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ACE Money Transfer's Incentives for New Ghanaian Customers

ACE Money Transfer's Incentives for New Ghanaian Customers

26 Jul 2023

Like people from several developing countries, over 1.7 million Ghanaians live in 53 different countries, most of whom settle abroad to earn better and support their families back home. Many people in Ghana are pressed by acute poverty ensuing from rampant unemployment and they thus travel to foreign countries to earn a living. They send money to Ghana through different channels to help their families and those financially dependent on them.

A report by the Atlas of Humanity revealed that most Ghanaian diasporas are living in foreign countries to earn a living, for higher education and other reasons. But do you know what is one of the biggest concerns of Ghanaian expatriates after they have landed in foreign countries and have started earning?

Well, your biggest concern is to ensure you save money while transferring funds back home because every service provider charges you fees. They earn profits in exchange rates they offer you, and also deductions are made at the time of converting money from one currency to another.

All of these factors can slash the amount you intend to send back by a big margin. And this is the last thing you want to think about as a Ghanaian expatriate earning a living in a foreign land.

Because if you have the necessary education, skills and experience, getting a job is not an issue for you but if you want to send money back home in a cost-effective manner, conveniently, and to your satisfaction, then you will have to look around and find a service provider that offers you such features in their services. 

It is because of the mushroom growth of these service providers.

But here is the surprise for you!

You no longer have to worry about the payment you make while transferring funds back home from overseas.

ACE Money Transfer has an exciting offer for Ghanaian remitters who use the remittance service of ACE Money Transfer for the first time for a money transfer to Ghana. The offer remains active for every Ghanaian expatriate living abroad and transferring funds back home.

Yes. You read it right!

Your first money transfer to Ghana with ACE Money Transfer from overseas is just free of cost, with no hidden charges at all.

Continue reading to ascertain the exciting details.


A Look into the Exciting Incentive for Ghanaian Migrants

As mentioned earlier, the first thing you think about, after getting a job and starting to earn in a foreign country, is to save money in every way possible. And you successfully do so by being careful in your daily routine in terms of food, residence, and commuting, but when it comes to sending money, there is little you can do.

You wonder why?

Well, because a service provider will offer service in exchange for fees which is the rule. Right?

But this rule is suspended if you wish to transfer funds to Ghana for the first time as you will get a fee-free first transfer.

But this is not all.

It is not only the fees that you pay. There are other charges too. For example, what type of currency exchange rates do you get; what is the cost of currency conversion; how much does the company charge you for delivering funds at a faster speed; and how much is the security of your funds?

All of these charges can throw your finances into disequilibrium which you cannot afford.

But through this incentive, you will not have to pay a single penny on your funds’ transfer to Ghana if you use ACE Money Transfer’s service for the first time.

Don’t you find it akin to just taking out your wallet and giving money to those your money transfers to Ghana are intended to benefit?

What else will surprise you if this doesn’t?

Learn here other Essential Tips To Save Money On Your International Money Transfers.

Let’s see a few reasons behind migrating to developed countries from Ghana.


Top Reasons Behind Migration from Ghana

Here are a few reasons the Ghanaians have behind leaving the country and to work in foreign lands.

Rampant Destitution

Many people in Ghana suffer severe destitution and fail to put food on the table. So much deep are their financial challenges that fulfilling a few basic requirements of life is considered a luxury.

Unemployment and Poverty

Most of the people in Ghana suffer unemployment despite being qualified and educated. This leads to poverty which makes life more challenging. So, people travel abroad to find work and help their families financially through an online money transfer to Ghana.

The Flailing Ghanaian Economy

  • The nominal GDP of Ghana in 2022 was $72.84 billion in 2022 according to a World Bank brief. This was slightly lower than $79.16 billion in the preceding year.
  • In another World Bank report, the GDP per capita income of Ghana was stated to be $2,175.9 in 2022, lower than $2,410.9 in 2021.

Low Inward Remittances

A World Bank report said that the quantum of remittances to Ghana in 2022 was $4.66 billion. It is pretty worrying for the government and the people because remittances to low- to middle-income countries (LMICs) are a lifeline.

Therefore, a dip in the quantum can be a setback for an economy.

Let’s now see, in what ways ACE Money Transfer facilitates your transfer of funds in addition to the current incentive on offer.


What Else Do I Get from ACE Money Transfer?

Take a look below to see what else you get from the firm otherwise.

Low Fees or No Fees

The firm charges you a small fee which is proportionate to the amount being processed. And if your amount is below a certain level, you can have several fee-free transfers.

Live and Market-Competitive Exchange Rates

The firm’s exchange rates are always live and thus market-competitive. And live exchange rates allow you to initiate a transfer at a time when you think the rates are in your favour.

Swift Delivery, No Extra Charges

It is important to note that you may have to pay extra to certain companies for extra speed of delivery. It is normally referred to as express delivery. But ACE Money Transfer delivers funds in a matter of a few hours and without any extra charges because extra speed is the firm’s built-in feature.


Wrapping Up the Discussion

You can get all the benefits explained above if you send money to Ghana online with ACE Money Transfer, from one window. But most important, initiate your first transfer with the firm now to enjoy a zero-cost transaction to be followed by many similar ones in the future!


What is ACE Money Transfer’s incentive for Ghanaians?

In the current incentive offer which is for Ghanaian migrants, the firm is offering a zero-fee first money transfer back to Ghana. It will incur no costs including fees, currency conversion charges, and so on.

How can they get benefits from it?

Ghanaians have to do nothing they are not doing already. If they are sending money through any institution other than ACE Money Transfer, then they will simply send money through the firm and get the said incentive on their first-ever remittance transfer with ACE Money Transfer.

Why do Ghanaians travel abroad?

Ghanaians travel abroad in search of better employment opportunities that they cannot find in their native country and thus suffer unemployment, poverty, and destitution.

What worries money-sending expatriates the most?

One of the biggest concerns of expatriates is to find a service provider that helps them save money on their international money transfers instead of charging them extra fees, or extra charges for a speedy delivery.

How ACE Money Transfer benefits its valued customers?

ACE Money Transfer charges a low fee, offers live exchange rates, and delivers funds instantaneously without any extra charges. How the firm benefits its valued customers is explained above.


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