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How to send money to Nigeria in easy steps?

Quick and Easy Money Remittance to Nigeria: A Step-by-Step Guide

26 Aug 2022

Nigeria, the wealthiest country in Africa with a fashion, technological and creative hub, ranks on top of remittance recipients in the world. With millions of Nigerians living abroad, the country has received $5147.40 million in the first quarter of 2022. Overseas Nigerians send money to Nigeria to help support their families and the economy of the country.

According to world bank data, Nigeria received 17.208 billion dollars in remittances. These remittances help families meet the basic needs of life, foster new businesses, and drive economic growth. However, it is also assumed that these remittances could be much higher than officially recorded as people use non-formal ways to send money home.

Besides being risky, non-formal ways also reach late to the recipient, and there is a high risk of fraud. Hectic steps involved in procedures are the primary reason people avoid sending money to Nigeria using formal methods. To make it familiar for you, we have come up with easy steps to send Transfer money to Nigeria from overseas.

Easy steps to send money to Nigeria

ACE Money Transfer is the most trusted and reliable global remittance firm that allows Nigerians to receive money quickly either through cash, bank deposit or mobile wallet payment system.

ACE Money Transfer is reliable and easier to use with limited procedures and regulations. The steps don't require you to spend a month fulfilling or waiting. You can set up your account in a few steps and send money to Nigeria. Let's go through the steps one by one for your information and ease.

Sign up

You can sign up for free on our website or mobile application. The registration process requires you to submit documents important for secure payment. You will be asked to fulfil the basic requirements such as CNIC documents, passport, bank documents, and other documents. Also, it will take a few steps to verify your account.

Additionally, ACE Money Transfer allows Nigerian customers to make their first transaction for free, with absolutely no charges. This is a beautiful opportunity to save your cost on the first transaction.

Select recipient country

Once your profile is verified and ready to make the transaction, you can choose Nigeria and check exchange rates before proceeding to complete a transaction. If you are willing to go forward, you will be asked to fulfil your recipient's details and the amount you want to transfer. Also, the mode of payment details will be requested. To send money to Nigeria online, you need; 

  • Recipient Full Name as per ID 
  • Phone Number 

After making a transaction, you can track the transaction. Also, you will get exchange rate alerts to make economic payments any time of the year.

Receipt of the payment

The recipient will get the amount from any affiliated banks in Nigeria and withdraw the amount. The following banks are affiliated with ACE Monkey Transfer; 

  • Access Bank
  • Polaris Bank
  • Fidelity Bank 
  • Zenith Bank
  • UBA- United Bank of Africa

If you do not have a bank account or are unwilling to go to the bank to receive the money, you can ask your sender to use the Mobile Top-Up service via ACE Money Transfer.

Note; You can check the tutorial on our website on sending money to Nigeria with ACE Money Transfer.

What makes ACE Money Transfer easy to transfer money?

Like many other remittance firms, ACE Money Transfer provides the same service. However, your experience with us would be wholly different and fulfil your needs with dignity and credibility. The following are the things that make the whole experience reliable.

  • Complete and authentic information about rates 
  • Easy profile setup 
  • Multiple moods of payments
  • Secure and safe payment
  • Mobile Wallet payment 
  • Friendly team 

Besides, ACE Money Transfer is a well-established remittance firm that ensures the security and safety of your money. It is affiliated with local institutions and banks to give more accessible means of receiving money. Nigerian customers can use cash pick-up, bank-to-bank transfers, or mobile wallets; their money will be transferred quickly and securely. 

Wind up 

Sending money to Nigeria is no more difficult and time-consuming than previously needed. With a few steps and requirements, anyone can set up an account and transfer money to Nigeria from overseas. ACE Money Transfer provides the best services and adds value to your experience of sending money home. It is an affordable, fast and safe payment method that must be used to make hustle-free payments. If you face any problems setting up your profile, you can contact our team, who will figure things out for you and give you the best services.


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