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Local Living: Tips and Tricks for Integrating into Your Study Abroad Community as a Ghanaian Student in Canada

27 Oct 2023

Canada is not only a big appeal for the people of Ghana because of its robust economy, enabling Ghanaian migrants to find jobs, earn a living and send money to Ghana to offer financial aid. The country is also famous among the people of Ghana because it offers them the best quality education.

A good quality education for the people of developing countries is the key to success on account of the following few reasons.

  • Quality education increases chances of employability
  • Quality education helps one get employed in multinational companies 
  • Getting a quality education gives the necessary exposure and preparation for practical life

In this context, coupled with the lack of employment opportunities in Ghana, according to a report by the OECD I Library, over one million Ghanaian migrants are living across the world.

According to another report by the Ghana High Commission, Canada, Ghanaians living in Canada are more than 100,000.

According to a World Bank report, the entire Ghanaian diaspora has been making significant economic contributions to the country’s economy through inward remittances, reaching $4.66 billion in 2022.

Therefore, people, including students from developing countries, including Ghana, come to Canada for work and study because of the many advantages explained below.

In Focus

Have you ever wondered why it is relatively easy for you to adjust to Canada if you go there to earn a living and send money to Ghana from Canada for your family’s financial support?

Why is it that as a student adjusting to a new life and culture in Canada, it seems nightmarish once the initial excitement wears thin?

Well, the answer to the first question is that your financial troubles force you to adjust to the new environment no matter how hard you have to struggle. And think about it.

What options do you have besides adjusting? None. Right?

But as a student, you do not have big financial responsibilities to look after. So, as soon as the initial excitement disappears in thin air, you begin to worry about adjusting to the local culture and mixing with your fellow students.

This is a tricky area in which you can fail if you do not have the necessary tips to follow.

This blog will guide you in adjusting to your new environment and gelling with your fellow students in Canada.

What is the Need?

You cannot excel as a student if you do not mix with the locals and other students. Even as a professional, you cannot excel in your job without immersing in the local culture.

So, as a student, your success is pretty much dependent on how you adjust to the culture of Canada and mix with the locals. Otherwise, if you cannot ace your studies abroad, will there be any use in studying abroad and spending a huge amount of money? As mentioned earlier, quality education is essential for the people of developing countries, but only if you succeed in your studies. Failing it is almost equal to not initiating the process in the first place.

Let’s now see a few reasons to choose Canada for your studies.

Choosing Canada for Studies -- A Few Prime Reasons

There are many advantages that Canada offers you when you study there, particularly when you come from a developing country like Ghana. Take a look below.

Learn and Earn

The first advantage is that you can do a job, earn a living and send money online to Ghana from Canada to either support your family back home financially, make savings or even support your education by bearing the expenses yourself. Allowing students to earn a while they study is a liberty, not many developed countries offer.

Know here all you must about how to obtain a student visa as a Ghanaian student for studying abroad.

Excellent Education Quality

The Canadian government has ensured that all educational institutions offer and maintain the best quality education. Whether you study in a university or a college, you will find the best quality education in Canada.

Skill Development

Not only do you find the best quality education in Canada, but most of its study programs are focused on skill development. You can develop and refine your skills to the point of excellence.

Cultural Diversity

Since many students from different countries come to Canada for studies, it gives you an excellent opportunity to have cultural exchanges and have a first-hand learning experience about other cultures of the world.

Now, let’s see the tips and steps to integrate with the local Canadian community as a Ghanaian student.

Steps to Gel with the Local Canadians as a Ghanaian Student

As mentioned earlier, mixing with the locals is essential to attain excellence in a foreign land in any field. 

Be it studies or a job to earn a living to support your family through different ways to send money to Ghana from overseas, you cannot afford to stay isolated from others around you.

Below are mentioned, however, a few simple steps you can take to mix with locals as a student.

Join a Club

No matter where you live in Canada, you will be in proximity to different clubs. Try to join these clubs as soon as you can.

Download Friend-Making Apps

You will find several such apps to make friends. Download and use those apps. Some of these apps are Nextdoor and Bumble BFF.

Be Punctual – All the Time

Punctuality in Canada is considered a sign of respect. Not only in professional life, must you be punctual in life as a whole because this will bring you closer to the locals.

Respect the Local Cultural Norms

Whether you agree and accept the local cultural norms and practices in Canada or not, at least show respect to those. This will send a positive signal across, helping bridge the gap with locals.

Join Your Colleagues Over Drinks

Make sure to join your fellow students and colleagues over drinks once you are done with the essential tasks of the day. This will bring you closer to the locals and help you build new connections.

Attend Local Events

Nothing works better to mix with the locals in a foreign country than attending their local events. Try attending the local events as much as you can.

These simple tips will help you immerse in the local culture and mix with locals easily.

Wrapping Up the Discussion

Regardless of the purpose of your every money transfer to Ghana from Canada, doing so with ACE Money Transfer will get you maximum benefits. The firm offers you live and market-competitive exchange rates, low fees, and speedy and safe transactions, with wider service access and availability. As a Ghanaian student, you cannot ask for more on your money transfers. Can You?


Why do I choose Canada for my studies?

You should choose Canada for your studies because the country offers the best quality education in several courses, focuses on skill development, and also allows you to do jobs after your study hours. 

Why can I not find the best quality education in Ghana?

You cannot find the best quality education in Ghana because the country has a poor economy and the best quality education does not come cheap. Furthermore, even if it is available somewhere in the country, it is way too expensive for most parents to afford.

What is my biggest challenge as a Ghanaian student in Canada?

Your biggest challenge in Canada as a Ghanaian student is to mix with the locals, gel with them and immerse in the local culture, which might seem challenging once the excitement of studying abroad wears thin.

Why do I have to gel with the locals in Canada?

You have to gel and mix with the locals because your academic excellence largely depends on this. Even it is required if you are working there to earn a living. You cannot isolate yourself and expect to attain excellence in whatever you do in a foreign land. 

How do I mix with the locals in a foreign country?

You can mix with the locals by using friendship apps, joining your colleagues over drinks, attending local cultural events, respecting the local culture, and being punctual, which is considered a sign of respect in Canada.


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