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List of Mobile Wallets to Send Money across borders with ACE Money Transfer

List of Mobile Wallets to Send Money across borders with ACE Money Transfer

04 Aug 2022

Mobile wallets (or e-wallets) have become a great way to receive and send money internationally for people who cannot access bank accounts or cash pick-up locations.  

Statista said more than 2.8 billion mobile phone subscribers were recorded worldwide in 2020. Most smartphones come pre-installed with a mobile wallet since it has become one of the essential requirements for everyone’s daily life.

Millions of worldwide expatriates trust ACE Money Transfer’s remittance solutions since they can swiftly transfer funds from overseas to 100+ countries with its services. The company further enhances the money transfer experience for its customers by enabling them to use several mobile wallets for an instant, secure, and smooth fund transfer across borders.

Here’s a comprehensive list of all the major mobile wallet providers with whom ACE Money Transfer has partnered to serve global diasporas with exceptional remittance services.

List of Famous Mobile Wallet Providers for International Money Transfers with ACE

Mobile Wallets in Pakistan

Many Pakistani diasporas live and work in developed countries that have increased remittance inflows to the country. ACE Money Transfer enables Pakistani expats to use the following renowned mobile wallets in Pakistan to ease the money transfer process on both sending and receiving ends.

  • EasyPaisa
  • Jazz Cash
  • UPaisa
  • SadaPay

No matter in which part of the world you reside across the UK, Europe, Australia, Canada, and Switzerland, you can send money to the above-mentioned mobile wallets for the beneficiaries to receive in Pakistan. 

bKash Mobile Wallet to receive money in Bangladesh

According to the Economic Relations Division (ERD) statistics, the Ministry of Finance, Bangladesh, more than 2.4 million Bangladeshi diasporas live and work abroad across 162+ countries. With more than 23 million users, bKash is equally trusted by the locals and Bangladeshis expatriates. ACE Money Transfer enables overseas Bangladeshi customers to send money instantly through bKash in Bangladesh.

Mobile Wallets in the Philippines

More than 12 million overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) contributed 210.40 billion pesos of remittances to the Philippines in 2019. Most OFWs trust ACE Money Transfer’s quick and secure remittance solutions. For their convenience and 24*7 money transfers, ACE allows them to send money home to the following famous mobile wallets.


Beneficiaries in the Philippines can receive funds using these mobile wallets conveniently and instantly. Using mobile wallets has made sending money abroad pretty smooth and accessible round the clock across the globe.

IMEPAY - Nepal’s Most Reliable Mobile Wallet

With around 3 million users, IMEPAY is Nepal’s smarter, safer, faster, and most reliable mobile wallet. Nearly 3.5 million Nepali expatriates reside in foreign countries, and most trust ACE Money Transfer to send money back home. Nepali diasporas can quickly remit funds via ACE Money Transfer to IMEPAY for the beneficiaries in Nepal. 

MTN Mobile Money - South Africa’s Growing Digital Wallet

4.2 million registered users and 602,000 monthly active customers make MTN MoMo Africa’s growing and trusted mobile wallet. ACE Money Transfer allows worldwide expatriates from Zambia, Rwanda, Cameroon, and Guinea to transfer funds back home via MTN mobile money. Settling bills, online shopping, buying airtime and bundles, and several other financial needs can be managed from your cellphone when you have ACE Money Transfer and MTN. 

VodaPay - an eWallet by one of the largest financial institutions, Vodacom

Vodacom is a well-known South African mobile communication company with a massive customer base of more than 55 million. VodaPay allows the users to handle several things such as paying bills, ordering various food items, benefitting from various online shopping deals, etc. Expatriates from Mozambique living across the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland can quickly transfer funds via ACE Money Transfer to VodaPay for the beneficiaries to receive in Mozambique.

Airtel Mobile Money - Secure and Swift Money Transfer Solution

Airtel Mobile Money is a globally trusted digital wallet with an operational presence in 17 countries and over 180 million customers. It offers an all-in-one solution for several financial needs of its users, including monthly consumer bill payments, mobile top-ups, prepaid and post-paid billing, paying for offers and deals, online shopping, transferring funds to friends and family, etc. Expatriates from Rwanda and Zambia residing in foreign countries can send money online to Airtel Wallet via ACE Money Transfer. 

Orange Money Transfer - Africa’s Secure and Trusted Financial Service Provider

Orange Money Transfer is another African financial service provider operating in 17 countries worldwide. It has more than 60 million customers and almost 20 million monthly active users. Adding ease for worldwide expatriates belonging to Senegal, ACE Money Transfer partnered with the Orange money network.

So, sending money to Senegal is pretty effortless since the transfer process from ACE Money Transfer to Orange Mobile Wallet is easy and simple. Your beneficiaries in Senegal can receive funds directly on their smartphones through the mobile wallet.

The list doesn’t end up here since ACE Money Transfer continues to expand its network. You’ll soon learn about the latest additions to ACE’s international mobile wallets list.

Why use a Digital Wallet?

It is a safe digital money transfer method that securely stores all users' payment information in a compact form. Thus, it helps avoid carrying physical wallets or cash amounts for a global money transfer since you only need a mobile or smart device. Besides, it efficiently helps you quickly send and receive funds via a mobile wallet in urgencies. You don’t need to wait for the bank or service provider’s working hours as you can transfer funds across borders 24*7 using a mobile wallet.

Benefits of Sending Money to Mobile Wallets with ACE Money Transfer

We've seen a wonderful revolution in mobile financial services in the past few years. And Mobile Wallet is one of them. Mobile wallets are the best payment option (compared to checks and physical cash) that can offer some real benefits, such as:

  • Reduce Fraud
  • Save Time
  • Convenience
  • Easy and Quick
  • Easily Accessible 24*7
  • Wide Range of Uses

So, make money transfers to your family and friends across borders with ultimate peace of mind since ACE Money Transfer’s technological remittance solutions are fast, secure, and seamless, ensuring the best exchange rates and the lowest transfer fees.


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