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Introducing BKASH Mobile Wallet!

Introducing BKASH Mobile Wallet!

29 Apr 2021

In continuation with the tradition of service excellence, ACE Money Transfer has broadened its range of service by introducing BKASH Mobile Wallet for Bangladesh in partnership with AGRANI Bank. One can now instantly send money to Bangladesh directly to the BKASH Account from anywhere in the world through the ACE app.

ACE understands the risks people have to take to resume everyday lives. ACE Money Transfer has always endeavoured to bring ease, simplicity, and quick solutions for its customers, and with the pandemic, ACE goes to great lengths to facilitate its customers.

BKASH is available at 250,000 outlets across the country from which users can withdraw remits or make payments. BKASH mobile wallet has been added to the list of services provided in Bangladesh due to increased demand for contactless, instant, and reliable transactions. Also, it is a blessing for those who need to make payments but do not want to expose themselves to the pandemic.

We know that the pandemic has made life complicated for many. Students, homemakers, the elderly, and many others face grave dangers while going outside. Housewives, for example, who go to the bank to pay their bills only to find the bank is closed would have been exposed to COVID-19 for nothing! Paying bills such as utilities, tuition, grocery, etc. have become a significant challenge.

Customers can use BKASH Mobile Wallet for paying gas, phone, water, tuition, credit or debit card bills. It is a handy tool for receiving or sending cash. In this time of crisis, ACE strives to create simple, easy, and secure modes of payments so that everyone can enjoy instant and reliable payment-making options.

ACE Money Transfer is a leading money remittance service provider based in the UK. Operating since 2002, it has operational bases in UK, Europe and Australia, with remittance services in more than 100 countries worldwide.




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