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Introduction of New Loyalty Programs and Rewards for Frequent Users

18 Dec 2023

What is the most that a regular online money transfer can get you? A car, perhaps.

That is true! If you become a valuable member of the ACE family, you can win a car and much more through its various loyalty programs and reward schemes. With reliable remittance solutions, ACE Money Transfer is always there for its clients. When you have the potential to win interesting prizes and enjoy quick and secure money transactions, your peace of mind is further increased.

Types of Loyalty Programs at ACE

Here are a few common promotional offers and loyalty programs that are running throughout the year at different times.

Invite and Win

One of the loyalty programs is Invite and Win. In this type of program, the user can win loads of monetary or non-monetary gifts only by referring the firm to its fellow expats. Each user that joins using your reference might increase your chances of winning exciting prizes.

The process of winning is fairly simple. With each invited friend who completes a transaction on the ACE website or mobile app, you will receive your bonus. You will receive a dedicated sum of money in your account after three successful referrals. The dedicated sum is sometimes double for transactions to or from specific countries.

This loyalty program gets more intriguing because you can win various rewards for leading conversions in addition to receiving prize money for successful recommendations. Some of the common prizes include the latest iPhone, air pods, or Apple watch.

Making a global money transfer to a bank account, for cash collection, or even to a mobile wallet in different locations is rather simple and quick with ACE. However, you should always clearly read the terms and conditions to take advantage of ACE's Invite Friend Offer.

Bumper Offers

As a frequent user of ACE, you should never miss out on the bumper offer programs. These loyalty programs pick winners through lucky draws. You can expect some big prizes in such contests. Recently we have given out cars and motorbikes to the lucky winners of previous contests. Make sure to increase your entries by making more transactions to get more chances of winning the bumper prizes.

Free International Transactions

If you are stressed out from the high transfer fees for sending remittances, try out the ACE promotional offers. Throughout the year, ACE offers free international transactions with zero transfer fees to many countries.

Country Specific Contests

ACE has a wide range of global networks. Often, it partners with banks and other institutions from different countries to offer unique deals to the residents or expats of those countries. Transfers made to those countries can end up making you win something special.

Christmas Offers

ACE always tries to make Christmas and other holidays more special by offering some sort of promotional offer. If you wish to send your family a token of monetary love, Christmas is the best time to do so. This is because ACE has several offers going on at that time, and you might get a chance to transfer your love for free.

Why ACE Money Transfer is the Best Remittance Sending Option for Expats?

Here are some of the reasons why ACE Money Transfer is the Best Remittance-sending option for expats: 

ACE Offers Lightening Fast Transactional Speed

You can say goodbye to the conventional wire transfers that take days to reach your loved ones. If you do not want to experience any more delays in your money transfers, switch to ACE ASAP. Every transaction that you initiate with an ACE account will be completed within hours if not minutes. While on the other hand, the conventional methods to send remittances can easily take 4-5 working days. Relying on such methods in times of emergencies is utterly unwise. Hence, choose ACE for speedy transactions to hundreds plus countries worldwide.

ACE Offers Top-Notch Security

One of the major reasons why people still choose bank transfers, despite them being expensive and time consuming, is that they are safe. People have a sense of security in trusting their banks for the transfer of huge remittances.

The safety of funds should indeed come first on your remittance sending priority list. A perfect alternative with the same level of security is ACE Money Transfer. All the transactions made through ACE are encrypted. The firm firmly implements its strict Anti-Fraud and Anti-Money Laundering policies. ACE takes full guarantee of your funds and provides a safe medium for you to transfer remittances at a much lower cost and higher speed. You can easily say goodbye to other methods and trust the reliability that ACE provides.

The Transfer Rates Are Much Lower Than the Respective Competitors

The biggest complaint of expats is that they have to pay a large sum of transfer fees for sending remittances. They already have plenty of costs to deal with in the foreign land. The burden of the transfer fee adds more to their stress.

ACE empathizes with the hardships of being an employee in a foreign land. Hence, it provides its users with a smooth remittance-sending procedure at a minimal transfer fee. Banks and other financial institutions will easily cost you around 7%-9% of your amount as a transfer fee rate. If you are sending a large amount, this could cause a serious financial strain on your pocket.

ACE Money Transfer offers a minimal transfer fee with no hidden costs. The system is very transparent, and you only have to pay a small number of fees for your transfers. Plenty of times, ACE would offer completely free-of-cost remittance transfers to specific countries to encourage remittance inflows to those countries. 

Final Thoughts

While these contests and loyalty programs are a great way to relieve stress from the rising inflation, it is important to note that they often have deadlines. Make sure you participate before the contest ends. Any money transfers made after the deadline are not counted for the lucky draws or offers.

Sign up on ACE for free to benefit from the ongoing contests and reward programs. You never know, your luck might surprise you!


What is a loyalty program, and why are businesses introducing new ones in 2023?

A loyalty program is a marketing strategy where businesses offer rewards to customers who frequently engage with their products or services. In 2023, businesses are introducing new loyalty programs to build customer loyalty, increase retention, and enhance the overall customer experience.

How can I enroll in a new loyalty program, and what benefits can I expect as a frequent user?

Typically, you can enroll in a new loyalty program by signing up through the business's website or mobile app. As a frequent user, you can expect benefits such as discounts, exclusive offers, early access to promotions, and even free products or services, depending on the program.

Are there any costs associated with joining or participating in these new loyalty programs?

Most loyalty programs are free to join, and there are no upfront costs for participating. However, it's essential to review the terms and conditions to understand any potential fees or requirements.

How can I track my progress and redeem rewards within the new loyalty program?

Businesses typically provide a dashboard or mobile app where you can track your progress and view available rewards. To redeem rewards, follow the instructions provided by the program, which may involve using accumulated points or codes during checkout.

Can I combine rewards from different loyalty programs or use them with other discounts or promotions?

It varies by program and business. Some loyalty programs may allow you to combine rewards with other discounts or promotions, while others may have restrictions. It's a good idea to review the program's terms to understand how rewards can be used.

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