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ACE Money Transfer & HBL – Exceptional Partners Deliver Excellence

ACE Money Transfer & HBL – Exceptional Partners Deliver Excellence

08 Apr 2021

The best global remittance service provider has united in partnership with the best bank in Pakistan to bring its respective clientele international remittance services like never before. With both the stalwarts promising ease in processing, timely delivery of funds, and reliably secure transaction platforms, Overseas Pakistanis can now send money to Pakistan swiftly and securely from anywhere.

Moreover, with the digitization of the world, ACE Money Transfer and HBL have engaged the latest state of the art technologies for their operational activities. With a strong focus on customer service, security, and convenience, the visionary pair complement each other in terms of its services.

ACE Money Transfer has been an industry leader for almost 20 years. With operations throughout the UK, Australia and Europe, ACE is headquartered in the UK and serves millions of customers worldwide. ACE provides excellence, hope, and happiness for families worldwide who rely on remittances as their sole avenue of support.

Additionally, HBL is an award-winning Pakistani bank established in 1947, making it the first commercial bank of the newly formed country. It facilitates millions of customers on three continents and is the largest private sector bank in Pakistan. With over 1700 branches globally, HBL is a crucial player in the global banking domain.

For Overseas Pakistanis, this was a much-needed breath of fresh air as remittances can be worrisome. With the ACE and HBL partnership, users can easily send money via the ACE app, and receivers can get it as a cash pickup instantly anywhere in Pakistan via HBL branches.

In fact, this partnership will help with foreign transactions and help the economy of Pakistan grow progressively. With Overseas Pakistanis facing hardships abroad, ACE and HBL aim to make Pakistanis' lives easier, simpler, and more comfortable.


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