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Staying Connected: Balancing Home Ties with New Relationships as a Pakistani Student in the UK.

12 Sep 2023

Are you one of the several Pakistanis who wish to move to the UK for better education and career prospects so they can send money to Pakistan from UK for their families? It is a thrilling experience to move to a new nation to seek higher education. It provides students with fresh chances, exposing them to various cultures, and establishes the groundwork for their development. However, this trip has its own set of difficulties for Pakistani students studying in the UK, notably in striking a careful balance between their links to home and forging new relationships.

Many Pakistani students experience a sense of alienation from their families and the comforts of home when they first set foot in a new country. The difficulty in staying connected and overcoming loneliness is largely due to the geographic distance. There are, however, several methods that can assist in closing this gap and promote good ties with a person's loved ones back home. One of them is by regularly sending money to Pakistan from the UK, taking care of their loved one's financial needs.

How to Balance Home Ties with New Relationships as a Pakistani Student

Here are a few ways by which Pakistani students can manage their relationships back in their homeland, along with new relationships they make abroad. 

Using Technology

First off, technology has completely changed how you interact. People can instantaneously interact with their relatives and friends through video conversations, social media platforms, and instant messaging applications with just a simple swipe on their smartphones or a click on their laptops. With the use of these technologies, a person can quickly share their everyday experiences, successes, and problems and lessen their homesickness. 

They can hear their families' voices and watch faces and remain informed about events in their towns through virtual discussions; even sending money to Pakistan from UK helps them stay connected to their origins.

Forming Communities

Additionally, communities that Pakistani students in the UK create with their fellow citizens provide them strength. They may share their experiences, find comfort in one another's presence, and honour cultural traditions that are close to their hearts thanks to these groups, which act as a support system. 

Student organisations, cultural activities, and get-togethers for Pakistanis provide a venue for making new friends and preserving their rich culture. They establish connections and maintain a balance between their ties to their families and new relationships by actively participating in and interacting in such groups.

Nurturing Relationships

Home connections and new relationships might be difficult to balance, but it is not impossible. Pakistani students in the UK frequently take comfort in their networks of allies and their commitment to success. A meaningful and rewarding experience may be attained through using technology to stay in touch with family, participating in cultural communities, and accepting diversity. 

A student may effectively manage this trip and establish lifetime ties both at home and abroad by fostering relationships, keeping a focus on their academics, and finding harmony in new surroundings. Eventually, this led to better employment opportunities for them and more money transfers from UK to Pakistan, providing for their loved ones. 

Diversity and Foster Relationships

The importance of embracing diversity and fostering relationships with people from different backgrounds cannot be overstated, though. People from all over the world are welcomed in the cosmopolitan hub that is the United Kingdom. 

A student may broaden their viewpoints and deepen their awareness of the world by having discussions, working on projects together, and looking for opportunities to meet with people from all cultures. By bridging the gap between their cultural background and the urge to discover new worlds, this intercultural interchange advances personal development.


Academic Pursuits

Striking a balance that enables a student to completely commit to their academic endeavours is crucial, in addition to preserving ties with families and establishing new relationships. A student's major motivation for travelling is to pursue further education, and by putting their academics first, they can make the most of their time in the UK. 

They may achieve academic success while keeping their roots by managing their time well, establishing priorities, and practising discipline. Here's a comprehensive guideline if you want to learn more about maximising your study abroad experience: how to make the most of your time.

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Bottom Line

It is a special and rewarding experience to be a Pakistani student in the UK. It might be difficult to maintain links to your family while forming new relationships, but it is possible to strike a balance. With technology at your fingertips, as a Pakistani student, you can support your family back home when you send money to Pakistan online from the UK with ACE Money Transfer. In the quest for personal development and discovery, Pakistani students may strike a healthy balance between their home connections and new relationships by prioritising time, embracing the new culture, asking for help when they need it, and taking advantage of everything that the UK has to offer.


How can I balance my relationships with my family back home and my new relationships in the UK?

It might be difficult, but not impossible, to strike a balance between ties with family and new partnerships. Keeping the lines of communication open with your relatives back home is crucial. Plan frequent phone conversations or video conferences with them to keep them informed and involved in your life. Likewise, try to respect your boundaries while also making time for your new friends and acquaintances in the UK. The trick is striking a sound balance between the two.

How can I ensure that my family back home understands and supports my decision to study in the UK?

In this situation, effective communication is essential. Spend some time explaining to your family why you chose to study in the UK and outlining your objectives. Inform them about the educational options, professional advantages, and personal development you want to experience. Help them see that going overseas to school doesn't mean you should disregard or disrespect your family's beliefs and traditions; rather, it means you may experience new things and widen your horizons.

How can I deal with feeling homesick while studying in the UK?

Being away from your loved ones might cause you to experience homesickness. Keep up a schedule that keeps you interested in and committed to your studies to combat homesickness. Utilise social media, video chats, or letter writing to stay in touch with friends and family back home. You may make new friends and develop a feeling of belonging in the UK by getting involved in campus activities and events and joining social or cultural groups.

How can I maintain cultural traditions and values while being in a new environment?

Living abroad does not require you to renounce your cultural traditions and ideals. Look for opportunities to observe significant festivals and holidays from your culture with other foreign students or at neighbourhood gatherings. If you're in the UK, look for Pakistani eateries, cultural centres, or organisations to participate in and host events for. Take advantage of the chance to educate new friends and acquaintances about your cultural beliefs and customs to promote acceptance and admiration.

How can I handle conflicts or disagreements with family members back home while I am studying in the UK?

Different perceptions or expectations might lead to disputes or conflicts. It's critical to keep the lines of communication open and be polite in such circumstances. As you take in their worries, gently state your position before attempting to reach an understanding. If necessary, consult a dependable relative or friend who can serve as a mediator to help lead a fruitful discussion. Keep in mind that disagreements are a natural aspect of relationships and that it is crucial to resolve them with compassion and understanding.

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