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How to Stay Connected with Local Transportation Systems While Traveling Abroad from Ghana

02 Aug 2023

There are a few important things on your mind when you travel abroad from Ghana to earn a living. Since, in most cases, the core purpose of your expatriation is to send money to Ghana to offer financial support to your family back home, the first critical point you think deeply about is to incur fewer expenses.

Because incurring fewer expenses largely means that you save more. And saving money in a foreign country is one of the biggest challenges you face. But is it easy for you to spend less money in a foreign land you have just arrived in and know only little about? The answer seems obvious. Right?

So, what do you think is the first step in the right direction to this end?

Well, a good start is knowing about the public transport of the country you have gone to. Because you have to commute and move around. Whether you are going abroad to join your office or have to find one after your arrival, you have to commute.

And initially having a car and maintaining it can be pretty challenging financially.

Therefore, one of the key areas in which you can save money as a Ghanaian migrant is to use public transport. But using public transport does not only come with positives, it also has its downside, both of which this blog will try to deal with and cover.

The Atlas of Humanity said that about 4 million Ghanaians live in foreign countries for jobs because they cannot find reasonable means of earning in their native country due to the flailing economy. Their financial contribution to the country’s economy through the remittances they send back is fairly impactful.

A World Bank report said that the Ghanaian migrants sent back $4.66 billion in 2022 as remittances. It is a huge amount that boosts the economy.

So, it is essential that you learn all you must about public transportation so that you can save money that you would otherwise spend on having your car abroad. This would help you add more to the financial aid you send back through a money transfer to Ghana.

What is Public Transportation?

Public transportation comes in many forms. But simply, public transportation can be defined as a system that can move a large number of people from one place to another efficiently and cost-effectively.

Public transportation is funded and maintained by the local government authorities.

Almost every public transportation system includes the following:

  • Buses
  • Trains
  • Railways
  • Ferries
  • Cable Cars

Public transportation is designed as an alternative to automobile travel and reduces the time that you might take to reach somewhere by walking. This system works both within a city and also connects one city to another.

The advent of public transport predates the rise of car ownership in the 1950s and its usage forms part of the effort to conserve energy both on local and global levels.

Now let’s look at the benefits of using public transportation after you travel abroad from Ghana but first understand the ins and outs of traveling to a foreign country from Ghana in 2023.

Benefits of Using Public Transportation

It is essential to look at the benefits of public transportation especially when you are on a budget and want to save your hard-earned money without compromising your travelling and commuting.


An Efficient Method to Commute

Public transport is an efficient method to move around because a large number of people can travel at once through public transportation. Being carried from one place to another in one vehicle (bus or train) is a sign of efficient commuting.


Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions

You will find public transport more environmentally friendly than cars. If 10 cars are running and omitting GHGs, their emissions will be much higher than the one bus these people will travel in.


Reduced Levels of Smog

When some and fog come together, they form smog which is a) denser than both separately, and b) more dangerous to human health. It is a relatively new phenomenon but one which is worrying the world, particularly some of the big cities. Public transportation can help reduce smog.


Cost-Effective Commuting

Public transportation is a financially friendly travelling mode. And this is what you dearly need as a Ghanaian migrant. Because using public transport will help you save money that you can add to the financial support you send back to your family through an online money transfer to Ghana from overseas


Better Traffic Management

It becomes easy to manage traffic more efficiently when fewer cars ply the roads. Public transportation helps manage traffic more efficiently because buses follow fixed routes and stop at designated points which helps reduce traffic congestion.


Increased Mobility

You may not be financially able to afford a car as a Ghanaian expatriate. Or you may not know how to drive. Right? So, what do you do? You can either curtail your mobility, which you cannot afford, or move more in public transportation. In this context, option A is ruled out right away.

These are some of the prime advantages of using public transport.

Let’s quickly look at the downside of public transportation.


Disadvantages of Public Transportation

Following are a few disadvantages of using public transportation.

  • Public transport follows a specific route. So, for example, if you want to reach point A first, the bus, subject to its route, will first reach point C and then deliver you to point A
  • Since public transport follows a preset schedule, it can waste your time and cause inconvenience as a bus reaches a stop at a predetermined time which at times corresponds to your timing and at other times doesn’t
  • Your privacy is somewhat compromised in public transportation because people sit close to each other
  • Space and congestion are other challenges in public transportation because at times you may have to keep standing packed with others during travel

These are a few disadvantages of using public transportation.


Wrapping Up the Discussion

One of the biggest advantages of using public transport abroad is that it helps you save money. But as a Ghanaian migrant, your next step after saving money is to find a remittance transfer service provider to send money to Ghana online efficiently and cost-effectively. Right? Try ACE Money Transfer for it and enjoy a low fee, speed, safety, and live and market-competitive exchange rates from just one stop.



What is public transportation?
Public transportation is a system designed for moving a large number of people at once efficiently and cost-effectively. Different parts of a city and two or more cities are also connected through public transportation.

What are the main components of public transportation?

Ans. Almost every public transportation system around the world consists of buses, railways, trains, ferries, and cable cars, and in some countries, even trams form a major part of public transportation.


How does using public transport help Ghanaian migrants financially?

Using public transportation helps Ghanaian migrants save money. Because the basic purpose of their expatriation is to earn a living and support their families financially. So, using a car can incur more costs on commuting that can be saved through public transportation.


What are the advantages of public transportation?

Public transportation omits relatively fewer greenhouse gasses, does not add to the smog, reduces traffic congestion, helps with better and more efficient traffic management, and is a cost-effective travelling mode capable of moving a large number of people at once.


What are the disadvantages of public transportation?

The downsides of public transportation included lack of privacy, long waits, space and congestion, and the fatigue of travelling longer than required due to the preset routes.


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