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How to Track Your Money Transfer: A Guide for Overseas Bangladeshi Workers in the UK

How to Track Your Money Transfer: A Guide for Overseas Bangladeshi Workers in the UK

08 Sep 2023

Have you ever been worried about your hard-earned money reaching your loved ones back home? For Bangladeshi workers in the UK, sending money back home is crucial. However, the ability to track that transfer can provide peace of mind. For the hardworking Bangladeshi diaspora, sending money back home to support their loved ones is a noble and heartwarming gesture. However, the process of money transfer can sometimes be daunting, especially when it involves international transactions. As an overseas Bangladeshi worker, you want a reliable and efficient way to track your money transfers, ensuring that your funds reach your family in Bangladesh securely and on time. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the process of online money transfer to Bangladesh from UK or other countries, highlighting the steps to track your transactions effortlessly.

The Rise of Overseas Bangladeshi Workers in the UK

Bangladeshis have a rich history in the UK, contributing immensely to its cultural and economic landscape. Did you know that their remittances play a vital role in Bangladesh’s economy? Indeed, the link is deep-rooted and impactful.

Why Tracking Your Money Transfer Matters

Imagine sending money and not knowing its status. Frustrating, right? Not just that – tracking is essential for:

Security Concerns

Cyber threats are real; monitoring helps in ensuring safety. According to a report by the UK Government, roughly £4,200 is lost annually due to cybercrimes. Securing your hard-earned money as an expat becomes critical as you have to ensure financial support back home.

Financial Management

Being updated helps in planning and budgeting. Tracking enables you to not only stay updated whether your loved ones have received funds or not but also ensure better financial management and budgeting as an expat leading to a secure and stable future.

Different Ways to Transfer Money


Traditional Banks

Most people consider traditional banks reliable, but these may have hefty fees and longer transfer times. These methods can’t help you need to transfer funds back home instantly.

Online Transfer Platforms

Fintech remittance providers are faster, often with real-time tracking features. Worldwide expats are rapidly opting for such services and several Bangladeshis also send money to Bangladesh online from UK since these providers ensure faster and secure delivery with tracking facilities.

Mobile Money Solutions

Mobile money solutions are direct and convenient, especially for rural recipients. However, it’s important to check whether the mobile money solution you’re using is regulated and secure or not.

Step-by-Step Guide: Tracking Your Money Transfer


Registering for a Service

First, choose a platform. Ensure it’s trusted and has good reviews. ACE Money Transfer is one of the most trusted and growing remittance provider that millions of expatriates rely on.

Sending the Money

Input the details and amount. Keep any transaction IDs or reference numbers. When creating a cross-border transaction, you must receive a reference number, transaction ID, and a tracking number.

Using Tracking Numbers

Keep your transaction tracking number saved so you can check the status of your hard-earned money. Like tracking a parcel, use the provided numbers to see the transfer status and know when it reaches the intended recipient.

Confirming Delivery

Most platforms send a confirmation once the money reaches the recipient. If you don’t see the confirmation, your tracking number can help you manually check if the transaction was completed successfuly and the money was received by your loved ones.

How to Make Secure and Hassle-Free Transfers

Remember that story of the tortoise and the hare? Slow and steady wins the race. Similarly, being cautious can save you from potential hiccups. Consider the following tips to create hassle-free international transactions.

Choosing Reputed Platforms

Go for well-reviewed platforms with a history of reliability. Using unregulated or unreliable services will put your hard-earned money at risk of being lost.

Regularly Updating Passwords

Seems simple, but it’s a golden rule in online security. Keeping your passwords unique and updated will never let any scammers to hack or steal your information.

Avoiding Public Wi-Fi for Transactions

Public networks can be a hacker's paradise. Don’t use any public Wi-Fi or open internet connection when you need to send money to Bangladesh from UK.

Benefits of Using ACE Money Transfer for Overseas Bangladeshi Workers


Competitive Exchange Rates

ACE Money Transfer offers highly competitive exchange rates, ensuring that your money goes further and your loved ones receive the maximum value of your hard-earned funds in Bangladesh.

Secure and Reliable

Trust is paramount when it comes to international money transfers. ACE Money Transfer employs the latest security protocols to safeguard your personal and financial information, providing you with a secure and reliable platform for transactions.

Multiple Delivery Options

ACE Money Transfer provides various delivery options, such as bank deposits, cash pickup, and mobile money transfers, giving your recipients the flexibility to receive funds in a way that suits them best.

Convenience and Accessibility

ACE Money Transfer's user-friendly website and mobile app make it incredibly convenient for overseas Bangladeshi workers to initiate and track their money transfers anytime, anywhere.

Extensive Global Network

With a vast network of partner banks and agents worldwide, ACE Money Transfer ensures that when you send money to Bangladesh your funds reach even the most remote areas of Bangladesh efficiently.

For more information on how to send money to Bangladesh, visit ACE Money Transfer’s website.

Tips for Smooth Money Transfers to Bangladesh


Plan Ahead

Consider the timing of your money transfer to account for any potential delays during holidays or peak seasons.

Double-Check Information

Ensure all recipient details, such as name and account number, are accurate before confirming the transfer to prevent any processing errors.

Compare Transfer Options

Evaluate the various delivery methods and fees offered by ACE Money Transfer to choose the most cost-effective and convenient option for your needs.

Stay Informed

Keep yourself updated with ACE Money Transfer's notifications and alerts on the status of your transaction to stay informed throughout the process.

Encourage Recipients to Verify

Advise your beneficiaries in Bangladesh to check their bank accounts or pick-up points upon receiving a notification to avoid any confusion or delays.

ACE Money Transfer's Commitment to Excellence

ACE Money Transfer is committed to offering great service to its customers and smooth money transfers. As a trusted remittance company, ACE Money Transfer goes the extra mile to ensure that your funds are transferred swiftly and securely, giving you peace of mind and the ability to support your loved ones with ease.

What to Do in Case of Delays or Issues?

In rare instances, delays or issues may occur during international money transfers. If you encounter any problems, don't panic. Reach out to ACE Money Transfer's customer support immediately. Their dedicated team will investigate the matter promptly, ensuring that your funds reach their intended destination safely.

The Future: What’s Next in Money Transfers

Future predictions, any guesses? With the rapid advancements in tech, who knows, maybe soon you'll be using some form of digital currency universally! The future might also see increased adoption of blockchain for transparent and traceable transactions.

The Way Forward

With ACE Money Transfer, tracking your money transfer from UK to Bangladesh has never been easier. The user-friendly platform and transparent tracking process give you peace of mind, knowing that your hard-earned money is in safe hands. As an overseas Bangladeshi worker, your commitment to supporting your family deserves a reliable remittance partner like ACE Money Transfer.


How long does it usually take for a money transfer to Bangladesh through ACE Money Transfer?

Typically, the transfer time varies depending on the chosen delivery method. While some transactions are instant, others may take 1-3 business days to complete.

Can I cancel a money transfer after initiating it?

Yes, you can cancel a money transfer as long as it hasn't been processed. Contact ACE Money Transfer's customer support immediately to request cancellation.

Are there any transaction fees for sending money to Bangladesh with ACE Money Transfer?

ACE Money Transfer offers competitive fees for their services. The exact fee may vary based on the transfer amount and chosen delivery method.

Can I track my money transfer on the ACE Money Transfer mobile app?

Yes, ACE Money Transfer's mobile app provides a convenient and secure platform to track your transactions on the go.

Is ACE Money Transfer licensed and regulated for international remittances?

Yes, ACE Money Transfer is a licensed and regulated remittance company, complying with all relevant financial regulations to ensure the safety of your transactions.

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