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How to Get an International Work Permit or Visa? Some Important Guidelines!

How to Get an International Work Permit or Visa? Some Important Guidelines!

11 Dec 2020

Do you need a visa to work abroad as a student, as a worker, as someone recently hired by an international company? It will help if you have a working permit or work visa.

So, Worry No More! We are here to bring you an easier way to understand the exact method and requirements to attain the work permits for any country of your interest.

These working visas could be temporary or permanent, based on the status of the individual's job and study plans. The approvals from the authorizing agencies help one work temporarily or permanently in foreign countries.

Does Everyone have to Struggle for a visa?

Before delving into the details, you should first need to know a basic thing. Well, not everyone who moves abroad faces the same level of difficulty or complexities linked to the procedure.  

Foreign students who get selected for scholarship programs, or on exchange programs are provided by the working permits or student visa by the linked institutions.

Thus, they merely face any problems in attaining the working permit. Also, later on, they can convert and extend their work permit for a long-term job in the same countries.

Work Permit Visas

A visa is an official stamp on our passports that enables one to travel, study, work and acquire a residence in the particular country (for which the visa has been permitted). This may be for a specifically defined period, a long or permanent period, based on the decisions of authorities.

A work permit visa is the one specifically needed to serve on any job that you have been hired for or for the business you want to establish in the selected country. 

Thus, you must need a work permit if you have decided to move into the UK, Europe, or any other country outside your territorial grounds. 

If you don't have a work permit, you may not be hired by any company. A work permit is the first requirement, before any other required documents of an overseas employee.

Different Work limits for Different Nature of Work 

For the selected countries, the authorities might provide you with a short terms visa. Still, you can also apply for a permit visa following the requirements and fulfilment for it. 

As elaborated earlier, students have an edge to it because their institutions provide them with a temporary working visa for the study period. However, they still need to extend it for a more extended stay in those countries. 

In short, you always need to consider the requirement of a visa in each case, especially if your travelling for a purpose. One might also need to differentiate between working visa and Residence Permits which are separately dealt in some countries. 

Different Consultation Needed for Different Countries

Countries around the world have different rules and regulations about work permits. Although they do include some general steps to get it done with (which will be explained a bit in coming sessions), one needs to consult the specific countries websites or relevant authorities in their own country. 

The embassy and consultation services will provide you with the right, and understandable information deemed necessary for your work permit requirements following your education, family, and experience status. We can say that rules and regulations differentiate from every different country in the world. So, buckle up for hard work before settling in an amusing world abroad.

General Characteristics of Work Permits 

Here we have outlined a few general characteristics of a work permit. Going through them will give you a slight idea about the needful documents that you require at hand.

'One Job-One Employee' Rule for Work Permit

One of the important, regular, and common characteristics of working permits that are operated worldwide is its job specification feature. This means you can only work on a specific job with a specific employer for which the work permit has been assigned to you.

And if in some way in the middle of your stay, you decide to change your job, you need to restart the whole process to attain or permit for another job, even if it's the same country.

Limited Period

Yet another very important feature or more of an issue is the time limitations linked to work permits. The time limit varies with the time provided by the law of that specific country by the job deal for which you are hired or for the legal time limit of the specific project that you will work.

However, if someone needs to extend the period, it can be done quite easily as compared to the initial application procedure for the work permit.

Allowance, Issuance, and Revocation at The Discretion of The Government 

Another essential characteristic of these work permits is that only the governments can allow their issuance and revocation as per need. So, if someone losses their job, they will ultimately have their permits cancelled according to the given rules.

Although your work is mainly an advantage for the government, they still control the automatic extension or cancellation services on their own rules and regulations.

No Benefits Attached

Again, you need to understand that having a work permit does not mean you will start attaining benefits like social welfare, a pension, long term visa, permanent residency, or even citizenship in that particular country. However, there might be some surety of getting some reasonable job.

Need to Apply from Home Country

Another important feature is that you need to apply through your home countries and foreign ministries for the work permit and not from the specific countries upon reach, (exceptions to some cases).

Other Things to Keep in Mind

Right Place for Application

You must apply for a work permit before leaving the home country. This is because people often have to give residency proofs, current living status, offer letters of destined country, and much more that needs to be dealt with in the legally approved procedures. Therefore, you may probably face the problem of re-centring in case of on-spot application or registration after entering into the country of work.

There are chances of legal actions against you if you enter a country without having any specific working permit for the job you claim to be hired for. So be prepared with all the necessary documents and a properly entertained working permit issued legally.

Approaching the Right Authorities - Who Will Give You Permit

These working permits often need approval from not only the respective foreign and home ministries but also the labour ministries of local govt. Moreover, you may even get in touch with some work permit types that certain countries introduce like "highly skilled professional," "seasonal farmworker," or "academic researcher", for which specific seats are entertained every year on a quota basis. 

Thus if you have attained a contract or job notification from the hiring office, get ready to start the application process through the Embassy Or Consulate of that specific country.

Must fulfil all the required documentation, signatories, and approvals from the ministries and departments that need to get involved in the whole process, so that you do not feel perplexed later on.

Time Limits for Visa Expiration- A Must Give Attention 

As elaborated earlier in the characteristic's session of visa permits, every work permit has a specific time limit attached to it. This is applicable, either for the maximum time of the contract ship or a max limitation of the study period or whatever purpose of your work permit is. 

Therefore, one must always stay aware of the time limits of their work permit and keep on trying to get an extension of visas in case of further stay. This is important to avoid clashes between your work duties and the legal duties of foreign ministries.

Dealing with The Issue of Money Transfer Through Out the Process

To deal with the money transfer, transaction, and receiving problems, you need to acquire help from different services that work only to connect people across the world. However, the service could be availed through various methods like online banking, linked bank accounts, one to one share of amount, etc.

But the money transfer service providers like ACE Money Transfer has eased out the whole process by helping their customers. The company has established trust among its users and provides a complete set of guidelines for the process. Whether you want to send money to Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh or any other country where their services are available, they can help you out.

Conclusive Thoughts - Solutions in A Short Summary

In summary, you need first to set your goals for a particular job, search it out through the internet or social contacts, or any other reference medium. Fulfil all the requirements of the job and apply for it.

After the confirmation of job selection, you can ask for a work permit from the contractor or employer, who will issue the work permit or a reference letter about your selection for the job. Afterwards, you will have to contact local state agencies and foreign embassies of that particular country.

 The hiring company itself and the foreign embassy worker will guide you throughout the process. You can also take help from any of your acquaintance working in the same company or anyone who lives abroad, especially in the same country/city.

Look out for the limited time to stay alert about what you need to do in case of permit expiration so that you can apply for a permanent visa or either way another job back in your home country or somewhere else. 

With this article comes to an end, we hope that the information was elaborative and detailed for our readers. If not, you can search out the links provided in the text and in the references section below to overcome any remaining ambiguities about the procedures of work permit.




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