

Consider volunteering or taking up a part-time job to get Canadian work experience and expand your network if you're having trouble finding a full-time one. Additionally, volunteering can teach you about Canadian culture and society and help you become more fluent in the language.

Sending Your Hard Earned Money Back Home

ACE Money Transfer is a global online money transfer provider that specializes in sending and receiving quickly, securely, and economically. Additionally, ACE also offers many incentives for Ghanaian expats to give them ease in sending remittances. Here are a few justifications to think about using ACE Money Transfer after you secure a job in Canada.

Affordable Exchange Rates and Fees

You can send more money to your loved ones by using ACE Money Transfer's very convenient conversion rates for international money transfers.

Speedy and Secure

With ACE Money Transfer, you can send money to Ghana securely online. Your funds will be deposited into the recipient's bank account or mobile wallet in a matter of minutes.

There are many transfer options

ACE Money Transfer offers a variety of transfer options, including bank transfers, giving you more flexibility and convenience.

Bottom Line

If you are planning to move abroad, Canada is one of the best options due to its employment rate and welcoming culture. You might have to wait for a little, but if you follow the aforementioned tips religiously, you will get a good-paying job. You can trust ACE Money Transfer with your remittances. Sign up today to get a free money transfer to Ghana from Canada.


Q: Can I use my Ghanaian qualifications to find a job in Canada?

Yes, but you may need to get your credentials evaluated and possibly pursue additional certifications to secure a high-paying job.

Q: How can I build a professional network in Canada as a newcomer from Ghana?

You can do that by attending local networking events, joining industry-specific groups, and using LinkedIn to connect with professionals.

Q: What are some key cultural differences to be aware of in Canadian workplaces?

You should be aware that Canadians value punctuality, politeness, and open communication in the workplace.

Q: Are there government programs to help Ghanaian newcomers find employment in Canada?

Yes, programs like the Express Entry system and provincial nominee programs can assist in your job search for a seamless settlement in the new country.

Q: How can I improve my English fluency so that I can enhance my job prospects in a new country? 

Consider enrolling in English language courses or practicing with a language exchange partner.


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