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How to Pay Road Tax while Living in the UK?

How to Pay Road Tax while Living in the UK?

13 Dec 2022

The United Kingdom is a place that is home to expatriates from all around the world. This accumulates to 5% of the population of the UK. These migrants come to the UK in hopes of making a better future. A future for themselves, their families or their loved ones. Earning more and sending money back to their families is one of the primary reasons for their move. But many need to realise the laws and regulations they must abide by in the UK. Traffic rules, taxes or road taxes are the primary things that most expats ignore. You must know how to pay road tax. 

What is a Road Tax? 

The UK Road Tax is a levy charged on vehicles by local authorities in England and Wales. It helps the government to make up for the cost of maintaining roads and other infrastructure such as bridges and stop lights.

The UK Road Taxes - Regulations, Fee, Process, Requirements

Road tax is a must when it comes to driving your vehicle on the roads of the UK. Road tax is an annual tax payable by the registered keeper of a vehicle. The amount of road tax owed depends on its age, type, engine size and any modifications.

The registered individual may send money online, which is the most common way to pay this bill. However, other methods are available if you prefer offline, like phone payment or post cheque (or postal order).

How to Pay Road Tax?

Many methods can be opted to pay road tax in the UK, but the following may be the most convenient for expatriates and natives:


Go to and follow the prompts on the screen to complete your payment details. Making an online money transfer to the given account on the site is also easier.


Paying your road tax via phone is another option. You can always call an officer at the relevant authority between 8 am and 6 pm Monday to Friday and 9 am until 4 pm Saturday and Sunday (excluding bank holidays). The call charges are £1 per minute plus a network access charge of up to £5 per transaction if you’re using an operator service provider who has signed up with us for this service; otherwise, it will be free from any UK landline or mobile number where you have reached customer service team via one of these methods.


Fill out an application form which can be downloaded from, then send it by post along with payment details such as name, address and other information that are to be provided.

You may also contact the customer support of the financial institution you use to send money abroad to your family from the UK. They can also help you instantly find the correct way to pay road taxes in the UK.

Who is Exempted from Road Taxes in the UK?

It is rumoured that everyone is eligible to pay the road tax, but that may not be true. Diplomats, members of the armed kingdom army and civilians not resident in the UK may be exempted from paying road tax. Vehicles not used on the road are also often exempted from road tax. This applies to any car over 40 years old (or less than 12 months old).

But What Happens If You Don't Pay The Road Tax?

If you fail to pay the road tax, you will be fined. This can be a lot of money, and it will also mean that your driving license will be revoked. If you are a driver in the UK, it is essential to realise that road tax is vital for drivers to maintain. Many people have been fined or towed because their cars did not have valid insurance coverage.

This can be avoided by paying your road tax on time every year so that everything runs smoothly when driving on British roads!

If this happens, it’s time to seriously consider how much money is worth losing before paying for something that doesn't matter anymore.

Because that’s the way it works!

Personal Car vs Public Transport – Which is Better?

It depends on where you reside. You should take public transportation if you live in a major city such as London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester, or Leeds. They all have substantial bus networks and rail connections, and many have subway, tram, or light rail systems. But if you are lucky enough to have a car in the UK, you should find out how much road tax it will cost. 


Finding a job and living in the UK is undoubtedly fascinating that brings career growth besides progressive financial strength. However, it is always critical to remain aware of various regulations and laws in the country, and road tax is among the top ones. Finding helpful information like the one above is always recommended to pay your road taxes on time. Further, if you need help instantly transferring funds back home, look no further than ACE Money Transfer since you can send money online at the lowest cost and the highest exchange rates using its services.


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